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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Greg Meyer's Derby Day preview.

Greg's up with the lark this fine Sunday morning to cast his eye on the runners and riders for the North London Derby. He's been touring the betting shops on our behalf and comes to the conclusion that we can definately win this one even if we are favourites. 

Enjoy the video of Arsene's disgraceful attack on an innocent water bottle last time out. 
Let's join with Greg in hoping for more of the same later today.

North London Derby Day 2011.
A Dangerous Derby.
 Danger looms everywhere today in North London. Nothing to do with street riots. No the danger emanates from those genteel establishments bearing such logos as Paddy Power, William Hill, and the like. Apparently the bookies have installed Spurs as favourites for the running of the 39th or thereabouts North London Derby, Premier League style.
Our pub collective of self proclaimed "experts" galore have a look at  some dangerous ideas and thoughts ahead of a classic clash starting with ...
 A Dangerous Striker.
A clear cut favourite for the tag. Robin van Persie wins by a street. Last year without him Arsenal looked shaky. Upon his return they looked back to their dangerous self and so it is this season. Perhaps even more so as with no Nasri, no Fabregas, and even no Bendtner then they are seemingly stretched. Alright Bendtner is a miss for us.
Filling the void are Gervinho (at this stage Gervinwho), long name Chamberlain, Walcott, Arshavin and assorted others. Somehow not yet or ever to be in the class of your average Thierry Henri or our own Emmanuel Adebayour. Yes marvellous how the football wheel turns.
The pivotal clash says our pub is Ledley King keeping van Persie quiet. Somehow with our Rolls Royce playing then the bookies may even be right. Not to say that van Persie is the only dangerous striker featuring. No as mentioned a man as equally dangerous is our Emmanuel.
Have a listen some remarkable comments from the Arsenal goalkeeper. Is he having a bob each way?
 Dangerous Quotes.
 Wojcieh ( the W stands for "Winker" after his eyeball antics at the Lane last season) Szczesny fronted the press ahead of the derby. The Polish keeper, speaking fluent english with a nice line in english accents, commented on the Adebayour danger. Telegraph source.
" Ade's a really great striker but we know how dangerous he is ... but we know how to deal with him. I'm not going to say now because it will be our little secret." Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
Yet elsewhere in the same fluent style he seems to perform a volte-face saying ...
"Of course we know he's a good player but we won't pay any extra attention to him."
Our pub hope he takes that confusion to the Lane today. Perhaps the little secret he was referring to is the switch from zonal to man marking to be used by Arsenal.
More Dangerous Quotes.
Well more the misplaced, egotistical, gallic murmurings of a well credentialled manager definitely under fire.Even so his job is not in danger says owner Stan Kroenke.
"We were interested in Modric ... I'm not surprised how well he has done."  Telegraph.
So what happened to the he'll never make it, he's too lightweight references. Perhaps Arsene was previously misquoted. One things for sure our little lightweight will be a very dangerous man this afternoon where you can bet there will be ...
Dangerous Liasons Galore.
Do we see a second dangerous van on the pitch. Surely it is Van der Start to feature after his heriocs in last seasons derbies. Mind it does imbalance things according to some. Harry will sort it of course.
Bale and Sagna are a likely pairing. Our journalist would prefer it to be Santos but thats just being greedy. Wallcott and Assou-Ekotto is another. We can only hope dangerous moments a la Wigan have been banished by Benny.
With the midfield vital our banker certainly won't miss Jack Obnoxious. Aaron Ramsey is certainly less antagonistic but his clash with Parker is another vital pairing. Just one of many discussions overheard this week ...
At A Kent Pub.
Always the match our pub looks forward to every season. Arsenal at the Lane. No exception this year but with no Robbie Keane up front to rely upon and with the hope of footballs oldest curse coming to pass hopes are high it will be a grand and very late night tonight here and at your place.
 Dangerous to tempt fate I agree but here's hoping we see dangerous objects taking to the air at about 6 pm. Flying waterbottles once owned by Monsieur Wenger.
Cheers ... Adebayour to Score ... Greg Meyer.               coys.

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