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Friday, 21 October 2011

From Russia with love

Welcome to Aeroflot Mr.Pavlyuchenko. Just the single ticket?

Six English players took the field for Spurs last night with an average age of 22.5 and an average height of 5ft. 8in. They saw off a spirited performance once again by more experienced opposition in the Europa cup to head their section on the verge of qualification for the next stage. The future's bright.

We won a game we might well have lost courtesy of Roman Pavlyuchenko's superb free kick on the half hour. The rest was a tale of dour defending and poor finishing by Rubin Kazan. The re-appearance of Gomes proved crucial and he was many people's MOM. A vociferous minority are clamouring for his reinstatement as 'numero uno'.100.000 signatures on an e-petition is enough apparently.

The build up from the back was a little slow and too many passes went astray but this was an excellent result for Harry's second eleven. He was forced to bring on the cavalry towards the end as Rubin threatened to over-run us.

Livermore did ok playing out of position at centre back in our current crisis: Ledley,Gallas, Dawson and Corluka are all injured. At 6ft.2in he is the tallest of our young Englich players, Carroll(19 and 5ft.7in.) one of the youngest and shortest again impressed,

Walker(5ft.10in and 21) buccaneered down the right from full back and Rose( 5ft.8in and also 21) attempted to do the same down the left with less success.Giovani (5ft.9 and 22) tried but was not influential because he hasn't worked out yet when to release the ball.

They gave us too much of the ball, defending from the half way line as PAOK had done and once again allowed our youngsters time to settle and play themselves in. But they attacked with pace and skill and stretched us at times.

Conspiracy theorists put Pavlyuchenko's( 29 and 6ft.2in)performance down to the fact that he was trying to impress his Russian colleagues with a view to repatriation after Xmas. He not only scored but also went close, his control was verging on decent and he certainly ran about more than a bit.

He has not been seen since the end of the match and Harry is scouring Aeroflot passenger lists. Free abductions? Not on his watch.

We even put an end to the Martins' hoodoo. He has scored four times running against us at Newcastle. So a good night all round before a somewhat sparse WHL crowd. Overpriced tickets perhaps(£30) for virtually a reserve fixture in a competition which has been downgraded by Harry, and of course it was all on Channel Five.

New Stadium not needed?

Some have even srgued that it proves we don't need to blow £400 million odd on a new stadium but this seems an application of logic too far. With the ending of the legal challenge and rumours of meetings in corridors of power and broom cupboards of influence I expect to hear any day that the NPD is once again 'viable.' If the new stadium is so vital to our income how much does each day of delay cost I wonder?

On Sunday we visit Blackburn and if form is any indication we should win by a hatful with the reappearance of our more or less full squad. A 'hatful' is a pretty vague estimate but say by two clear goals. Friedel/ Walker/ Kaboul/ Bassong/ Ekotto/ Parker/ Sandro/ Modric/ Bale/ Van/ Adebayor/.

I make that 8 changes from the starting line against Rubin. Kaboul was like an escaped wild beast  last night and was lucky not to have been shot by the Ohio rangers.

Anyone who has read 'Vertigo' by John Crace will know that this 'two clear goals' kind of talk leads to, nay causes, disaster. Mr Crace is clearly an extreme case but there are varying amounts of the Crace DNA in all Spurs fans. An interesting, self deprecating, almost morbid look at a year in the life of a Spurs fan which is well worth the £6.99 outlay at Amazon..

Digested read, digested.
                      Supporting Spurs has done my head in.

And now the goal, with authentic Russian commentary. Harry nearly smiles and almost gets out of his seat.


Anonymous said...

I must warn you we are without Ledley and with Friedel and Robbo both having concrete legs when crosses or free kick come there way it could be 4-4 You see Samber will be waiting to pounce and all Northern teams have plenty of energy has Newcastle shown us last week a draw will be a good result a win will be TERRIFIC. DAVSPURS

JimmyG2 said...

Agree with you about keepers who don't come for the ball which is what I liked about Gomes.
Kaboul has been pretty good in the air.
3-1 Spurs.

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