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Monday, 10 October 2011

Scotty Parker and me.

Just the way Harry likes 'em. Our very own Brylcreem boy

 Those that tuned in expecting or hoping for intimate revelations of a 'True Confessions' nature will be disappointed. Scotty Parker I think not. I like Scott Parker in an old fashioned sort of way. Harry certainly thinks he brings responsibility and solidity to the team, on and off the pitch.

Which is why I think he will be made team captain quite soon. Can you imagine him turning up to training with a blue Mohican? Or attending matches in ripped jeans with his 'arse hanging out'?

The latest criteria for a favourable judgment is the fact that he still wears black boots. Now in my day there wasn't any choice once the old traditional brown leather ones had been replaced.The Addidas introduction of three white stripes was the ultimate in sophistication.

The feeling was that wearing, say, white boots exposed only but the very best to ridicule. And it still does in certain sections of most football grounds. You need to be more than just good to play in them. But Scotty eschews the peacock trend as befits his character.

Lime green boots would draw unnecessary attention to his whereabouts and prevent him from cruising about in midfield like a cruising shark, imposing himself on the opposition whilst pretending not to be there. So black boots and a side parting it is.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not fully converted yet. When I saw him playing as well as anyone against Montenegro, though that wasn't a particularly high bar, I didn't automatically get that knot of pride and spasm of concern that I usually get when Spurs players turn out for their country: concern for their physical safety and fear that they might do something silly.

Why? Because he hasn't quite become a True Spur for me, although I acknowledge that he has played well, so far, I haven't completely adopted him as one of our own. It will be some time before I dub him a 'Yiddo' an accolade that we are too quick to bestow on occasions.

Why this reluctance on my part? Well for a start he has turned us down at least twice at Chelsea and Newcastle when it suited him to chase trophies and the money. Now having failed to save W.Ham he is looking for a final pay day in N.17.

So it's a mixture of hurt pride, West Hamism; the sight of Karen Brady sucking up to Siralan; the Olympic Stadium debacle; the dopey duo in their furry hats and general all round prejudice not all of which can be laid at Mr.Parker's door admittedly.

More importantly I judged that he was not good enough for us as we once more aspire to the heights, and the wrong side of 30, (31 this week) to be anything more than another stop gap in the Gallas mould.

Now I have been rightly crucified for suggesting that he was no better than O'Hara who at least had the merit of being home grown. In my defence I will say that this was before he had turned out for us and being a fair man I have revised though not quite reversed my opinion.

He can do a job for us in midfield especially in the absence of Sandro. Now I am not a fully paid up member of the 'Just what we've been missing since Dave Mackay left us' brigade.

We said that about Wilson who went from being the best thing since sliced bread to toast in next to no time at all as his limitations were exposed. We have burdened the boy Sandro with the same hype but he is good enough and young enough to support the acclaim.

I think that a couple of decades of under achievement have deeper underlying causes than just the presence of Jermaine Jenas in midfield. Changing manager every 18months prior to the arrival of Martin Jol for a start.

These players; Sandro Palacios and Parker all 'like a tackle', as David Pleat once said of Spurs and are designated the long lost midfield destroyer whose lack has been the cause of all our recent failures. But Parker's experience and positional discipline makes him for the moment a key component in the team.

I'm certainly warming to him and my period of hair shirt, flagellation and sackcloth and ashes to which I was sentenced after my intial doubts will soon expire. He needs to stop that strange going round in a circle manouevre, score a goal, and smile just occasionally before I clasp him completely to my bosom. A visit to Sandro's or Bennie's barber might help too, though that's probably a step too far.

And now for some footage of the boy himself and the more I watch it the more I am convinced.Though remember this is not what he does best and not why we bought him.
His career scoring record is only half that of Luka's, but it's certainly the jam on the 'wholemeal' bread.


tottenblog said...

How Scott Parker - Footballer of the Year 2010/2011 can be even whispered in the same breath as Jamie O'Hara is beyond me! And yes, you were rightly crucified for such things.

Anonymous said...

I shared your opinion prior to the Pathe News Boy joining, and I share it now following a solid start to his Spurs career. He probably stood out as a big fish in a small pond at West Ham, so he may not look so spectacular at Spurs, although I have lost some of the ''s Spurs, we're bound to cock this up' mindset since he has joined. If we get another couple of years out of him, it will be very good business. I think Sandro and Livermore are our enforces of the future, and they won't find a much better role model in Parker, which in itself is probably worth the £5m we paid.

JimmyG2 said...

1st Poster.
Well I thought that was a pretty full apology myself.
I think Jamie was very underated too.

2nd Poster.
Good point about role model aspect of Parker for the youngsters.

Anonymous said...

Seems like all the Spurs bloggers were united in opposition to Parker signing just a month ago and are now all backtracking on their judgment and admitting they were wrong about him.
Football is a funny old game.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

I was one of those bloggers in opposition to the signing of Parker, simply because I thought at his age he wouldn't have much to give. I admit that I was wrong, but still... let's reach the next window before we completely judge him (positive or negative) and "dub" him.

I totally understand where JimmyG2's reservations lie; however, I must also admit that I never thought O'Hara could do the job either.

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