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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Mod-Rich still at The Lane by Greg Meyer.

We don't agree on everything but Greg and I, and all the regulars at a Kent Pub, certainly do about super Luka. I make no apology for another column about our Croatian talisman.  Retaining his services is arguably as important as signing an accredited striker.
As usual Greg approaches the subject in his own way and is entirely responsible for the 'Lucre' pun. ' Mod-rich' is courtesy of Topspurs' Jim Duggan. Well I can't do it all on my own can I?

Saturday 25 June 2011... A Birthday Cake at Chez Redknapp.

 Lucre Modric.

 "He leaves over my dead body." Hopefully 'Murder at the Lane' does not become a best seller and Daniel Levy's career as Spurs Chairman does not suffer a fatal wounding in credibility.And then some.
 Luka in Croatia means "port" and as well "wound" Oops surely not but unfortunately yes.
Lucre in Kent means bitter disappointment if our Spurs fulcrum leaves for Russian roubles. Lots of filthy lucre changing hands. So what. Try finding another Modric for 25 Million pounds or 1.1 Billion roubles. The going exchange rate.
Our pub banker well versed in exchange rates,considers himself a dab hand at transfer rates also. Jordan Henderson 20 Million pounds (giggles galore), Cesc Fabregas ( Arsenal declined a recent Barcelona overture of 27 Million) and valued by Arsenal at 45 Million pounds. So where does that place our Luka. Surely not the derisory 20 Million initially offered by Chelsea.
Its completely unanimous here at the Kent Pub Luka Modric Appreciation Society. Arsenal went through this last year with Fibreglass.They announced a realistic value of the player to their team and stuck to it. Unless we have realistic aspirations to push on for a realistic title chase then sell. Some of our number may then follow from a distance. Some of our number may pay more attention to the garden. A very small number.
Most will fair dinkum edge closer to that slippery slope of disinclined involvement. It certainly tests the Season Ticket renewal resolve if he is allowed to go.
Hang on ... over my dead body.
Our lawyer says it is all just part of being a big club,showing how hard it is to be there and more pertinent to stay there. After all Luka is coveted by others because Spurs are a genuine title threat come August 2011.
The initial dust has settled but given the Transfer Window officially opens July 1 and slams shut 31 August ,don't hold your breath. Instead why not relax and escape indeed dream about holidays coming up ...

Kent Pub Travel Advice.

Mine Host was a big wig in the travel industry before setting up a Spurs outpost in Kent. Many's the night he and some of our regulars include designated travel agents talking of exotic locales.
As well who is and who has gone where with a football tucked in the suitcase. Without being comprehensive our Bureau reports .
You know who on a boat ... boat owner unknown but Russian registration suspected.Hopefully the boat is in port Bali where Senor Fibreglass is holidaying. After all the further away Luka is the better.
Harry flitting from 18 holes at the Berkshire Golf Club to Ascot for the evening dinner. As well on the phone to his solicitor. Something about the Portsmouth development planning appeal. Taxing times for your keen developer. About to become immeasurably more taxing down at Southwark County Court in July. Not much of a holiday break for our Harry.
White Vaart Lane and wife Sylvie have moved on from St Tropez to Las Vegas.At least Rafael seems settled at our Lane for 2011-12.
Another traveller touted to be off to Turkey next year is sunning himself in Barbados. Jermaine Jenas and wife. Yes probably should move on to a permanent appointment in the turkish sun.
Elsewhere Spain is popular. Not only our little speedster Aaron Lennon but Jimmy G2 as well. How the well to do manage to battle on.
Here at the pub Mine host about to depart Tenerife as usual. Yes Vinny Samways had a very popular bar there. Otherwise we regulars are standing by for a heatwave about to descend this weekend ...

At A Kent Pub.

A crucial month looms for Harry, Luka and our Pub.
The stress of a criminal trial cannot be underrated. The stress of following Spurs when your prize assets are under threat does not help. Perhaps more stressful if you are managing the same mob.
The general consensus here is day by day and heatwave by heatwave, After all he did say...
"Over my dead body ..."

Cheers ... fingers crossed and by the by Jamie Redknapp turns 38 today ... Greg Meyer.                   coys.


Anonymous said...

Since Spurs need to regain a place in the Champions league, and since Modric is essential to our chances of doing it, he is priceless. No point in comparing what Barca are prepared to pay for Fibregas, - or what Arsenal are prepared to accept for him. If we put a 50 million pound price on Luka and Chelsea snapped him up we would likely not make it into the CL and would lose not only our ambition but several of our top players who still had theirs.

Anonymous said...

Course, the Spurs are a long, long way off being title challengers. That's wishful thinking. Getting another season out of Luka would be good though.

I'm more worried about the kind of players Redknapp is bringing in though, even over Modric leaving.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

I kind of agree with Anon 07:19... I am concerned with what we are currently being linked to at this point. Again, what we read is mostly speculation, but I cannot help but feel Redknapp is mostly focusing on experienced players late in their years.

Although we are not the same team as United, they don't seem to work with that practice in mind. Yes, M. Owen was a bit of a gamble, but he was strictly bought in as backup firepower (if I'm not mistaken).

If Luka is to stay, I'm sure he would want to see quality players being signed to match his ambition for Spurs. Let's hope we make some quality signings soon.

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