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Saturday, 10 September 2011

'No like share room with John Terry' ; The Greg Meyer column.

 Greg's in the loop and is acting as go-between for missives from Luka Modric.
He is letting us in in the correspondance and we at Spurs Musings are grateful for his powerful connections. No chicken-hearted reactions at Wolves today we hope and with any luck any feathers that fly will be theirs.
Note from Editor. This isn't really working Jimmy: Wolves, feathers flying?
Cut straight to Greg if I was you,
Ok. Take it away Greg, Kent Pub and your very own (just) Luka Modric.
September 9,  2011 Happy Birthday to a Spurs Striking Legend.

 A Letter From Luka.

You may recall our recent letter to Luka of Modric containing some helpful advice over his purported Transfer Request. The one first brought to light by the world famous Harry Hotspur.

Unbelievable news. Not so much that he is still with us but arriving at the Pub in a brown paper envelope replete with curious stamps ,verified as Croatian by our resident philatelist, was the following document. You'll no doubt recall his list of no likes. Behold an update by Luka with some comment  included where appropriate by some of our pub regulars.

Dear Kent Pub Luka Modric Appreciation Society,

        Hvala,sorry will stick to your english, thank you for your triffic support and helpful advice. Since Luka, Mrs Luka, and littlest Luka first met nice Russian rich man on his big yacht in summer, things have been a little upside down especially with Luka's head.

       Fortunately head now getting back to right place nearly. As well now have new list which works much better than old one. Would very much like to share with you.

       Now like chicken badge...

      Scottie Parker has joined club and says he has loved chicken ever since he did chicken ad for McDonalds long time ago. He says chicken good for you. Also whilst on international holiday this week with Niko and Vedran they both reminded me of how we listened to Chickenman radio( wireless in Croatia) show after training on Thursday nights in Zagreb. Much better than Eastenders.

      No like share room with John Terry....

     Mrs Luka upset if Luka learn bad habits. She not sure if John a family man after a cup of tea with Mrs Bridge. Besides she think monkeys rather cute. Another cup of tea, this time with Mrs Bale. She like Croatian style mothers club.

     No need to play with tall circus man.

     My new found close personal friend, Daniel, has offloaded Peter to Stoke. Mrs Short Circus Man wife not happy with move from London . Abby a good looker and really don't blame her. Still Peter says some lovely people in Stoke with long throws tossed in. Sorry.

     Kent pub also very happy with this move. How could he ever play for Spurs again after that miss. Particularly after the sensational cross by Gareth Bale.

    No like play with rush goalie...

    No need to now since Brad Friedal arrived. Only concern is goals now rushing in even when goalie not rushing.

    Our pub think Friedel to continue but Heurelho is certainly looking more interested lately.

    Still no understand glory glory song ...

    But now discover lots of others the same as me. Disco Benny never listens as usually has walkman on high.He has trouble making huddle which is usually on at same time as glory song.Basically none of players can remember back that far to glory days.

   Now like threaten Luka...

   New found cpf Chairman Danny has threatened to increase my wages next month. Harry has said so on radio. Must be true. Mrs Luka very happy and going shopping with other mothers club members.

  So Luka now new man. Look at my 25 yard thunderbolt for Croatia this week. Never done that before. Much looking forward to seeing all my friends from the Kent pub at the Lane on Sunday 18 September at my favourite little stadium.


                    Luka, Mrs Luka and littlest Luka.

Cheers .... Frederic Kanoute is 34 today ... Greg Meyer.                       coys.

(And now just to show that there are no hard feelings here is Luka's goal against Israel.
More of the same please Mr.Modric. Help keep the Wolves from the door. JimmyG2)

 And as so many of you asked, here is a picture of Vanja and little Luka.
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Anonymous said...

please show us photo of Mrs Luka

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Anon poster.
You're not John Terry in disguise I hope.

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