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Monday, 29 August 2011

'Abandon all hope'

 It's the Hope that kills you

Above the Gates of Hell in Dante's 'Divine Comedy' are inscribed the words 'Abandon all hope ye who enter here'. I'm paying to have it similarly placed above the Bill Nicholson gates to White Hart Lane as that is my prediction for the nature of the coming season.

Now as all football fans and especially Tottenham fans know 'It's the hope that kills you'. Well it looks as if we will enjoy a season free of the fear of imminent death. 'Hope springs eternal' as we are often told but the eternal doesn't seem to be lasting forever at Spurs.

I confidently predicted sixth pre- season: now I'm not so sure. We seem to be running up the down escalator whilst our main rivals take the 'Executive lift in the 'Priority' lane. The fact that Arsenal fared even worse than we did at Old Trafford does little to suggest that we will shortly be making any upward moves.

Now reasons are the excuses of the hopeful and there are plenty around. Our opening 'easy' game was abandoned due to looting and arson so our first two games appear to have been against the eventual first and second in the league. This at a time when we have serious non availability problems through injury or attitude from those that bother or can be persuaded to turn out.

There has been no sign of Ledley or Gallas; Modric clearly doesn't want to be with us; Huddlestone is not match fit ; Bale and Lennon still seem to be on holiday; Sandro will be another couple of months; after Man.City Lennon and Van will be out for at least a couple of weeks. Palacios is likely to go to Stoke before Wednesday.

The Modric saga has cast a toxic gloom over the club and even if he stays until Xmas the damage has been done and things will never be the same. None of our problems can be easily fixed at this late stage in the transfer window.

Of the starting eleven on Sunday only Ekotto and Van Der Vaart really bothered to turn up. Defoe and Livermore showed some enthusiasm when they appeared but Livermore is rumoured to be bait for Parker. A case of the cure I being worse than the disease.

Crouch talked up again by Harry was as bad as he has ever been and rumours of his going appear to have petered out. At the other end Dzeko scored four. Our new first choice keeper has now conceded 8 in our first two games. In the last three games a defender has scored the only goal.

An Anglo Saxon Chief was asked the difference between a wise man and a fool. He replied
' The width of this table' I suspect that Levy has this in mind in his meetings with Harry who has gone out of his way to contradict and undermine the Chairman's stance over Modric.

As in the famous ' Friends, Romans, Countrymen' speech by Mark Anthony at the funeral of Caesar murdered by Brutus every repetition of the phrase but 'Brutus is an honorable man' underlines the duplicity of the murderer.

Harry at the end of his press interviews always refers to the fact that the Chairman has decided otherwise about Modric leaving me with the distinct impression that Harry has already spent the money. 'But the Chairman is an honorable man'.

Now I admit to be being a 'miserable sod' from time to time, that's how you get supporting Spurs for so long, but don't shoot the messenger guys. It's not me that has left it until the last 48 hrs to make significant alterations to the squad, apart from Adebayor on loan.

It is likely that in the final 24 hrs we will buy a job lot of cheap and cheerful players approaching their 'sell by' date. Parker, Cole and Bellamy come to mind..They can, like Friedel, Gallas and Adebeyor on loan all do a job, the phrase 'du jour', but it all smacks of stop gap.

Hold the fort until the cavalry arrives, perhaps next season. But who will come to a mid-table outfit with fast vanishing memories of last season's Champions' League who don't pay top whack? Diarra and Damiao are giving us the cold shoulder even now.

'In reality, hope is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs man's torments'. You have been warned. Two games down, 36 to go and no worse off in points gained from the same matches last year. But there is a smell of decay around the club.

I have no inside knowledge of whether it's a breakdown in relations between Harry and Levy; a breakdown in relations between Harry and the players or dark rumours of financial problems. Something is rotten in the State of Tottenham.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Lennon said...

I'm abandoning all hope and leaving it here, in this comment.

Any more volunteers?

Anonymous said...

Two games down, 36 to go and no worse off in points gained from the same matches last year. But there is a smell of decay around the club

This is not true as Spurs v city at white hart lane was 0-0 so you are a point down from lst season and city are 2 points better off (plus the goal difference)

Anonymous said...

what a load of crap

Anonymous said...

I wish you were wrong but I've a feeling you're right. Is this going to be Berbatov Mk II, £40m of filthy Luka and no new players.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to believe that the club has any significant financial problems.Levy recently stated that in his opinion only 2 Premiership clubs would currently pass the FFP rules, namely Spurs and Arsenal. We do have around £65m of debt, but most of that has been accumulated building the new training ground (£30m) and buying most of the land around WHL (approx £50m).Perhaps there is the chance that the bank has told Levy to reduce the wage bill, but he was probably going to do that anyway because the 25 man rule virtually demands it.

Anonymous said...

£40m for modric plus a player? Grab their money. A good portion of that i would use to stuff in Rednapps mouth to keep it shut. The man is a 'gob on a rope'. I thought this article was pretty good. I know Levy is a shrewd negotiator but i can't see him shifting all of the players that arry has ostracised over the last two years. Seems to me that we only need the transfer window to be a week long!

Anonymous said...

So many broken players ... so many old and fragile people in .. I want us to get some more resiliant players.

Anonymous said...

We have heard it all before but the dead wood needs to go! Harry has played his favorites for too long now ,ie crouch and defoe and crouch , and playing a shit formation to revolve around vdv. Time to swallow the pride and change something harry ! Seems we are struggling to score.... modric if he stays vdv bale Lenon thud pav ( last chance) ade and a top notch signing looks to me like goals shouldn't be a problem its just up to the boss to fit them all in

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand fans like you Jimmy. We have lost two games that most realistic fans didn't expect us to win, given our injury situation and the mess with Modric. However, that doesn't mean that we are going to slip into mid table mediocrity. For heaven's sake, get a grip and at least give it ten games before you start coming out with the white feather.

Why don't you go and support Chelsea. It is their type of management that seems to appeal to you.

Sam Mollison said...

Dead wood holding up traffic. Plain and simple.. However, what if Dos santos leaves for Wigan and plays like he does for Mexico? Taarbt, O'Hara, Dos Santos, Naughton and I say his name because he has had a solid start with Norwich, these players have been deemed surplus but i would have given anything to see O'hara in the middle of the park on sunday given the circumstances. We could have fielded a team of our outcasts on sunday against the first team and i have no doubt the outcasts would have won, with a point to prove. Who's fault do you think that is? Somebody humor me...

Greekos said...

I fear that the one man who needs to learn the lessons about player transfers is too stuck in his own ways of doing things and while Joe Lewis (the actual owner of ENIC and therefore THFC) backs him we will always do our business at the end of the window. But while the balance sheet still looks good we are praying that UEFA has some balls about their financial fair play rules. But somehow I dont see it...

Anonymous said...

I've said for quite some time that Harry's transfer dealings are atrocious. Levy is a tight git, but i suspect he knows Harry's transfer nose is so poor that it ain't worth giving him money. Since he's been at the club he's bought over 20 players, and yet 8/9 players from before he came will be in the first 11 - Gomes, Ekotto, Dawson, Corluka, Lennon, Bale, Huddleston, Modric and/or King/Pav. Let's list the "marquee" players he's bought....Crouch, Defoe, Keane, Palacios, Sandro, Gallas, Kaboul, Bassong, Chimbonda(!) ...out of those £13m Keane is already out, £12m Palacios is also due to leave, £15m Defoe and £11m Crouch are on thin ground, £3m Chimbonda left without playing, £8m Bassong is a bit-part player, £9.5m Kaboul is behind Dawson, Gallas, and the if fit King. The only decent players on this list that could get into our best 11 are only Defoe, Sandro and Gallas. And that's me being charitable! The guys a joke when it comes to transfers, his desires to get Joe Cole are a classic example.

Sam Mollison said...

Spurs accepted Stoke's bid for Crouch but 3MP turned it down. After listening to harry moan after the match that "he's heard about crouch to stoke but doesn't know anything about it", well we now know without a shadow of a doubt that neither Levy or Redknapp are prepared to work as a team and the word "Issues" comes to mind at this point. (Only one winner there me finks... I have to say, Levy's judgement seems a little more astute than Harry's, remembering that Sandro was another transfer Levy wanted and Harry wasn't sure... I love Harry but the club has moved on and he's become a legend in his own lunchtime... Pass the chopped liver, I think I could get a decent price for it by wednesday night!

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

I'm not abandoning hope completely as of yet... Liverpool have no depth; Arsenal don't look any better than we do at the moment; and do we really think teams like Wolves will retain their current position a few months from now?

Man U and Citeh, along with Cheatski all look pretty solid.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Too early to abandon hope of course, but the signs of stagnation and reasons for concern are there. Parker, Cole, Hellfire.

Enjoyable literary journey Jimmy.

Modric needs moving on, esp for 40 million. I'd have been tempted at that price even if he (and bizarely) Harry hadn't been stoking that particular transfer fire all summer.

Trouble is, in hindsight, he should have been sold much earlier as there is no time for a suitable replacement. Parker and Cole together wouldn't replace Jenas let alone Modric. Let's hope hellfire is some good.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks for responses fellas. I am in Spain with intermittent internet but will get back to you later.

My attitude to players that don´t want to play or sign ( Parker twice, Cole once ) is thanks but no thanks.

JimmyG2 said...

The World Wide Web returns.

I think the application of the financial rules will be crucial for us.

Sam Mollison.
How about Martinez becomes the new manager and brings him back.
Chopped liver I will pass on thanks.

Anon 22:43

You may be right but we don't have the income generating power or the backing of our rivals so selling our most valuable players is a good way of funding new recruits.
It worked last time with Berbatov.

Anon 22:34
Very well argued.
'Of all the blogs in all the world...'

Anon 22:33.
Thanks I stand corrected. It's worse than I thought.

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