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Sunday, 1 May 2011

The blame game

Wot no goal-line technology?

Now we've really got someone to blame and hate.
Forget Pav and JJ; Harry, Levy, Joe Lewis, Lammy, Karen Brady and Haringey Council. Forget them all and concentrate on Mr. M. Cairns, up from Somerset and distracted obviously by the heady atmosphere of the Royal Wedding weekend.
I'd give you his e-mail address but I'm not sure I wouldn't be a party in the first part to his gruesome demise. Death by a thousand stinging electronic messages.

Forget the Gomes' blunder, which didn't go in anyway; forget Van der Vaart playing everywhere on the pitch apart from second striker in support of Pavluchenko. Forget Lennon, Kaboul and Bale all featuring in the 'Observer's flops of the week column' and rightly so. Turn your laser- like bile on Mr.Michael Cairns the referee's assistant.

Instead of echoing Mr.A.Wenger's cry of, 'I didn't see it',
in answer to the referees question,
' Did you see it?
He replied 'Yes'.
In answer to the question, 'Was it a goal?' 
he replied, 'Yes'.
In answer to the question, 'Are you sure?'
he replied 'Yes'.

Subsequent replays showed this to be untrue. Mr. Cairns could no more see whether the ball had crossed the line than the referee. The ball had not crossed the line.
The prosecution case rests M'Lud
'Guilty as charged. Take him down'

Within 10 seconds everyone at Stamford Bridge knew this; every pundit and their dog was aware that a great injustice had been perpetrated and probably the whole of Mankind across the World. But in the world of football that which has been wrongly done cannot be undone. It can in rugby,tennis,and cricket but not in football.

A minute before half time and Chelsea go in level. Thanks Cairnsy. Cheers Mr.Mariner. What's it feel like to cost THFC £30 million? What does it feel like to be the most hated men across the Spurs blogosphere? Reviled from JimmyG2 to Harry Hotspur; from Foxy to Spooky and all the way back

Fast forward to 2 minutes before full-time,don't ever say that Spurs don't do late dramatics, the fickle finger of fate picks us out again. Chelsea win and stay in the title race with an offside goal. Marginal but offside as the white line on the pundits analysis charts clearly shows.

Now forget that our recent form has not been good enough in any case; that Liverpool have already overhauled us; that far from achieving the Champions' League we might not even get the consolation prize of the Europa. Blame it all on Mr.Michael Cairns: known to his friends as Mike. Not in N.17 obviously. Voodoo dolls and pins will soon be available from the Spurs shop.

Ignore our appalling record against bottom half teams; our strikers miserable record; our tragic injury record and our appalling failure to buy the players we need; and focus on Mr Michael Cairns, who is the root and cause of all our troubles.

If you want a scapegoat then look no further. They've always been against us: referees; referee's assistants; fourth officials; Uefa; the FA; But we can take it; in fact that's how we like it. Forget Harry's tactical naivety; his strange substitutions; our lack o f squad rotation; our failure to rest players when they needed it and focus on the villain of the piece, the source of all our woes; Mr Michael Cairns.

No-one could argue that we deserved to win. But we certainly didn't deserve to lose particularly in that manner. Modric, Sandro and Van Der Vaart played some nice approach work but the goal was our only shot on target in the whole match.

Harry had been trying to get Sandro to drop deeper for some minutes and it looked as if the boy got a good telling off for being in a scoring position. Either that or Harry was not impressed with the chicken celebration. What’s the Portuguese for 'Never mind scoring I didn't put you on to score goals.' But he just wasn't listening Harry.

We saw off Torres who was poor and were thankful that Drogba was stationed out on the right until the closing minutes. By then we had pitched our tents on the edge of the six yard box and Drogba was not to be denied with a powerful attack through the middle. If Drogba had been on our side then I think we might have won.

Harry's dignity in defeat in the face of adversity was in marked contrast to the attitude of the Chelsea fans.

'There's no sweeter feeling than beating Spurs and it's even funnier that one of our goals didn't cross the line and the other was offside. Hilarious.' (Tony Glover Chelsea blogger in the Observer)

I'd like to believe that no Spurs fan could write that at least not for public consumption outside the humid, festering, hot-house and partisan world of blogging or in the pub with your mates after a couple or six. If that's the attitude bred by buying success courtesy of a billionaire I pray that we don't ever fall prey to one.

So Mr. Cairns if we don't finish in the top half it's all your fault and I hope you're proud of yourself.
In fact if Harry gets the sack it's all down to you. If Modric and Bale leave that's on your slate too, and you probably had something to do with us not getting the Olympic Stadium but I haven’t quite put my finger on exactly how you did it.

But wait here's a thought.

' Hallo. Inspector? Jimmy G2 here. You know that spate of shed break-ins down the allotments?
Well I've had a tip off about the mastermind behind it all. Michael Cairns. That's C.A.I.R.N.S.
Not at all, my pleasure.


Anonymous said...

I am as disgusted as you. We have had more injuries this season than all of the current top 4 together. Our strikers have been the worst in many years. On top of this we have West Brom scoring a ridiculously great (probably never to be repeated) great strike to equalise then 2 goals by Chelsea that should not have been allowed. Can you ever remember any other top clubs in history have this ridiculously bad luck?

Anonymous said...

its not bad luck..sod that im not aving this put down to bad luck...i see harry happy to have a dig at the fans again..I Point my finger at him the bloke that picks the team the bloke that puts out a formation thats only suits one player and leave a one footed lazy russian to lead the line which has been proven he cant do.......We had a right winger who in 90min never took his man on once...We have come from behind in pretty much all of our games and thats goes for Europe bar 2 . tell me what are you going to learn as footballers from the likes of tim wideboy sherwood or sir les for that fact.....Clive allen had a few good seasons but he was hardly a real winner...Is bollocks....Utter rubbish...not good enough harry got his team to play for one season well done harry..mug..Has to give his team a roasting to get them to play... its not good enough we lack so much and we expect bale to do it week in week out....Shows how much harry nos as he was ready to send him to forest before and inj to our left pride no passion no desire to make the team better.........

Razspur said...

Yes........every team that fails their fans look for someone to blame, granted technology is long overdue but thats down to FIFA why not blame Blatter while you direct your vitriol towards others the real culprits are let off the hook. We are 6th no better than we deserve and no worse than we deserve but with 1 win in the last 11 games improvement is required.

Anonymous said...

Adel Taarabt,still cant believe we sold him when we still have league 1 standard players like Jenas sitting on the bench and getting bought on in games to do what exactly??

Brilliant bit of business.

Jack said...

Not all Chelsea fans have that attitiude. Some of us are quite embarassed at how much of a let of that was. I think Redknapp's incredibly negative tactics have been overlooked in face of the farcical refereeing decisions though. At the game at the Lane earlier this year Spurs were actually trying to win it and got a draw even with some questionable goal keeping. You needed the win as much as us yesterday and were happy to sit back in the second half and play for a draw. Poor from Redknapp.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't HR accountable? Season almost over and he still can't effctively fit VDV in the team. We were miles ahead last season playing two strikers.

Everybody including Sandra knew that a draw would not be good enough. Yet, instead of subbing VDV with 10 or so min to go with Crouch, he brings on JJ trying to sure up the point. I wonder if Harry has ever saw JJ defending in training?

Anonymous said...

Strange to see ignorant criticisms of our manager who has been the catalyst for turning the club around. Anyway if we buy a couple of top class strikers Spurs can be in with a chance at the title. Could have done it this season if we had got our act together last summer.

Anonymous said...

title? you must be off your head? watch football much? it has been a poor season from footballing standards but come on. i wasn't aware of spurs fans feelings towards HR but his tactical awareness is lacking at times. balance is needed in the team. sure having a 20goal a season striker would be good but what about shoring up the defence and stop the goals leaking in? you score 2 we'll score 3?
HR too quick to blame others when it goes wrong but lauds in the glory when it goes right. tinkering will help but there is a feeling the club is looking at short term fixes and goals rather then long ones. sensible investments, long term team building and champions league but other teams have their eyes on the prize, if you blink you'll miss it in this league.

SpurredoninDublin said...

So Chelsea score three illegal goals in two matches against us, and they get 4pts, when we should have had six.

Notwithstanding that, our current form is relegation form averaging a 1pt per game over 11 games.

The last time we had such an indifferent finish to the season, Ramos was replaced by HR the following season. Worrying.

Anonymous said...

Harry is a donkey coach, all he is good for is kicking the players up the arses, because tactically he is an ass, get rid.

TMWNN said...

Spot on JimmyG2,

Playing the victim card is nonsense.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

JimmyG2. I don't think Spurs fans I know are saying Cairns has cost us CL or Europa League football, you give many fine reasons why we are probably where we deserve to be this season in the league. I agree with much of it.

But to Guess from where he was positioned was a disgrace and a shameful act professionally. Would he have guessed similarly if the boot were on the other foot?

They were better than us on the day and I felt we were back to our timid worst at the homes of the rich and famous again, whicch blights Redkanpp's copybook consistently.

Harry should also be apoplectic in the interviews not laissez faire. Stand up for ourselves.

Good post Jack 1 MAY 2011 22:57

The Glover Chelsea blogger is a dick. But of no consequence.

Anonymous said...

While Harry Rednapp's decision making often leaves me scratching my head, the ignorance and bile of some fans is ridiculous. Man Utd didn't exactly play attacking football against L'Arse yesterday, so is Sir Alex a clueless moron too!

Let's get a few things straight. Harry's tactics worked on Saturday. We scored and they didn't. But for refereeing incompetence, we come away with 3 points and Chelsea's challenge is over. That is a fact.

When Jenas came on, Modric was moved further forward and since VDV was tiring, there was nothing wrong with the substitution. Nor would it have been a disaster if we had claimed a point. We would still be sitting in fifth, a point closer to City. People seem to forget that we won the Carling Cup and finished fifth twice (once when we had fourth in our possession on the last day of the season) with Jenas in the team. So the claims that Jenas is the source of all our ills are ridiculous.

Pav has scored more league goals this season than our other two strikers combined, and since none of them can play the lone striker role effectively, was probably the best choice to start. Bringing on Defoe and our failure to get a single shot on target in the second half could possibly be related!

Finally, Bale and Lennon were clearly told to hang back and both did a pretty reasonable job defensively. Remember, we had two makeshift full backs out there, and for the second game in a row, Kaboul was probably our worst player. Virtually every attack in the second half broke down with him on the ball.

So let's be realistic. We should have won on Saturday and if we had we would still be in with a great chance of fourth place. There was really no reason why the two linesmen should have both got their decisions so badly wrong. For the first goal, the ball didn't cross the line and so Harry is right, the linesman guessed. That isn't what he is paid to do. The only decision that he could reasonably make was "no goal". For the second goal, Kalou was actually standing in an offside position for some time. There was no movement involved and, since the play was compressed, there can be no excuse for the linesman getting it wrong.

So let's be honest. Poor officiating won't be the reason that we don't finish fourth this year, but I certainly don't remember much going in our favour. Harry has his failings, but, like everyone else, he needs some luck now and again. Luck that we had our fair share of last season.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I do think that a jump from where we are now to a title challenge starting in a few short months is going to take a level of investment and change inapproach/attitude that is beyond what Levy and Harry will be willing to countenance or capable of respectively.

Also, no Europe, let alone CL means that the few strikers out there who we might need are likely to look elsewhere.

Overall, a good season, an exciting and highly memorable one, but a missed opportunity is how historians will recall it, I fear.

SpurredoninDublin said...

@Anonymous 11.49

A fair summary of Saturday's events.

@Alan Gilzean. I think we have a squad that was capable of finishing third this year, but there are serious questions about the tactics used.

However, when we look at our resources compared to those of the other top six teams, I don't think that the question of us mounting a real challenge in the next few months is realistic. I think the other five teams will outspend us, and it hardly looks like we have any talent coming through from the youth sides.

JimmyG2 said...

Enough anger on here to drive the National Grid but as we all realise Mr.Cairns is not the main man.

I'm afraid that you are correct in all aspects.

Yes the lack of youngsters ready to be bloodied is telling.
Rose, last years one goal wonder still on the bench.
Are you suggesting that H. could be sacked?

Anon 11:49
Very well argued.
I am a JJ and Pav registered supporter.
I don't think a point would be enough though.
We needed to win.
And yes Siralex is not a moron but he does get things wrong.
Don't they all.

Anonymous said...

I will tell you why Redknapp is not a fault for our fall from the top four. Lets look at why this season has had so many shocks deaths and weight loss energising drugs are being used to overpower teams and win or draw and half time is where its all happening. The first to be caught Danny Caddamateri then Paddy Kenny then Kolo Toure and these are the tip of a very big iceberg of abuse. How can this help to get points well it means teams can stpo the other team from playing by defending in numbers both i defence and attack without fear of getting tired and play at a very high tempo. These teams form can increase dramatically and also decline just has fast if you over use your squad through burn out. I reported a team who have gone from near relegation to sacking there manager and are now in fifth with a few players missing. This is another sine tese teams can use any player because he can chase the ball like any other player ad also with energised players anyone can and does score. I have tried to get this stopped by texting logging my message for two seasons to no avail because its got to big and the stakes for failie are higher thn the drug penalty has Paddy Kenny he has won promotion and got playe of the season with a eight months ban for ephedrine the killer drug is he clean we can only hope because i no its rife in the prem and beyond 100 percent and Spurs and Harry have suffered from this high Tempo . This was the score a few weeks ago West Ham 3-1 Livepool West Brom 2-1 Liverpool now they are flying with kids who here slow in the ufa cup why the answer energy and they have form for it and its spread

SpurredoninDublin said...

@Jimmy G2.

Don't know where I indicated that in my post, but current form in terms of results, is not much different from the time following our CC win under Ramos. The slump carried on until the following season, and as we all know, the rest is

If he is sacked, it won't be until after his court case. Of course, an adverse decision takes this out of DL's hands.

What surprises me is that the bloggers and media haven't speculated more on the consequences of HR, being convicted. Unlike the constant recycling of the Modric/Bale rumours, which are still running in spite of the fact that both players have said they are happy playing for us.

You can see it now, "Will DL sign Moyes if HR goes"? All you need to do, is to change the the new managers name every few days, and the story will run for months.

JimmyG2 said...

I wish it was so simple.

I've got a degree in reading between the lines.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy trust me the evidence is there open you eyes it was there for all to see on Sunday Stoke Wolves Utd all had one thing in common high Tempo .Our fans are clammering for new players costing Millions Everton have lost loads of there players yet overpowered City Millions with a second half energised performance. You can ignore my theory even though Paddy Kenny Toure prove there is cheating with energey but please Jimmy G2 don't call for Defoe Crouch and others to be sold because if you look at the quality of the defences who have stopped us scoring look at Liverpool with two kids Carragher and Skyrtl yet they still won and scored eight goals and none against yet with a better team they Lost to the now Bottom West Ham and the beaten by Wolves Wets brom i rest my energised fingers JG2 Davspurs is right we are suffering from teams using the banned sixth gear Tempo This has bean caused by the long relegation battle Fergusons ego Liverpools fall from the cartel Citys Millions Wengers drought Chelseas spoilt owner and the fear of the sack and relegation have fuelled this abuse of the new word High Tempo football

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