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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Fings ain't what they used to be.

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I have to report that Trading Standards have been round to examine the current article to assess the football content. Football blogs are no different to sausages apparently. There has to be a certain level of football and, or meat content. Fellow Bloggers you have been warned.

Any more of this looting, arson , vandalism and socio economic special pleading malarkey will have to stop especially now that the season has started. Well apart from ours. However just because it all started in Tottenham does not give us an extra week's leeway to digress.

What's all this all got to do with football? they ask, apart from the irony that it all kicked off in Tottenham and prevented us kick ing off our season. Which leaves us silly bloggers with the time and leisure to muse about other things.

You might as well ask,  'Whats the point of football in the first place'.   I haven't thought much about Global Warming this week, well I don't during the season anyway, as a rule, which proves that football, the history of patchwork quilts, or whatever, are doing their jobs: taking our minds off more important and depressing subjects.

Those who think that looting and rioting are like tsunami's or earthquakes, unforeseeable acts of nature are living in a cosy world of denial. Everything has a cause and a reason and unless you understand them you are doomed to repeat them. No, don't worry, carry on reading, the man with the clipboard's gone to the butcher's next door.

Rio tweets 'Stop the rioting' thinking that his football status gives him some influence over the youth of today. Take a look in the players car-parks of Premiership Football clubs. There's your influence Rio, there's your example. Read my lips, 'That's a Maserati you scumbags'.  Spur's players on £60.000 a week could buy a house in Tottenham every week.

Harry's input from millionaires row down in Sandbach was that standards are declining and it wasn't like this in the old days. This from a man on several million a year up on tax evasion charges. If he is eventually banged up he can perhaps give his memorial lecture on Morality, in person to the looters and rioters of N. London.

You are part of the problem Harry. Today's lecture on morality is given from Cell 227 by a well known personality who brings his own unique take on the evils of society. His analysis in the Sun read more like a Private Eye spoof complete with sentimental references to 'opening doors for ladies' and community solidarity that sounded like IRA punishment gangs. We know Harry, we know, we saw it all in 'Till death us do part'. At least he spared us the bit about not locking your front doors.

I am from the same generation as Harry and lived in North and East London growing up. We had double locks and three bolts on all our doors. The mini-cab driver that took my parents to the airport for a package holiday in Alicante in the late 60's was later convicted of smashing their front door off its hinges and rifling their flat. Happy days. The people next door heard 'something' but just turned the tele up. And that was 40yrs ago. Dream on Harry.

The present Cabinet is comprised of 27 people 17 of whom are millionaires. They scurried back, eventually, from their holidays and claimed to have rescued to situation. A pity they left it for so long. The architect of the cuts, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr George Osborne came back from his £1000 a night hotel in California to insist that austerity would continue. Not in his house obviously

None of this excuses vandalism, looting, murder, mayhem and violence but it does give it some context and background. To understand is not to excuse. And tough talk by the Prime Minister may yet split the coalition.

The reactions will be vindictive and counter productive. The whole thing is a 'knee-jerk mess. You might as well put Joey Barton in charge. No doubt the current crop of looters and vandals will get short shrift but that is not a solution for the long term. First you need to acknowledge that there is a problem and then set about solving it. If parts of society are sick we need to know the causes of the illness and its possible cures.

Tottenham website contributors often refer to the Tottenham area as 'a sewer' beyond repair and salvation. This was perhaps one reason why so many wanted to decamp down the road to Stratford and escape the clutches of Haringey council and David Lammy

That may solve THFC's problems but is not along term solution to the general problems of society. We are a divided country with eye-watering differences in levels of affluence. Footballers and the Premiership are in the forefront of this.

This country has already been looted by the bankers, by the MP's over their expense; by journalists in the phone hacking scandal; by the corruption within the police and more depressing revelations will be released over the next couple of years. Why expect those that have least, to contribute the most and to be better behaved than their leaders?

Look out! The Inspector's back. On the football front so far this weekend I saw very little to frighten. us at Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal, except Joey Barton course. Manchester Utd are a different matter. They were challenged at W.Brom but still managed to win it in the last ten minutes. I can't see past them for the title but second is still available.

Today we are out of the relegation zone on goal difference and only 3 points off the top with a game in hand. Its doesn't get much better than this. Next time 100% protein, wall to wall football, a full report on our our exciting transfer news and an account of our opening game in the Europa, a qualifier against Hearts. Enough there for the most zealous Inspector.

Fings ain't what they used to be Harry, but to be fair, they never were.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more that anyone involved in professional football seems automatically estranged from real life these days. Oddly that doesn't stop them thinking they know best nor that they are the centre of the world.

Anonymous said...

Nice article - all we need is for all the teams who won at the weekend to to lose and for us to beat Manu 5 - 0 at Old Trafford and we'll be top of the league!

Harvey The Hudd said...

Agreed, JimmyG2, second or third is up for grabs, I wouldn't swap our squad for anyone else's and I don't think we're that far off United's. Surely Luca cannot really believe Chelsea's team/squad is as good as ours?
We need to BELIEVE in ourselves a lot more. The vibe emanating from Harry this close season has been far too downbeat. COYS

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

"Today we are out of the relegation zone on goal difference and only 3 points off the top with a game in hand. Its doesn't get much better than this."

Aaaaah, if only I could see things the way you do lol

JimmyG2 said...

I see that the Inspector's message has got through
'Concentrate on the football.
Which bit of 'football blog' do you not understand Mr.JimmyG2.
Out all day back later.

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