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Friday, 8 July 2011

We're busy going nowhere

A well trodden road at the moment

We're busy doing nothing,
working the whole day through.
Trying to find lots of things
not to do.
We're busy going nowhere,
isn't it just a crime?
We'd like to be unhappy,
but we never do have the time.

From the film "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court" (1949)

The song of the Spurs fans and bloggers during the Summer transfer window. Of course some bloggers pack their bags and head off to the sun and give it all a rest. But this silly blogger feels the weight of history on his shoulders even while baring his torso to the heat of the Mediterranean sun.

No rumour will be left unturned in the fearless pursuit of the truth. Nothing but the fiercest, unstinting forensic analysis is good enough for the devoted and loyal followers of Spurs Musings. This column ain't going nowhere partly because its already been.

Thus begins our tale of nobody going nowhere. Firstly Harry spending an away day at Southwark Crown Court much to the delight of the Southwark Tourist Board rather than going to South Africa and Modric remaining at N17 for the rest of his days; or until his head is turned by the promise of the quadrupling of his wages and non-stop Champions' League and he puts in a transfer request, encouraged by Levy once the bidding reaches £40 million.

Others famously going nowhere, allegedly, are: Cesc Fabregas, Neil Warnock, Stewart Downing, Berbatov, Michael Owen and Scott Parker. In the latter case we can but hope. In all these cases we shall see. Remember this is the blog that's not always wrong. A vast amount of cynicism doesn't go far in the world of Premiership football.

Levy has categorically stated that Modric will not under any circumstances be going anywhere. Why should we believe our esteemed leader on this occasion? He led us up the garden path over the NPD and got lost in the shrubbery over the Olympic stadium. The idea that he actually knows what he is doing seems to have gained rather more favour than JimmyG2 cares to acknowledge.

However it is now time for real bloggers to stand up and be counted. It's easy to fill a column when keepers are chucking balls into otherwise empty nets; four International strikers are failing to get 20 goals a season between them and exotic venues in Spain and Italy are on the agenda. What's not to blog about?

But what about spinning a web of the finest filibuster on the rumour hearsay and gossip which passes as ITK? 'Thanks for posting' of course. The sports journalists and the fan-sites chase themselves giddy over snippets of non- information and out of this unsubstantiated twitter, (was ever a communication system more aptly named?) we serious fans are expected to construct meaningful analysis.

Modric's agent denies the truth of a rumour which he himself probably started but which he forgot before it had left his lips. Poor old Modders doesn't know whether he is coming or going. Well actually he does: Daniel says he's staying. Stay tuned folks for hourly updates.

Van Der Vaart says that Luka is simultaneously disappointed at not being allowed to go to Chelsea and is happy to stay. This is the famous Double Dutch if ever I heard it. Harry says that Modders is confused but not unhappy. We're going to double his wages but everyone is agreed that it is not about the money. 'Premiership not about money revelation scandal'

I was 50/50 over whether Modric would be leaving before I went on holiday. Since my return I am hovering at 65/35 that he will go and the more assurances we get the more I will be convinced that he will. Harry is using the situation as leverage to get Levy to either be more realistic about valuations or to put out before we lose out.

However I stand ready to carry the flag of truth, unaided if necessary, until the last drop of significance is squeezed from the nuggets of information that fill the back pages and the fan-sites. And there friends we hit a snag. Apart from Woodgate, the most sickly of the dead wood, being given the chop, (see what I did there ?) and the lads arriving back at training there is nothing to report: nada, zilch, zero, sod all.

So Mr. Levy I dedicate the song to you and urge you to do something about appeasing Mr. Modric by at the very least least signing a striker and selling Robbie Keane. I had better get this stuff out into the blogosphere before you trump my ace and sign someone.


Anonymous said...

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Give it a rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

crap article, like levy is deliberately not signing anyone yet just to annoy the fans. As for selling us one over the NPD, do me a favour. Read up on it and get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

The transfer window didn't open in Germany, Spain, France and Italy until 1st July so it's only been 8 days if we have wanted to buy from these countries, what's your rush?

I have never thought Modric would be leaving at all.

Mark said...

I'd prefer to read regurgetated transfer rumours all day long compared to this rambling, nonsensical, self-indulgent stream of conciousness. The problem with all blogs, I guess.

JimmyG2 said...

First Poster
Elegantly put.

Anon 15.34
This is not about facts but is my opinion on what happened.
'Never change horses in midstream' they say
and that is exactly what Levy did when he made a land grab for the OS.
The sudden 'non viability' of the NDP was a pure negotiating tactic and was a sellout of all of us that bought into the original scheme.
My opinion not a fact.

Anon 15.52
Sunderland, Man.Utd and Liverpool don't seem to be doing too badly.
And we have form in this matter.
We will see.

Well it wouldn't do for us all to be the same.
Silly generalisation about blogs though.
Some are very boring and factual.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Tough crowd!

Modric seems to be staying put, but I'm sure Levy made some promises during their meeting about a special signing or two... otherwise, if I were in his shoes, I probably would have left for Chelsea.

You can't blame a classy player like Modric for wanting more. He's 25 years old and is reaching the prime of his career. He needs to make every year count.

If he were sulking like a certain Berba, then I would have wanted him out ASAP... however, Modric gives 200% in every match, country or club. He's just that kind of person. That's more than enough reason for Levy to want to maintain his stance (about Modders leaving) and invest more, in Modric and/or in new players.

football socks said...

Keane, Jenas , Palacios and Bentley might as well go as they are not going to get a kick. Unfortunately that is probably the same for Kranjcar and Dos Santos who I think deserve better treatment.
I hope Boothroyd rumour is rubbish because we already have better forwards that can't get game time. It would be nice if Crouch got a bit less time on the pitch

JimmyG2 said...


Tough crowd indeed.
I'm gonna have to write my next blog without mentioning 'you know who'

football socks
Agree about Kranjcar and Dos Santos.
Boothroyd? You're having a laugh.

Checked it out and apparently you are not.

He's cheap but adds nothing to the team. 29 next month too. Sad.

peter green said...

We're busy going nowhere and won't be for a while - probably need fresh mandate from a new owner who either funds a new stadium without loads of external debt, or decides on middle-ranking team at current stadium. There's also the uncertainty surrounding Harry Redknapp due to the tax case and the England job.

Probably a rather ordinary season coming up and after that decisions to be taken.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

If this weekend's reports, with plenty of juicy quotes, are accurate, that Luka Modric hasleft the building and has been replaced by your ccommon or garden premiership footballer.

We should sell him. A volte face from me but if it is good enough for Luka it's good enough for me.

JimmyG2 said...

Not quite sure where you are going with this.

peter green
And there we were going along quite nicely.
But as you indicate the problems do seem to be piling up.

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