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Friday, 30 September 2011

All going according to plan

1-0 down but Harry's not worried
Read on to find out why.

Committee for match fixtures and fittings
Europa Division.

Dear Mr. Redknapp,

Just a courtesy note to you which I have copied to Mr. O'Neill. The two Chairman , Messrs Roche and Levy have now agreed in consultation with their respective PR departments the general outline of the Europa League game at your ground on Thursday.

There is of course an established template for such games and in broad outline the Chairman have agreed to follow general precedent (Template 1) on this occasion.

Consideration has been given to the undertaking by your Chairman that essentially your second squad will start the game with the exception of Mr. Lennon who is returning from injury

In view of your bad start in the Premiership and your unfortunate exit from the Carling Cup Mr. Levy has insisted that Tottenham should win the game.
In view of your large squad and the need to give everyone a chance and the greater television audience anticipated if Tottenham rather than Shamrock Rovers progress the Committee have agreed to this submission.

Mr Roche argued that template two, the 'giantkiller' option should be permitted but in view of the return game being available for upsets this was declined. By the time of this game Tottenham may well have qualified and the Committee will consider the possibility of allowing template two closer to the game.

In view of this agreement it was thought that allowing Rovers to score the first goal, in keeping with the well established Hotspur tradition, would be a nice gesture to the visitors and enhance the excitement and tension of the game for Channel Five viewers.

Of course it is up to you and Mr.O'Neill to choreograph the actual events but may we suggest the a free kick within striking range could enable Rovers the best opportunity as they will mainly be concerned with containment. If Mr Gomez is in goal some sort of error might be engineered. This may or may not be be more difficult if Mr. Cudocini plays.

There was complete agreement that no injuries should be sustained during the game especially in the event that Mr. Bale or Mr. Modric should appear as substitutes.

Mr. Levy asked for consideration to be given to two players who might be subject to transfer listing in the new year and argued strongly that if they got on the score-sheet their value would be enhanced.

The Committee reluctantly agreed to this as normally financial considerations are only allowed under special circumstances. The claims of another player who is hoping to further his International career was also allowed.

The Shamrock keeper will be permitted under the normal Template 1 rules to play, 'an absolute blinder' as stipulated in the regulations for this kind of fixture.

Both Chairman agreed to the general concept of the match as a clash of the Plucky Underdogs against European Royalty. Channel Five have agreed to limit crowd shots to the Shamrock Rovers supporters.

May we thank you in advance for your co-operation.

All the goals as usual:

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