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Friday, 2 September 2011

The Dead Wood stage

'Oh the Deadwood stage is a'comin on over the hill'

(Now with videos. See end of blog)
 That stagecoach sure looks pretty dang full up on top pardner. One or two have return tickets but may get drygulched up in them there Northern hills. Yee Ha!

So the window closes and it gets better the more I think about it. We were seduced by the promises of exotic arrivals and expectations were raised, so it's not as good as I had hoped but not as bad as I feared especially with 24hrs to go.

Modric is still with us though whether this will turn out to be a good thing remains to be seen. Certainly things will never be quite the same and in his head he is at Stamford Bridge. But the Chairman has made his point and Luka can go at in January and everyone can hold their heads up high.

The £40 million offer I'm pretty sure was never made and if it had been then I am equally certain that Levy would not have turned it down.The only evidence we have for it is from the mouth of Harry and even he is not certain. He could have bought several 'top top' players with that.

The arrivals are less than game changers. Friedel at 40 has a limited shelf life; Parker is over hyped on the basis of his Football writers Premiership Player of the year. That's those same football writers who we daily ridicule for their ignorance and prejudice who seem to know as little about writing as they do about football. 'Cliches are US': 'Nonsense to go Inc'.

Parker is one paced, one footed, not literally obviously, and lacks vision. We have managed to avoid him s couple of times in the last 6yrs when he chose the money at Chelsea and Newcastle rather than us. He got himself relegated last year and I hope he doesn't repeat the trick.

Apparently he delivers a mean half time pep talk and is a leader in the dressing room. A bit like Robbie Keane then.. Within the month he will be anointed captain` I am told. You read it here first remember.

He may turn out to be another 'meh' Piennar buy, and both may sit atop the annual Deadwood Stage in a couple of years time. Along with Gallas, King, Corluka, Kaboul, Friedel, Defoe, Pavlyuchenko and Dos Santo. I will be delighted to be proved wrong. He has my full support now that he has signed. I have always done the same for JJ after all.

How some of these departees passed their medicals is a worrying feature of the revolving door charade. Jenas has been injured for the past 18 months and Palacios has a serious knee injury. But who are we to question the verdicts of private medicines finest. They are probably the same outfits that grade applicants for fitness to work benefits. Just get to the medical and you're good to go.

But at least as the whip cracks away and the sweating horses toil up the into the Black Hills of Stoke we have freed up the squad a little with the departure of Keane, Bentley, Jenas, Palacios, Crouch and Hutton. Some fans' birthdays all arriving at the same time.

What Abbey will make of Stoke is anybody's guess though Peter will feel at home in the land of tall structures that have largely outlived their usefulness. It has certainly changed since the days of Arnold Bennett but remains a city best seen at night. It is regarded as the premier spot for night life in Staffordshire so perhaps they will survive.

We may have gone about this the wrong way as Delap and Crouchie may form a deadly partnership. Perhaps we would have been better off buying Delap. There is always another way even if it is not the Tottenham way.

I hope that Sandro's progress won't be blocked by Parker.  Sandro who is the greatest thing since Wilson who was the greatest arrival since the 'Mighty White' which  also bitten the dust I'm told. Pavlyuchenko and Gio two of the likeliest occupants of the stagecoach roof at one stage (sorry) are still with us and since Defoe and Ade can't do it all they may get more game time or in Gio's case some game time.

Adebayor is a very good player with a strike rate approaching 1 in 2. But he comes with temperamental and even psychological baggage and since we are a striker light may need to be a very busy boy indeed. He is on a one year loan and with his wage expectations is hardly likely to remain longer.

I don't think that we have improved our chances of a top four finish as Arsenal made some good signings on the last day and Liverpool who did their deals early and have made a good start to the season look to join the Manchesters and Chelsea for the top five places.

We have Sandro out for a couple of months; Huddlestone to return to full match fitness,; Lennon and Van out for a couple of weeks, still no sign of King or Gallas; Modric now an unknown quantity and poor start not least in terms of goal difference.. At least we are top of the league in the 'Physio-room stats table.

I am sticking to my forecast of a 6th place finish. We needed to make better use of the window if we were to make progress against our main rivals and have at best stood still. Adebeyor for Crouch is an upgrade but Parker is another stop gap purchase and in a couple of years the 'dead wood' pile may be just as high.

For those that would like to listen to the song 'The Deadwood stage' by Doris Day from the film 'Calamity Jane' courtesy of Youtube click on the arrow.

Oh please yourselves. You can take a horse to water......


Anonymous said...

Or just watch the HBO show 'Deadwood' cos it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

What an awful read - you sure you support Spurs - to say Benyayoun and Arteta plus two unknowns as good signings ? - Specsavers waiting for you !!!!

JimmyG2 said...

First poster.
Thanks I'll give it a go.

Second Anon
you are free to disagree with me but Benayoun and Artetea are quality players who will suit Arsenal's close passing game.
Mertesacker has over 70 caps for Germany
Santos is a rising star for Brazil with over 20 caps
The fact that you have never heard of them won't worry them in the slightest..

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

While Calamity Lane it is not, Luka has said quite clearly "I Can Do Without You". We need to prove to Luka that the "Windy Bridge is mighty pretty (rich) but it ain't got what we got"

I was hoping til the end for another surprise, a pulled out of the hat super forward, with Levy announcing that "Our Secret Love's no secret anymore" but that wish remained unfulfilled.

Still, It's Harry we're Planning to Marry" so Whip Crack Away, and Audere Est Facere to you all this season.

6th looks about the best we can do at present, though it's a long old season as they say. Outside of the two Manchester clubs and maybe Chelsea there is little to fear, though I also think Arsenal did as well as they could expect with Arteta and Benayoun at this late stage. Liverpool? Early doors yet, I have not been as impressed as many.

JimmyG2 said...


'Calamity Lane' Good stuff. Why didn't I think of that? Will have to be cleverer next time to keep up.
On the essentials I think we agree although I rate Liverpool under Kenny with Suarez, although Gerrard is a bit of an uknown quantity.

I bet you were the only one that watched the video all the way through.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Yes, Suarez is a cut above. The others not so much. But they have invested heavily, sorted it out early, are bedding in and have stolen a march.

You were kind enough to put the video up, it would have been rude not to.

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