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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dear Mr.Modric. Greg Meyer's column

With apologies to Spooky at 'Dear Mr. Levy. Don't sue us again: we haven't got any money. Greg's spent all his on season tickets, replica shirts with 'Modric' on them and commuting from Tasmania for home games. Should Luka reply we will certainly publish it, but don't hold your breaths.
Manchester Monday 22 August 2011.
A Letter To Luka.
Dear Luka,

                      although some of the undersigned  were pushing for a less courteous opening . I am sure their feelings are crystal clear as you read on. Should you have any difficulties with comprehension may we suggest Google translate ( the Croation version).
                     At an Extraordinary Meeting of the Luka Modric Appreciation Society of Kent this week it was not so much the meeting that was extraordinary but the depth of emerging disenchantment which culminated in the following seven point motion.
             Moved Mine Host  Seconded Our Pub Lawyer.
That Luka Modric , still of North London, be called upon to explain,agree, confirm and otherwise extemporise on the following:
1. A contract signed on 30 May 2010 whereby the player agreed to a further 6 years with the said THFC should be honoured and not treated as a gentlemanly throw-away.
 By way of addendum the meeting could understand a player such as Mr. S. Nasri now in his final year perhaps feeling justified in pursuing pastures new. Mr. Nasri is not in year one of a six year contract.
 2 .A club endorsed as going places when the player signed should not be selling its best player to a Champions League and Premiership rival.
 By addendum Mr. Modric on signing stated ... 'Tottenham Hotspur gave me my chance in the Premier League and I want to go on to achieve great success here with them .... etc ".
 Manchester United sold their talisman Ronaldo to Real Madrid. Arsenal have let Fabregas go to Barcelona. The English Premier should be persona non grata for Modric.
 3. A club asset worth 16.5 million pounds on signing on 26 April 2008 is now touted at 30 million pounds market value. There will not be a downward spiral should THFC honour the contract and refuse a sale this window. Mr. Modric will still be worth far in excess of the original price should a sale be necessary in the next twelve months.
 4. There should not be a sale of the said prized asset in the last nine days of the window. However much profit can be made the impossibility of filling the said players little boots at such a belated stage is a stark reality.
 Addendum to the Chairman. Mr. Levy in this case and not he of our Appreciation Society. No Berbatov saga. No forced last day sale. Thereby the said Chairman retains his reputation .
 5. A unanimous motion whereby one Henry James Redknapp of 'Well To Do Row', Sandbanks, be called upon to immediately and until the clock strikes midnight on 31 August 2011 completely and utterly, " Shut it! " regards the said Mr. Modric. A simple no comment till the clock strikes would suffice admirably.
 6. The meeting commends with alacrity the very well timed trip overseas by the previously mentioned Mr. Levy.Surely a well planned itinerary would not have him anywhere near a fax, phone, or any other communication device which does not self destruct within seven seconds should the code word Modric be mentioned. A timely homecoming to North London would be Thursday 1 September 2011.
 7. A vote of thanks was extended to Messrs, Bale, Van der Vart, Lennon,Kranjcar, to name but a few of the lads for their honourable conduct through what has obviously been  a difficult window for them. Thank you for your loyalty to the chicken badge.
                     Yours from two accountants, three lawyers, a road haulier, a journalist, a long distance skier, a banker,2 train drivers, a cab specialist,3 landscapers, a retired flower grower , a retired footballer and the rest of our decidedly upset but still merry throng here at a Kent Pub.
 Cheers .... keep you posted on the expected response ... Greg Meyer.                    coys.


Unknown said...

Beautifully put.

Matt84 said...

Mr Meyer. Superb as usual.

Anonymous said...

Excellent as ever.


(my solicitors will be in touch)

Edspur said...

There is no doubt he'll agree to all of your points.

Then totally ignore them in pursuit of personal aggrandisement and of course extra readies.

easylaw said...

Nice Post.Waiting for updates..
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