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Friday, 27 May 2011

And the winner is

A star studded occasion for the JimmyG2 2010/2011 awards.
A hint here that we might go three at the back next season.

I wasn't going to bother but a slew of e-mails, twitters, (or is it tweets?) even the odd telegram delivered by a young lad on a red bicycle, or perhaps I dream't that in another life, have convinced me that this an obligation on all bloggers. Some of you are threatening to cancel your subscriptions, and as I've already spent the money I'd better oblige.

So by public demand here are JimmyG2's end of season awards. The actual Jimmy Greaves has kindly agreed to open the envelopes for us (JimmyG1 as he is known round here). That's the big disadvantage of blogging on the Internet you can't actually see what's going on; but just take my word for it.

Ready when you are Mr.Greaves.Sir.

Player of the Year Award.
I've desperately tried to think of someone else but I'm afraid it's your very own Luka Modric who keeps popping up on the screen.
Bale flared up and burned out; Sandro got better and better; Van Der Vaart is class but seems to be carrying an injury.
But why fight it? Luka Modric it is. The heartbeat of the team and the one player I want to keep if Harry goes to Chelsea. Well stranger things have happened. He's head and shoulders above everyone else much to the bewildserment of Peter Crouch..

Young Player of the Year.
Bale's too old for this so it's Sandro or Rose
Sandro gets it because he has been improving all season and Rose came late on the scene and is probably one for next season.

Phoenix Award
Ledley King.
He's dead but he won't lie down. Rising like the Phoenix from the dying embers of the season to lead us to the two victories that gave our season a much needed rosy glow. Ledley has to get an award for something, it's in my mission statement.

Good Luck and Goodbye Award
Jonathon Woodgate. We don't want to lose you but we think you ought to go. He will have to go because of the need to bring in new senior players and he is taking up valuable over 21 space. Logistics mate it's a whole new cruel world we live in.

The 'baby please don't go' Award.
Nico Kranjcar who looks as if he will go, but who I seriously don't want to leave. Forced out by the purchase of Piennar and because he needs more than five minutes to affect the result of a game. Shame. A proper Spurs player not wanted at Spurs.

Still here but almost forgotten Award
Aaron Lennon. Who has slipped out of the consciousness of the team and the supporters. Despite being played frequently out of position he has set up numerous chances particularly with cut backs and early balls. These have been routinely missed by our misfiring forwards and he has generally deemed to have had a 'meh' sort of season I beg to differ and still feel he is a potent force and I don't want to lose him. Think of the winner against Milan as the yardstick.

The Best is yet to come Award.
Rafael Van Der Vaart. I don’t think we have seen the best of him but once Harry, if he's not gone to Chelsea, sorts out how to deploy him we undoubtedly will. Once he overcomes the calf and knee injuries he is carrying I think he will have a very influential season next year. As Danny Blanchflower once said, 'It's not the good players that are the problem'.

Most unfairly maligned player Award. ( Previously, the JJ Award.)
Pavlyuchenko. The noblest Roman of them all. Sometimes known as the Russian Marmite.
I don't like Marmite but I do love Pavlyuchenko. With more pitch time he could have been our 20 goals a season man. Interesting that so many couch potatoes and armchair critics describe him as 'lazy'. It's called 'economy of effort' and Berbatov has it too.

The thanks but no thanks Award.
Joint winners here, Robbie Keane and David Bentley. Remember them.? W.Ham have not survived and Birmingham are not keen on our David anymore so they might both be back. Preferably not. Buy one get one free might be the answer. Thanks fellas.

Spurs Manager of the Year Award.
Come on down Harry Redknapp. I did that joke last year but I like continuity in jokes as well as managers. He might be unable to collect his award as he might have gone to Chelsea in which it will go to Joe Jordan for his confrontation with Gattuso.. But it's not far, geographically speaking, to Chelsea.

The one that got away Award (Previously the,Come back all is forgiven Award)
  1. Adel Taraabt. I predict that he will torment us sorely this season and score at least two goals against us. We will probably draw them in the Carling Cup and the FA Cup and he will possibly score more. We used to have a reputation at Spurs for integrating mavericks but this is one that apparently we couldn't handle.

  1. The Olympic Stadium. We are still stamping our feet in the outer precincts of the High Court but it won't do us any good although the demise of W.Ham might. We made an opportunistic land grab and were rightly repulsed. We might get it by default but it was an episode that brought us more shame than honour.

Commiserations to all those players that didn't get awards but we knew in advance that Jermaine and Crouchy weren't going to turn up; Benny is at the hairdressers having his corn rows combine harvested; Vedran set off some time ago but hasn't arrived; Heuralho dropped his invitation down the toilet; Steven Piennar arrived but forgot why he'd come and went home; Bill Gallas is at an Age UK function; Michael Dawson head butted the door on the way in, 'Because it was there' and is receiving treatment and finally Gareth's mum said it was a bit late for him what with the 8.30 p.m. start.

And they all know the rules which are strictly applied, if you don't turn up you can't get an award.
I am pleased to note that Harry is still with us after a couple of days of Internet and ITK
over- excitement and is able to receive his.


who framed ruel fox? said...

Great stuff, Captain JimmyG2.

But isn't Bale a whole year younger than the boy Sandro?

Just sayin' is all.

IoanX said...

VDV is a class better player than Modric.
He has more efficient impact on the team.

Anonymous said...

"Economy of effort", eh! Do me a favour!

JimmyG2 said...

Never let the facts spoil a good blog.
What I meant was he's been here a long time and...oh what's the point?

A class player and he scores more goals certainly but Luka is the first name on the team sheet for me.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Lennon is still only 24. This always surprises me, except for when he was only 23 I suppose. Top player and I too think he did fine this season. He was really flying before xmas in the 2009-2010 season and has rarely reached those heights since. I rate him highly by fear we do not use him as well as we might.

I like Pav too, he's the only one of the strikers we have that I'd keep. Again we don't use him to his best which is off a main striker as we have VDV for this. Pav is no lead the line fella for me.

VdV is a super footballer and it is exciting to think what a summer's rest, a proper pre season and an injury free VDV will do. Assuming we can work out where to play him, and which players are going to get the best out of him. Crouch nod downs may have been sussed and are no long-term ploy I fear.

Modric is younger and would be only slightly behind Xavi and Iniesta in a truly top side.

Thanks again JimmyG for the season's blogs, have a good summer and hope to read you again from next August

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 18:05

One man's 'economy of effort' is another man's 'idle waster'
It's all about opinions and your's I'm afraid is just plain wrong.


Thankyou for your support.
If you respond to every blog of mine I might be able to get you a cut-price offer.
I'll check with the sponsors.
Dont be surprised to find that I keep blogging.
It's like a drug but I'm working on it.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I don't think I miss many of your blogs Jimmy. Indeed I have been drumming my fingers waiting for the end of season review. Done in your inimitable style, which is what I like.

It's sad I think how Robbie Keane's Spurs career is ending, I, like a good many, cannot wait to get shut of him. Yet, for all his pointing and shouting, however, when we have been mediocre to say the least for a good part off the 2000s, he along with Ledley King, have been very important mainstays. Over 100 goals for Spurs. I watched the review of the 2005-2006 season again last night and he has been a very fine player for us. So thanks and good luck Robbie as you depart, though depart you must.

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