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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Any Questions?

 JimmyG2 takes his message to the streets.

And so once more gentle readers we come to the age old dilemma: would we rather outplay the opposition as we did frequently last season and yet fail to take our chances and draw or even lose the game? Or would you rather we played poorly and won?

We are unbeaten in ten in all games and won 5 of the last six in the Premiership. It's like asking City fans whether they have any qualms about buying their victory over Utd to win 6-1 at Old Trafford and going to the top of the league.

Not a question to be asked today perhaps but in the long run it's not a sustainable blueprint for success. The worldwide banking and financial crises was brought about by the naked pursuit of success through money and football has gone down the same route and will eventually implode in the same way.

Mind you I've been saying that for a couple of years. But trust me: ' The End of the World is near' and that includes football. But at least we should  have more players in the 'Angels' team than in the 'Devils'.

Similarly, playing poorly, will not, in the long term, take us into the top four. Blackburn, now bottom of the league, were by no means second best in any area of the game except the one that mattered; putting the ball in the net. For that we have to thank Van Der Vaart who is not even an out and out striker.

He was our leading scorer last year and is once again in the same position in the Premiership this season. It is difficult to believe that last week Spurs fans were discussing whether he should be dropped for Defoe, who doesn't score as many goals and does very little else. Apparently some think that he unbalances the team.What's that old quote about good players not being a luxury?

Perhaps this debate can be put to bed for the moment as I read that Rafa covered more ground than any other player against Blackburn. So much for fitness and work-rate.

People are even asserting that Modric played poorly. I wish that some other members of the team played as poorly. At one stage yesterday I kept praying that Luka got on the ball because at least he rarely gives it away. In fact the commentators remarked on it when he actually did so on one occasion.

I also counted three runs from midfield ending in shots which brought good saves from Robinson. To say that he didn't play as well as usual is not to say that he played badly. Had Van not scored two beautifully taken goals Modric would have been my MOM.

The run from Walker to set up the first was so quick that in the Guardian review of the game they attributed the assist to Lennon. An easy mistake to make in the circumstances except that Lennon rarely makes such runs anymore.

Had Blackburn been as good as Newcastle it might have ended the same way, but they're not and it didn't. Were we lucky? Not unless it's lucky to have one of the best players in the Premiership knocking them in and to be playing against a team with limited and predictable options. The table after ten games doesn't entirely misrepresent the truth; and we've only played nine.

We are averaging two points per game again despite having played five of our first nine games away from home and won four of them. We are on a run of games against opposition in the lower reaches of the Premiership and though not playing as well as we might like,we are doing as well as most fans can remember.

Parker, Lennon, Bale, Adebayor, Kaboul, and Bassong were not at their best but we still won. Adabeyor is either still carrying an injury or is bored with us already. He seems to have been taking lessons from Defoe in avoiding the offside trap. Five times aginst Blackburn. But who's counting except me? Kaboul and Bassong almost wilted under the long high ball attack and Bale only played in patches.

Parker, captain for the day, panicked when given the opportunity to run in on goal and gave away the free kick from which they scored. But he stuck to his midfield breaking up play schtick reasonably well. With Sandro still injured I would have liked to see Livermore on at 2-1. Harry disagreed and we won, but it seemed like a close run thing for the last half hour.

But all you Tottenham fans out there remember it could be much worse. You could be a Manchester United supporter. It's nice to think that for once in their lives they know how we feel quite often though not as frequently as we have in the past.

Their ability to re-invent themselves and the back up talent available makes me think that they will soon recover from this setback as we did after a similar, though not quite as bad, defeat at City's hands. Does it put our defeat into perspective? Yes but it doesn't ease the pain really.

And now for yet another new feature on Spurs Musings: 
5 Questions we no longer ask.
  1. How long before Parker is made captain?
  2. Is it worth giving Ledley another contract?
  3. Should Van Der Vaart start when fit?
  4. Is Harry the right man for the Tottenham job?
  5. Are we going to miss Peter Crouch?
Next time, if I remember:
5 questions that still need to be answered
All contributions welcome.

Your starter for ten:
When will the new stadium be completed?
And now 2mins.29secs of homage to the man of the moment:
Rafael Van Der Vaart. Should he start?  Should he start?
What my grandchildren call a 'no brainer' I believe.


Sam-I-Am said...

Too bloody right. Great video!

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

I also couldn't believe that some fans were comparing VDV to Defoe... it just didn't make sense to me. I love JD, but VDV is in a completely different class as a footballer.

And I must say: I EFFING loved the video! Thanks JimmyG2!

Anonymous said...

It is Harry's fault.
Used to be that just a draw against Woolwich would satisfy us.
But he has acclimatised us to success.
So now it takes much more to set the pulse racing.

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