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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sell, sell, sell!

Might as well make a virtue of necessity

'Tottenham are not a selling club'.
'Oh yes we are '.
'Oh no we're not'

'Modric is not for sale at any price'.
'Oh yes he is' .
'Oh no he's not'.

Bold statements and I wish that they were true.
Which bit of 'not for sale' do I not understand?
Well 'not' for a start.

Daniel Levy may have backed himself into a corner over Modric but if not in this window then probably the next we will sadly wave our little Luka goodbye with his suitcase neatly labelled, 'Please look after this Croatian, thankyou'.

We are a selling club because the finances of football determine that we are forced to be exactly that. No billionaires and their accountants to plot their way round the new regulations;
no Super Stadium to double our match day income and no likelihood of any such development for several years.

It is our only method of generating the sort of money we need if we are to stay somewhere near the front runners.

At the same time we need to nurture our young talent, Bale, Lennon, Sandro and Rose with one eye to the profit motive. Or buy cheap some of the senior players available, Davids, Gallas, Friedal, were good examples as experienced stop gaps to bind the team together while we cement our position in the top six .

Don't get me wrong I am not pointing the finger at Levy, ENIC, Joe Lewis or the top money men. Harry and Kevin are just innocent bystanders in all this. It's the logic of a financially stable club in a financially unstable world.

Lets sit it out for a while and see if the new restrictions work; or if the Murdoch empire implodes following the recent revelations; or if the financial crisis spreads to football. Birmingham's billionaire has had his assets seized; who knows the world might return to sanity.

In the meantime Iv'e got a plentiful supply of seasick pills and I am prepared to take to the lifeboat as the good ship Premiership founders and we can perhaps help pick up the survivors.

The football world has gone mad and I see no reason to join the insanity in pursuit of short term, or evern long term, success.

If Modric goes will van Der Vaart and Bale be far behind? Fine if that's the onle way to survive without a stadium, without paying ludicrous wages, or being taken over as the vanity project of someone with more money than sense playing with dubiously acquired assets.

We have long suspected that this has been the implicit system at Spurs. We have been a selling club for some time.In a sense this is not the moment to change. Our failure to make fourth again is at the route of the problem.

Doing it again looks unlikely though our failure to repeat it had nothing to do with Stadia, billionaires, wages or Harry' press performances. Check out the results of our last dozen games Lets make our situation explicit at least to ourselves

As long as we sign decent players in every sense of the word and play attractive football I will be content. Decent footballers rules out Joey Barton though he might appeal to Harry. He's not much worse than Parker, younger and on a free. It will also get up the noses of the Tottenham purists and Harry might at least tease us with his name even if we don't sign him. I would imagine that he's on silly money at Newcastle anyway.

We might make it again into the CL soon though it's not looking likely, so just take a step back and relax.The £90 million or so (edit) we get from Modric, Bale and Van Der Vaart and eventually Sandro will help us rebuild and by the time the dust settles everything might look different.

It's not my preferred way: wage caps; restrictions on foreign owners and players, stricter home grown rules; stingent application of the financial rules would all help level the playing field., but for the moment money talks very loudly indeed.It drowns out everything else.

In the meantime give youth and the up and coming players and a couple of old-timers a chance, and enjoy the ride.There's more to football at Tottenham than just winning football matches at any cost.


Tommy Harmer said...

I may be naive, but I do believe that, when Levy says we are not a selling club, he means it. He let Keane go because ultimately he wanted to, and he let Berbatov go because, in the end, he had to. I think that he earnestly sought to persuade Modric to stay with a LONG contract, and he will seek to hold him to it. It may well be the case that he won't be able to, and I suspect that Modric also believes he had an agreement with Levy to go if he wanted to. I also think that Levy is being honest in interpreting their conversations at the time differently, and only time will tell if the disagreement can be dealt with. I would keep Modric if I could, and set a higher wage ceiling for him. None of this detracts from the fact, however, that, as you say, our financial situation at present determines our ability to hold on to players, and will do so until we build a bigger stadium and generate more funds to spend on the team. I respect Levy, pay tribute to him for his determination on our behalf, and hope that he succeeds; the alternative is a slide into (relative) obscurity, but we have to try. As for the Russians, they are nothing but nasty cheats, because they know that Modric is worth more and are trying all kinds of ways to get away with it. If they don't think that Modric is worth our valuation (I'd put him as worth £45M to us) then I think we should NEVER sell to them, because of their flagrant dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of this. We need to increase our revenue through a larger stadium and regular European football. In the meantime we should sell high and buy low, and pick up the odd stop-gap a la Gallas. However, I'd expect to get a darn sight more than £70m for Sandra, Modric, Bale & VdV - I'd want £35m+ for Modric alone.

JimmyG2 said...

Tommy Harmour.
Thanks for well considered post. Clearly not as big a Levy fan as you but we have certainly done better under his regime.
Needs to bite the bullet when crunch time comes.

First anon.
You're quite right I have edited in a more
realistic figure.
Blogged in a hurry before Modric got sold and Barton signed

Anonymous said...

with respect, i do not think there is much that is innocent about harry. the innocent bystander heis not. that does not mean thathe is very canny and clever at manipulation, on the contrary he is transparent and blatant and often as much an idiot as he believes some of the fans to be. no, he aint that smart but he surely has a stroing instinct to look after number one and to promote himself ahead of the team. innocent is just not a word that can be used to describe him, except maybe re his tax dealings, altho dont bet too much on that one either

JimmyG2 said...

ANON 17:31
Not innocent in the sense of being naive or unstreet wise as you say but in the sense of not being the main man.
That's Daniel.
Perhaps 'amateurs' is a better word.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Modric to stay, results to be mediocre or worse, and tensions in the club, played out in the media, leaving an embittered US little option but to sell an embittered Modric in January.

It's true what you say Jimmy about football economics and our place and options in them.

I do, like you, feel that there is more to football at Tottenham than just winning football matches at any cost.

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