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Friday, 20 May 2011

Shake, rattle and roll

It's only Rock and Roll, but I like it

'Come back Harry: all is forgiven'.
So Harry is restored to Rock and Roll Hero after all.
Well not quite, but two wins in twelve is better than one win in eleven in the Premiership. When it ends a fifteen year winless run at Anfield it is even more welcome.  According to Spurs Odyssey it was only the fifth time in a hundred years. It certainly felt like it but it can't be true surely?

A win against Birmingham on the final day would enable us to qualify for the Europa outright instead of getting in by the back-door through the Fair Play league. It would also completely shut out Liverpool from Europe as Fulham would get the extra place available.

Not quite all to play for then but it would go part of the way to redeeming our season and Harry's reputation. Our failure to achieve top four has apparently caused a rift between Levy and Harry so the transfer window could well be prickly. From Hero to Rock and Roll Outlaw perhaps?

Credit to him though, his promotion of Rose has been an undoubted success and his apparent persuasion of King to play after recovering from a groin strain was an undoubted master stroke. Sandro has been carefully handled too.

Ledley played extremely well against Suarez who complained to his agent that Ledley had no right to be as good as he is given his medical condition and took a kick at Dawson just to confirm how miffed he was. Ledley has a calming effect on all around him and not just the opposition. Dawson looks much better alongside him and Cudocini too was relaxed though virtually untested.

Whether it would be worth registering him as part of our 25 player squad is a difficult one if he could only manage a dozen or so games next season. But as we can't tell in advance I think most fans would prefer to take a chance on him coming good as he did last season.

The real story though was Van Der Vaart and the first 15 minutes. We shook them up with our high tempo start; rattled them with the Dutchman's early goal; and rolled them over with a Modric penalty.

Admit it your hearts all sank when we were awarded the penalty and you realised that Van Der Vaart had gone off. There's always that initial uncertainty as to what has been given; yellow for diving? Nope, good man Webb, he's given it. Swiftly followed by, 'Whose gonna take it? Modric dispatched it straight down the middle as Reina dived to his right. I can't remember Modric's last penalty for Spurs but I think he missed his last one for Croatia.

Liverpool had clearly been taken in by our latest Premiership efforts and the fact that they were currently top of the form league. They quickly realised that a different Tottenham had turned up. For the the first 15 minutes they barely got out of their half and we stormed that Scouse kitchen and rattled those pots and pans. We played as if we really wanted that Europa League place despite Harry's doubts.

Van Der Vaart's shot was possibly deflected and the penalty harsh but we were overdue some good fortune after Chelsea and Man City and we deserved the win on merit. In truth neither side created many chances: Carrol was clearly unfit and apart from the goal and the penalty I don't recall a clear shot on goal.

The players clearly realise the value of the Europa in terms of squad deployment and Van is on record as saying that he is certainly staying and looking forward to playing in it. Perhaps we should set ourselves the target of winning it and of using as many squad players as possible.

Sandro and Modric in midfield were comfortable, not to say impressive and the defence looked compact. Piennar earned the penalty and was unlucky with a shot but I am still not convinced of his value. What he will do when Parker joins us I'm not quite sure. Rumours are that Palacios and Jenas are leaving us so we might just be able to fit him in somewhere. Not at the expense of Sandro I hope. In the absence of any contribution from the strikers once again perhaps we are going to pioneer the 460 system and just rely on a stick with a flag on it as a frontman.

The Parker rumour, and the Jenas one for that matter, is more of an old wives tale its been around so long but with W.Ham relegated, in which incidentally I take no pleasure, it might run a little longer than usual this summer. The official start of the ludicrously silly season has a couple of days more to go but I'm tired of it already.

Our three best signings of recent years; Modric, Berbatov and Van Der Vaart arrived suddenly, with no fanfares and little ITK input. 'Luka who? Dimitar? What sort of name is that?' we said. Van Der Vaart came as a last minute gift which hadn't even been advertised let alone wrapped.

There are of course several Tottenhams available in the shops. The one which turned up against Liverpool is my particular favourite: early goal; clean sheet; a second to clinch it and pressure from the start. Another one this season. concedes early but gets back in the game and gets a point or even three. There is a European version that almost self destructs at the start but pulls it out of the fire to survive another day, apart from at the Bernabeu that is. I'm sure you can all think of other current models.

Last year we had already qualified for the CL and went down to Burnley in the last game. There's another Tottenham for you; the one that simply can't be arsed.. But this year there are still issues riding on the result for both clubs and I am expecting a gritty game with Spurs to come out with three points by the odd goal.

If Birmingham go down it will back up my theory that money, while not necessarily the root of all evil, is not the answer to everything. Who wants to be owned by billionaires? I don't.

So another victory just in time to prevent yours truly from ending up as a Rock and Roll Suicide and from our season becoming a Rock and Roll swindle. We only have to beat Birmingham and we can all go on a Rock and Roll holiday. It's only Rock and Roll but I like it.

The 'You couldn't make it up' spot.

World class keeper Stekelenburg who is on the Manchester Utd. radar drops Ajax cup from top of bus.
Gomes says 'I would have dropped it with much more style'.


elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Back again!

I would have loved to see Spurs play every opponent this season the way they played Liverpool. Not pretty nor special; however, a crucial 3 away points at Anfield is no easy feat. We definitely still lack a striker who will put the game away once given the opportunity. Would you welcome Berba back to the mix? Not that I think that it's even remotely possible. I personally would love it if the internet rumor of Drogba moving to Spurs is true.

Matt said...

Drogba and / or Berba = 1 Very Serious Team.

JimmyG2 said...

Wouldn't have Berba,burnt his boats for me,or is it bridges? Great player.
Have Drogba like a shot but Levy won't sanction the cost I fear.

Matt said...

Berba, VdV & Modric in the same team, with Bale & Lennon on the wings = Magic.

Anonymous said...

take issue with you on two points

1) not sure you can give Harry credit for promoting Rose - do you honestly think he would have got a chance if Benny hadnt got inmjured and/or Bale been any good at left back (before also being injured)

2) I hope yopu were joking about WHAm as I take enormous pleasure in their (largely self inflicted) misfortune.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 19:22
(1)No I don't, but he was kept available. I wish that Harry rotated his squad more and gave some youngsters a chance.
It was a surprise to me that he was put at full back.
I am not a great Harry lover but I don't mind him taking a bit of credit now and then .
(2) Gives me no pleasure. The fans are not responsible for the OS debacle or for Brady mouthing off, or for their owners'stupidities.
It's the fans that matter and its all going to end up in tears.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

The start at Anfield was excellent and shocked me as much as Liverpool it seemed after the past two months.

Ledley King is wonderful.

I have to admit I love West ham going down. It fair made my day. I trust it is only the start of their demise, as I was saying to two of my very closest friends and big Hammers only the other day. And I would have felt that way without the OS stuff. Just can't stand them, at all. Rotten git that I am.

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