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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Window shopping

 Use your  credit card Daniel in case we have to return the goods.

The only people who benefit from window shopping are double glazing companies. But there's plenty going on around Spurs at the moment: window shopping that is. Now I like a nice shop window as much as the next man and if you ask Mrs JimmyG2 she'll tell you it's one of my favourite displacement activities. It's getting me actually into a shop that's difficult.

Eventually though you have to take out your shopping list and cruise the aisles. Harry who used to be a bit of a shopaholic has had the purse strings tightened by Daniel and their shopping basket is looking a bit threadbare at the moment.

A couple of new untried products and something out of the bargain tub are all we have to show so far for from when Harry met Danny and went shopping. They are mainly scouring the 'exotic and foreign' sections as new regulations have led to a steep rise in the price of 'home-grown' produce.

But at least we've got some football to kvetch about now which takes one's mind off all the other peripheral matters that crowd upon us: where Harry might be this time next year; where Spurs will be (league-wise and stadium- wise); where Modric will be; where all the players in the grand clearance sale will be and which two top class strikers will be arriving to help our renewed challenge for the Champions' League.

In S.Africa the team we put out in the first half against the Kaiser Chiefs were all apparently in the shop window. The problem is that if you do that everyone can see if any of the goods are faulty.. Yes I'm talking about you Robbie Keane and David Bentley, two items that are well past their 'sell by' dates. Actually the team played more like those mannequins they drape in white sheets to prevent people seeing what the special offers are before the sale.

In a cunningly arranged tournament we managed to qualify for the final without winning a game and scoring only once. All four strikers were on show and none of them managed a goal. Van Der Vaart scored direct from a free kick for the first time in over a year and some might say that he'd had plenty of practice last season. Stand by now for much more of the same this season. Bale almost repeated the trick later.

The two S African teams play off tonight for the privilege of facing their distinguished visitors in the final but don't start measuring up the trophy cabinet just yet. I wonder if we can get this qualification system up and running for the FA. and Carling Cups.

Against the Kaiser Chiefs we were dreadful and they snatched a deserved late winner. Against the Pirates we were better with a stronger team out. Rose and Walker gave me some hope for the future. Harry shrewdly made Modric captain and he had shaken off his ankle injury to show touches of class for the first 15 minutes. Van Der Vaart is clearly going to be the main man this year; Bale made some strong runs; Dawson was reliable as usual.

We were lacking in ideas and movement and played football only in patches. In the second game Orlando dominated the second half and showed us how to pass through the midfield. They were skilful and patient and might easily have won. Friedel made a one handed flap for their goal and if it had been Gomes the fan-sites would have been steaming.

How can experienced professionals earning upwards of £40,000 per week forget how to control and pass a ball?  I got on a bike for the first time in a year yesterday and didn't fall off once.

The idea that they would be unphased about losing is laughable. Most of them would red card their own kids for a foul in a kickabout on the beach. These games are also about confidence and momentum and putting yourself in the window for Harry..

Yes I know its only pre-season; that it's more about fitness than results; that it's important for Harry to look at the squad and for the lads to re-bond. Add to that the fact that pre-season performances can be a poor guide to the season. 2 points from 8 games after a decent pre-season under Ramos tells its own story. I know all that and take it on board but we were still very poor indeed and presumably not on purpose.

If our performance in these games is in inverse proportion to our league prospects we should not just be challenging for Top Four but be runaway winners of the Premiership by Xmas. We perpetrated on our hosts the old barrow boy trick of displaying all the best fruit at the front but then serving up rubbish from the back of the stall.

So we still have several previously owned items from good, non-smoking homes and careful owners, available for cash or on easy terms. Try any offer . We might be able to do you a buy one: get one free on some items especially strikers. Don't delay as there are rumours of new stock arriving soon and we need to make some space on the shelves before it arrives.

In the meantime Harry and Daniel continue to press their noses against the glass throughout the footballing world in the hope of spotting a bargain. Or if that fails, but only as a last resort, paying good money for a genuine piece of quality.

Trawl the Malls boys and shop till you drop.


Anonymous said...

Pjanic would be the bargain you're talking about and we could then sell on Modric. Pjanic's strike rate is better, he's every bit as skillful as Modrich and we could make a large profit on the sale of the whinger. Job done!

Harvey The Hudd said...

Entertaining piece JimmyG2, loved the "cunningly arranged tournament" paragraph.
Nice to hear Harry say that Daniel's working on a couple of big signings, in part to appease Luka.
The thing is, what you and I consider a big signing probably differs wildly from what the ex-wheeler dealer considers a big deal. Phil Neville and Matthew Upson would have the wily one purring!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I have an increasing sense of foreboding.

Which links to dear old Adebayor have done little to dispel.

JimmyG2 said...

Ist poster.
Pjanic is young but his goalscoring record is not very impressive. He plays further forward than Modric I think and his 'assists' count is certainly better.

Harvey the Hudd.
Well Crouch was a 'big' signing, not in the right way though.

I think his £170.000 a WEEK! wages will make that a non starter.
Let me do the 'foreboding'. I've had more practise.

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JimmyG2 said...

Don't gloat he'll be coming your way soon.
If I had any diamonds I might avail myself of his services.

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