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Friday, 6 May 2011

Shattering the Tangerine Dream: The Greg Meyer column.

Greg,  me, and all of you probably are slowly recovering from the shock of the injustice and trauma of the Chelsea game. Greg casts a wider eye on the ups and downs of the football world and is in quietly reflective mood as the seasiders visit the lane. He has no delusions that shattering the Tangerine Dream is a necessary evil if we are to give ourselves a mathematical chance of tasting the heady fruits of the Champions' League next season.

 George Clooney's Birthday May 2011.
Sacked Deservedly So ... Will They Go Down and Will They Go Up ...A Late Afternoon By The Seaside ... Blackpool At The Lane.
It still leaves a bad taste in our collective mouth at the Kent pub.An arrogant and poorly positioned call from 35 yards away was Graham Poll's verdict in the Mail early in the week. Agreed but it still hurts. Lance Cairns of Linesville can watch it all on the telly this weekend. Stood down from officiating. We prefer the term, sacked, for incompetence and yes arrogance. Without technology he would have got away with it. With technology via endless tv replays his goose was cooked. Mind if the dinosaurs at FIFA would allow goal line technology then Lance would not be sitting behind the tv this weekend.
Yes we lost out to two "illegal" goals but deserved a draw only. So effectively fourth hopes sunk. Still says our ebullient hostelery host there's life after fourth. Life to look forward to like Luka, Gareth, maybe Rafael, Disco Benny,and a team with say two key additions that can fair dinkum have a go at the title next year. More than can be presently said regards one of our London neighbours ...
QPR Coming Up and The Hammers Going Down.
There is a certain symmetry to the promotion and relegation of each respectively. Perhaps there is an element of karma, coincidence or both as well. Our pub banker hopes its not only karma but nailed on inevitability. Not sure what happened on an away trip to Upton Park but he's not been back since.
Karma loosely translated as you sow what you reap. More easily summed up in the vernacular of our builder, what goes round comes round.
The illegal transfer of Tevez was pivotal in the avoidance of the trapdoor by West Ham in the 2006-7 season. The victim Sheffield United , then managed by Neil Warnock achieved a 26.5 million pound compensation payment from West Ham. A legal claim handled for United by one Ian Mill QC.
Guess whose defending QPR in the latest allegedly dodgy transfer dealings involving Alejandro Faurlin of QPR. Surprise , surprise. Ian Mill QC. Oh and whose managing the alleged offending club this time. Neil Warnock no less.
As well guess whose spot QPR may take in the Premier. Yep West Ham.
You could not make it up if you tried. A decision was due today. Postponed. No surprise there then. Maybe Monday. Oh and the way this is progressing don't be surprised if Ham stay up and Rangers don't make it. Certainly not the result our pub want. A show of hands only. Don't think it would change with a formal poll done on the back of annotated beer coasters.
Relegation elsewhere in London looms its dreaded head. Blackpool visit the Lane. As our Tranmere accountant opines, if we had not buggared around with fourth then we would gladly donate 3 points to someone who we would like to stay up. A sentiment not completely well met by some of our number who  remember 45,000 shots on goal at a seaside ground with no winning result. The start of the start of the rot perhaps at Blackpool away.
Next stop Dubai for the team then, next stop for us , a fine English ale ...
At A Kent Pub.
After the bad taste game some of our number watched the Manchester vs Arsenal encounter. Did not help our gardener. His view was we are right up there except for ... you probably know and think the same way.
A steady centre half pairing. Yes Gallas is welcome. Why Arsenal and Arsene let him go surely still bugs them. Dawson an honest trundler. One word. Vidic.Crafty, clever, calculating. Dirty but very clever and skilful at it. Just ask Robin Van Persie. Hand of Nemanja anyone. 
The other except for. Of course a striker. Van Persie. Not well loved here at our pub but mightily respected as a genuine goal threat. Perhaps in the summer we finally buy one that works .
Back to the real world and Ian Holloway and his Tangerines visit N17 in a late Saturday show. No pressure for us. Surely a mathematical step towards a still mathematical possibility. The lucky number being four. Our lawyer couldn't give a proverbial about fifth. Fourth or bust and it probably equals sixth.
Yep. There is life after fourth. Settle back, enjoy Luka particularly in the expectation he will be there next year when we have a real go for first.
Cheers ... 57 years ago Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile .... keep dreaming the Spurs dream ... our pub does ...Greg Meyer        coys.

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