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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Colossus of White Hart Lane

 Who's that mate, Scotty or Dave?

Another expected routine victory against QPR . The first four words in that opening statement are not ones that you could easily apply to Tottenham until recently. But they are now, and some very decent football as icing on the cake. Actually make that as a firm foundation for our current progress.

Of course there was a drizzle of hesitancy after half time to spice up the mixture and a pinch of slapdash in front of goal to add zest to the fans' enjoyment. But with Bale scoring twice and Lennon chipping in with a couple of assists there was much to admire especially in the first half.

Adebayor might have scored and it should all have been wrapped up by half time. Ledley played a full game and made it five wins in five appearances. Scott Parker, of whom more later, has never been on the losing side in his Spur's career.Early days,early days.

The difficulty of picking a MOM suggests a good team performance. Van Der Vaart was increasingly effective, scored one and should have had another and played the full game. Modric was once again the beating heart and usually someone has to play out of their skin to better him.

The general theory is that Scott Parker was that man. So carried away were some people, including Harry, that comparisons with Dave Mackay came up. Now any Spurs player that makes three firm tackles in a single game always raises the inevitable question: 'Is he the new Dave Mackay?'

We did it to Wilson Palacios; then Sandro and now Scott Parker. However I saw Dave Mackay on many occasions and have to tell you that he was tougher than Parker and much more skilful and was not lacking in the 'vision' thing.. He played for Tottenham for the best part of a decade playing 318 times and scoring 51 goals.

He also lifted Billy Bremner up by his lapels and was acclaimed by George Best as the toughest player he ever played against. So you don't just have to take my word for it. The man is a Spurs legend. Scott Parker has played seven times for Tottenham and comparisons in any way whatsoever are a tad premature. Seven games do not a legend make.

He played well against QPR and was largely responsible for the disappearance of Adel Taarabt at half time to spend more time with his delusions. But he was no more than competent in his previous two games.

Anyone who takes the weight off Van Der Vaart and Modric and gives them time and space to play gets my vote but don't hang Dave Mackay around his neck. It's an embarrassment and an encumbrance that Scott Parker certainly doesn't need.

Harry precise words were : "Parker was just amazing, I haven't seen many displays like that.
You hate to mention anyone in the same breath as Dave Mackay, who was one of finest players at this club, but it was right up there with the best. Dave would have been proud of that performance. He won every tackle, he broke things up, his all round play was top class. He's made a big difference."

Even allowing for a little post win euphoria it is not quite clear whether Harry is saying that Parker is as good as Mackay though he hints at it here. Parker has certainly made a difference. How good Dave Mackay would have been under modern conditions, faster pace; more technical skills; new rules which might limit his effectiveness, you can only guess at.

Fans have taken these words and their cue from Harry to go just a little overboard on just how good Scotty is and how big an impact he has made. To say, as some are, that Parker has taken over from Modric as the key influence on recent games will certainly upset the Kent Pub Modric Appreciation Society

But to me Modric even against QPR was the 'go to' midfielder out of defence and he was the initiator of most of the play. He played the leading part and Parker was outstanding in a supporting role: Modric as the architect and Parker as the demolition and site clearing gang if you will.

Quite where Dave Mackay fits in I'm not sure. It's like one of those unanswerable questions as to whether Rocky Marciano was the greatest heavyweight of all time. Unless you can put him in the ring with his rivals it's all opinion, assertion and statistics.

Rubin Kazan.
Thursday sees us, well the second eleven, away in deepest Tartarstan for our most difficult Europa fixture this year. The temperature is forcast to be -4 and should be a new experience for all but Pavlyuchenko.

Harry, inventive as ever has discovered a rotation system he can cope with: two almost seperate squads, one for the Premiership and a.n.other for the rest. A draw would be a very good result and put us on the verge of qualificationfor the next stage It will be interesting to see who is asked to make the 2003.6 mile trip from WHL. Defoe, Gallas,Sandro and Gomes might draw the short straws.

 Dave Mackay and Billy Bremner. Iconic stuff.
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Anonymous said...

Loving your work.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As well as Parker played against QPR, he was a lightweight against Newcastle in the physical sense, something that never happened to MacKay, and was one of the reasons that Newcastle dominated mid-field.

IMO, if Sandro had been playing alongside Parker then we would have dominated and probably won the game.

The sooner Harry starts deploying that back 6 formation, and mixing and matching the front 4 to suit the state of the match, the sooner we will dominate games and continue our push for the top positions (1-4).

Anonymous said...

Parker made me smile during the post match interview. When reminded of that statistic you comented on (not losing with him in the side.)He looked down to his left and gave a rather sheepish grin. As if to say that's torn it. Why did you have to mention that.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Parker was excellent in the first half especially. I was pleased as he was underwhelming against Newcastle and Blackburn.

Echo the thoughts about Modric being the main man on Sunday, though we had so many on the day, including VDV, Benny, Bale and Parker.

The 20 mins after HT were worrying though as QPR weren't much more than decent in that period. Not sure where "Mackay" and the others were then... Nothwithstanding how marvellous we were, QPR were somewhat abject I felt in the first 45.

Still a good deal of improvement to be had. Sorry to be a churl.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I should say I think we are going along very nicely and I am expecting big season.

JimmyG2 said...

I'm coming round to Parker but he's obviously vastly over-hyped at the moment.
We do that don't we.
He is clearly a manager's delight but I always take what players say about managers and vica versa with a pinch of salt.

Harry's not going to Russia.
Pavs in charge of the trip I assume.

from churlish to hopeful expectancy in a trice.
How fickle is that.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Heh heh! food for thought, yet exciting times no doubt.

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