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Monday, 12 September 2011

Steady as she goes.

Press Conference video at the end.

'Two points from eight: two points from eight'
  The nightmare postponed for another season.
Alone,alone,all,all alone,
Alone on a wide wide sea!
And never a saint took pity on
My soul in agony.' 
(From the Rime of the Ancient Tottenham supporter)
Now this isn't strictly true as Greg and his friends from Kent aboard the good ship 'Hope' have taken pity on me and are waving to me from the rails and offering to throw me a lifeline to enable me to climb aboard again.

'More than you deserve' I hear you say but over the years many of my hopes have been dashed and I have been shipwrecked many times and left up the creek without a paddle on numerous occasions.

We have been becalmed for several weeks weeks whilst most of our rivals made full sail. However although I abandoned ship when we were heading towards the Rocks of Disappointment after our disastrous sailing from Manchester I didn't just jump into the water. That would have been silly.

No, I took to the lifeboat to ride out the storm as the ship appeared to founder. I was ready and willing to pick up any survivors. The immediate storm has passed but there are still forecasts of tempests ahead and for the moment I'm staying put hedging my bets.
We put in at Wolverhampton and took on vital supplies for the journey: three points and a clean sheet which has almost put a smile even on my face.

The crew performed well especially the two newly articled members: Leading Seaman Adebeyor and Midshipman Parker who himself was rescued recently from a sinking vessel and is keen not to repeat the experience. He is hoping that Spurs offers him a safe harbour in which to see out his career.

Our experienced Mate Mr, Ledley King returned to the Quarter deck under Captain Redknapp to give renewed confidence at the stern. Very Able Seaman Modric, recently keel hauled by the owners for an attempted mutiny buckled down and bent his back to the oars showing no tendency to malinger despite his failure to secure a new posting.

The sea was a little choppy to begin with, as seasoned travelers will recall, in the Wolverhampton Reaches but after both our Leading Seaman, Adebeyor and Defoe found their sea legs in the bow the successful completion of this section of our round the UK trip was never in doubt. 
Very few squalls were experienced during this section and apart from Senior Cadet Bale who experienced a bout of sea-sickness to which he has been prone lately this was an excellent performance by the whole crew every man Jack of them.

They helped steer the ship into calm waters and anchored us safely outside the Relegation Zone. That's another season safe from the Captain's parrot screeching
'Two points from eight: two points from eight'.

This week we sail to Greece on a special mission on the trail of hidden Europa gold or silverware at least. A reserve crew is being assembled to enable the regular contingent to gets some well earned R&R before the Liverpool boys attempt to board ship.

The sick bay below decks will be scoured for any seaman who can be returned to able bodied status. Three young Cadets:, Walker, Livermore and Dos Santos were pressed into service on Saturday and may be joined by others on Thursday.

 Young Giovani may have enough time on this occasion to at least give us a wave. I have attached the lifeboat to the stern ropes and by Sunday night might feel able to let the Kent Pub boys haul me aboard.

Steady as she goes boys, steady as she goes.

Below is an 11minute video of Harry's press conference for Press Bureau TV.
Wolves, Champions' League hopes, Beckham, Crouchy, Abbey, Adebeyor, Modric, Parker and all. And the boys training too. 
You've read the spin now see it and judge Harry's words for yourself.

Tottenham vs Wolves from Press Bureau Tv on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

lol at the bit with the parrot.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Get you with your new video posting skills.

Very nice read, Jimmy.

I know you weren't one to jump on the Palacios bandwagon quite as quickly as some of us, but are you any more convinced by Parker after Saturday?

I'm thinking not.

JimmyG2 said...

who framed ruel fox.
You know better than that Foxy.
Mrs.JimmyG2 is what is known politely as a computer nerd.
Otherwise nothing would ever get published,let alone videos.
Parker. Not a big fan. Caused a riot on SC by suggesting he was no better than O'Hara.
Hope to be proved wrong.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I feel like octopus tonight!

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