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Friday, 10 June 2011

Looking through the transfer window.

Looks like the windows could do with a clean

Get your panic in early before prices rise has always been my motto as a hardened Tottenham fan. But it does seem to me that this season is taking on a make or break aspect which makes the transfer window even more crucial than usual.

Of course every season has the capacity to be a desperate plunge into the depths of a relegation fight or a rocket trip to the edge of the universe, top four and beyond.

Actually since the Premiership began we have had a steady ride and Managerial sackings or resignations apart things have gone pretty predictably. Well 'predictably' if not always 'prettily'.
We have only once finished as low as 15th and this was the Ardiles hiatus. The most recent blip was the Ramos saga where we finished 11th in 07/08.

Our mid-table mediocrity period was 96/97 until 03/04' a period when we had 7 managers in almost as many years until Martin Jol arrived in 2004. In the last 7 years we have been out of the top half only once (Ramos) and have had three 5th and one 4th place finish..

Now I know it's not good enough but it's not as bad as I sometimes remember it. My point is that we have been on the up for several years, making steady progess under reasonably settled managers with an improving squad. This trend has culminating in last years 4th finish and an exhilerating CL run. But are we about to begin the slide back down again? A fear which always haunts the back, and sometimes the front, of my brain.

The average stay of our managers, 12 in all, since Wenger took over at Arsenal has been 18 months. This trend has been reversed with Harry and Jol and we have had only 2 managers in 7yrs. The reviv al in our fortunes is no coincidence in my view. Two of the current top four have long serving managers; the other two are the playthings of billionaire owners who have bought their success.

The following points make me apprehensive.

We will probably require a new manager next year. Harry will be in prison or will have got the England job, or the sack, or something.

The revival of Liverpool under Dalgleish could make it a real six horse race for top four. There are no real signs that any of the current top four will implode.

4th will be the minimum requirement to retain our key players, if they are all still with us.

We still have a lot of players on our books that we need to re-deploy before we can upgrade.

The mood this year is not as upbeat as it was when we grabbed 4th and had the CL to look forward to.

The striker situation is in urgent need of resolution whatever Les Ferdinand thinks.

The new stadium project is still unresolved and could drag on for several months or even years. This cast a shadow over our ability to generate income under the new fair play rules.

Any finish lower than 5th will raise the possibility that we have peaked and are on our way back down to mid table mediocrity. In the past 7 seasons we have only been out of the top half once.

The chances of us clearing unwanted players at prices high enough to enable us to upgrade to real quality seems unlikely. A cash injection looks necessary unless we do a Liverpool and cash in on one of our highly sellable players. Bale or Modric.

Some of our players are problematic: Gomes for one and Friedel at 40 is at best a temporary appointment; Ledley is always an uknown; Gallas cannot be relied upon for much longer; Woodgate appears to be finished; Bassong and Kranjcar want to leave.

The age of the players we are being linked with (Drogba, Friedel, Rio Ferdinand, Parker) suggests a stop gap policy to fill in the season before Harry leaves.

Any of the above might destabilise us particularly Harry or key players leaving. I feel we are at a very precarious point in our history. Perhaps we always are; perhaps it's just me but I don't have the confidence for next season that I had for last.

'Stop-gap' is the word that appears to summon it up for me. It's hyphenated but still counts as one. 'Consolidation' is another perhaps nicer way of putting it but that implies to me standing still and if you stand still whilst everyone else is moving forward you get trampled in the crush.

Now it's early days and a couple of exciting signings, preferably up front, might change the view out of the transfer window entirely. On the other hand selling Modric or Bale might make it very gloomy outlook indeed. We wouldn't would we?


Anonymous said...

please read :)my first article

peter said...

I don't know any more... A bit disturbing to read the mixed messages from Modric. Though we do need real money to sign the striker/s that we need plus an International CB (like the sound of the German guy). Guess, as always, we'll have to wait and see - though hopefully not until the last day again!

JimmyG2 said...

First poster.
Good start. Nice looking site. Bit dark down the sides needs jazzing up. Will keep my eye on it.
Keep it going for 6 months and then apply to Newsnow.

Don't get down. I don't want your early death on my conscience.
German guy? Beckenbauer?

Anonymous said...

This stuff with Modric is pathetic. If he said "I have a mild case of piles" it wold be reported as Modric definitely wants to go to Man U as the welcome is warmer there.
For heavens sake stop worrying what will be will be.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

I really need to get my act together. I have missed your writing Jimmy!

Why we are linked with players who average out at the young age of 40 is beyond me. Could we really be missing Comolli right now? Look what's going on at Liverpool.

Just a thought...

JimmyG2 said...

I thought you wre going to say they have heated toilet seats at Man.Utd.
I am concerned that our best player might leave.

I have written about Comolli and his impact on the team.
Our current squad are largely Comolli signings
+ Berbatov ( and Bent and Bentley I admit but you can't win them all)

TMWNN said...

Am I on my own in thinking that last season was the make or break one?

Next season will be the slow and painful death of Redknapp's self (and media) manipulated, overly high reputation.

Save the money this season (don't give it to Redknapp) and start again next.

False dawn no.30987

JimmyG2 said...

No you're not and I see what you mean.
We could and should have got 4th this year and our failure to do so means that we might be on the slide already.
But opting out for a year will make things worse the year after when Harry has gone and we have the disruption that a new manager inevitably causes.
'Its being so cheerful as keeps me going' as Mona Lott used to say in ITMA in the 40's
(before your time I think)

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