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Friday, 9 September 2011

What can possibly go wrong?

The Man: stripped for action

Video: see end of blog.

So once more our season begins. The statistical apologists will argue that the first two games don't count as we didn't win them last year and we didn't win them this year either Nothing to see here move on.

If we beat Wolves we will in fact be better off than last year by two points, poised in their logical minds, no doubt, to challenge for honours before the leaves fall off the trees.

Beat Wolves, who are up and running whilst we are not. Beat Wolves which we failed to do last year at their place. Beat Wolves who are 7 points ahead and 15 league places above us with a distinctly better goal difference.

Now clearly this all follows from the cancellation of the Everton game due to local urban regeneration projects and the fact that we have played our first two games against the probable top two in the league at the end of the season.

Place your bets now folks but accept the possible fact that with Liverpool and Arsenal to come and distractions in cup competitions, we may be still mired in the bottom reaches of the Premiership in October.

Of course beat Wolves and we could, other results permitting, be almost out of the bottom third. So here we have the proverbial 'must win' game which will soon be explained away if by any chance we should lose it by those that can prove statistically that being bottom gives us a firm launching pad for the Champions' League.

What is missing from the analysis are the concepts of confidence and momentum which are so important when you are on a winning run and entirely irrelevant apparently, when you are losing.

Too early to panic? The time to panic is before the disaster occurs not after so I like to get my panic in early: always have. With our new signings and the possible appearance of King we could and probably will beat Wolves so that by Saturday night the crises will be over. Crisis? What crisis?

Lots of hopes are placed on Adebayor whose fragile temperement may either crumble under the pressure, or rise to the occasion and carry all before him. He usually starts well so he may just lift us at least for Saturday or for long enough to provoke Defoe and Pavlyuchenko into form.

It's just that this season doesn't seem to be progressing as smoothly as I would like. Pre-season was dogged by the Modric affair; the limited success of our incoming transfers ; the upgrading of all our rivals and this all conspires to dampen my natural enthusiasm for the new season and heighten my fall back 'grumpy old man' position

So Spurs you can right all these wrongs, and probably do a power of good for Global Warming, World Peace, and the Economic Downturn by simply beating Wolves at Molineux on Saturday. Give us all a break boys and let's just beat Wolves.

And now for the video of what the man can do against us.

Is there any reason why he can't do the same in our favour preferably starting at 3 o/c on Saturday 10th September? Adebayor up front, Friedel in goal, and Parker in midfield, What can possibly go wrong ?


Anonymous said...

Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy your pessimism must go west with that stage...

start looking from the glass half full

Yes most of what you say is accurate but hang on... there is another pov..

Anonymous said...

The video was encouraging until I remembered he scored those goals against us, the most accommodating defence in top-level professional football (I use the term professional, but only in the context of the other 6 team members).

Should beat Wolves comfortably, but then again so we should have last season, oh and the season before.

Really depends as to whether the team functions as a unit or if Modric is still sulking, Bale thinks one half-hearted run every 20 minutes is really trying, and whether Parker can stop Dawson and Kaboul ever having to touch the ball.

Should be a good game.

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