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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Modric: An Italian Solution

 The Greg Meyer Column

 Stay right where you are Mr.Modric, everything is under control.
The Mountain will be with you shortly

Greg's been doing some hard thinking about the Modric conundrum from his viewpoint on the top of the highest hill in Kent, not a seriously steep climb by all accounts but still. This train of thought leads him to ponder on the possibility of the mountain coming to Mahomet and not vica versa. Seems obvious when you think about it. Though why Luka would even want to go to Chelsea when if we win today we will be level on points with a game in hand is beyond me. Funny how the smallest words can have such a big impact. Muse on Mr.Meyer, you're in the right place after all: and may all your mountains be small ones.

 Maradona .. Fifty One on Sunday 30 October 2011.

Modric Future Solved ... That Job Interview.
An elegant Italian looking gentleman sits in a plush leather lounge adjacent to an impressive looking oaken door . The sign on the door unmissable. Daniel Levy .. Chairman

The recumbent 52 year old sits nervously fidgeting with an embossed leather briefcase bearing the initials C.A. Inside the briefcase a fascinating assemblage of testimonials and the like. Nothing from a certain Roman Abramovich however. Understandably so?

Peeking out the top of the Armani suit breast pocket a glimpse of an expensive looking envelope. Therein lies the secret behind the ex Chelsea managers appointment.

So whats in the letter ...

                                  Dear Daniel,

                                                   Rumours of my wish to retourno to il calcio engleesh are well founded. Without wishing to be how you say molto pushy I too have read lots of Harry's possible arrivederci. Of course I too am sadly familiar with the arriverderci thanks to Roman's brutissimo judgement in May this year. Et tu ,Roman. Si Carlo.

My great English pal Senor Ray Wilkins and I are currently running a T-Shirt business doing very well. " Bring Back Ray." is still selling well. After Chelsea's bad luck lately we expect that one still has some legs in it. The John Terry line unfortunately seems to be slipping (pun intended). Particularly at about 85minutes into the unfortunate game at Stamford Bridge.

But Daniel I digress. Back to the subject of arriverderci and might I offer my congratulazione on your handling of the Modrico affair. Keeping el bambino Luka longer term is vital. So comme hai fatto? Scusa! So how do you do it?

Ole.I have the perfect solution. With Harry going sooner then if you don't want to let Luka go to Chelsea then bring Chelsea to Luka. Carlo to the Lane. 

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my grand plans with you in more detail,



 The Contents of the Briefcase.

The usual and not so easily obtainable paraphanalia. Great playing record, great managerial career in Italy including the European Cup as player and manager.

On our home front he did the double in the English Premier with Chelsea in 2010.

Russian Champions League ambitions being thwarted led to his obvious downfall when he was ignomiously sacked in May 2011 by Roman Abromovich.

Lots of other glowing references but should matters go belly up for Harry at the Southwark County Court, presumably to be heard before the turn of this century, then is he welcome at the Lane. Certainly a talking and drinking point this week ...

 At A Kent Pub.

Our banker reckons the stats are in his favour. Whilst at Chelsea and in the process of winning the League his team scored goals galore. Their 103 goals was only the second time the 100 mark had been passed in a season. The team to have done it first. Spurs, naturally, in 1962.

His appointment would signal continued ambition by Spurs. His credentials as a man manager are proven and says our lawyer he does seem to speak English even if it is italian english at times. Mind the conversation as to Carlo or otherwise continues.

Coming back to proverbial turf later today a London derby last played when Carlo was probably still playing. Some of our number are going albeit maps and directions will  be needed. Seems a long time since we were last at home.

Success today really does put us into the upper echelons. Level with Chelsea (sorry Carlo) and still ahead of you know who and Liverpool. Surely no bananas or altitude sickness to be seen.

 Cheers ... our pub would rather keep both Harry and Luka at this stage ... Greg Meyer.
Video time:
'River Deep Mountain High'. But remember mountains can be moved.
Tell it like it is Tina.
'Do we love you' Mr.Modric? ' My Oh My'
'If we lost you, would we cry?



Anonymous said...

Ah yes, "Harry at the Southwark County Court". I don't suppose you know when this might be happening? Google as I might, I just can't seem to find any information about the trial date...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:19
Yep seems to be a State secret.Hence my "turn of the Century" reference.

Best I can do is the Judge is sick and coming back when? usually if it keeps on then they will reassign it.

From a defence point of view the longer it goes the beter. hence probably why no stentorious noises from Camp Redknapp.

cheers Greg.

Anonymous said...

There is a press embargo on it so you won't find anything but November has been mentioned.

Blue Bell Hill the highest point in Kent?

Anonymous said...

It was 1961...115 goals and that was ONLY for the 42 game league 31-4-7 115-55 and we took our fott of the brake after winning the league and bein gin the FA Cup final (last 3 results:
1-0 2-4, 1-2).

Had it not been the chances of a first 20th cent. double we would ahve won all three and finished 33-4-5.

BTW we still have teh record for the BEST away performance (16-1-4) and IF you ddd this to our best home performace (18-3-0) that makes:
34-4-4 and NO club has beaten that record.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to lay off the crack son, it's getting to your head...

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