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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Taxi for Modric: cancelled!

Wait if you like mate. But it could be quite a while.

The Greg Meyer Column: 

Greg's back with tears of joy filling his eyes and running down his cheeks onto his keyboard. As he says this makes it very difficult to type but not one to shirk his responsibilities here are his reflections on recent events including the possible return of David Pleat for the fifth time, now as a scout. He can't possibly do much damage from there surely.
Is there a taxi driver at a Kent Pub? It sounds as if there might be a good living to be had in that line of business. Unless of course you're relying on Luka to phone.

Friday 7 October 2011.

Taxi For Sagna .. No Room For Maicon.

Without breaking stride he received the ball with a welcoming caress, 3 yards behind Carl Jenkinson,8 yards later he was 3 yards past and the gap increasing at an alarming rate.Therefter chaos in the Arsenal defence.

Earlier,midway into the enemies half he carried the ball up to a bemused Per Mertesacker, the German international stood mesmerised as the Welsh turbo (only in second gear at this stage) engaged third, then he was gone.

Barcary Sagna was next, normally looks no slouch, but the Welsh sports car sped on. Embarrassment came next for the Frenchman. He was but an image in Gareth's rear mirror. Only a repeat as to what had happened around 31 minutes in with Barcary and Bale. And so it went.

Gareth Bale. Worth the admission fee alone and then some.

The list calling for a cab doesn't end there of course. Still the way our Gareth ripped apart poor old Carl Jenkinson just in from Charlton, had you feeling sorry for the Arsenal rookie almost. It was a derby after all.

Gareth Bale. Almost back to his Maicon best. Exhilarating pace,exemplary close control and most important the confidence to use his amazing attributes. Contrast that with his old Southampton room-mate and good friend, Theo Walcott. In the first minutes of the derby with the opportunity to use his undoubted pace and take on our Benny Assou-Ekotto Theo shirked the issue. Confidence is a great motivator.

Gareth Bale in full flight just naturally set us to pondering on that confidence factor. Something we here at the pub loosely termed ...

The Modric Factor.

The flow on effect or in Gareth's case, the flew on effect, of Luka staying on is subliminal, is obvious,and is emphatic. The presence of a now valued 40 million pound midfield general is catalysing confidence and belief throughout the squad.

Compare that to a shellshocked Arsenal devoid of Fabregasp, the departure of Nasri, and the arrival of Arteta. The spaniard is useful but hardly a Fabregasp. Jack Obnoxious will come of age as a footballer in due course but is a least three months away. As to growing up as a person after his latest rant regards our favourite son Glenn then that may be three decades away.

Back to the Modric factor. Yes a less than stellar derby but who else stepped up to the mark. A lot that might not have been there if Levy had not stood firm. The likes of Adebayour, Van der Vaart, Parker and of course Bale. Modric staying was all a factor in some not going and indeed some joining a club perceived to be going places.

And so to that intangible. The confidence factor also called team spirit and belief. The resistance to Russian bully boy tactics epitomised by the Daniel Levy line drawn in the sand said ... Spurs are not a feeder club any longer.

The effect of Luka's retention breeds a bon homie about the club and fans indeed. Smiles are everywhere, not the least in our new Togolese striker. Team belief is everywhere. All we need now is our littlest sports car back, fit , rearing to go, and taking on full backs like he used to. C'mon Aaron. Gareth is doing it on the other side.

More taxis anyone.

Two Other Derby Heroes.

He does seem to have a certain panache about him. A knack for saying the right things, quite apart from scoring derby goals. A lovely wife who does go to the Lane with young Damien. His goal celebration was ecstatic, his post game beamings pronounced. Post match it continued and in two words he neatly summed up Arsene Wenger. "Stop whinging."

Yes there were other derby heroes but a favourite here at our pub continued to demonstrate why in less than two years he will be proven world class.

Our lawyer felt relieved and self assured when he ran on to the pitch in that six feet plus athletic Brazilian way. The effect was immediate.A flagging dutchman gone but the looming danger on our right side dissipated.

Of course his contribution was not confined to defensive duties. It was his run and collect which led to the Kyle Walker possession which led to... the rest is NLD history.Very obviously going to be a great. Milan already know. They apparently bid for him in the summer. Brazilian beer might yet make the menu ...

At A Kent Pub .... Before You Go.

The good news ...

                          the rise and rise of a certain North London football club. Sorry Arsene.

The bad news ...

                         just when we thought it was safe to walk the streets comes news that David Pleat may be returning to Spurs as a scout. Best known for his lunchcutting of a Kent pub ghod, Glenn of Hoddle,surely not.

Finally gathered around the birthday table today what a conversation they will have . Jermaine Defoe will talk religion with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Simon Cowell will talk about his new showbiz project on Russian tv with Vladimir Putin. That leaves Clive James to resurrect his tv critic column. Happy birthday all.

Cheers favourite quote of the week ... " Wenger has thrown Merteseker up top. He's turning us into Blackburn Rovers.".... Cheers Greg Meyer     coys.

And in case you've forgotten the genius of David Pleat here is his commentary on a previous NLD fixture from 2007. 

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