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Friday, 25 November 2011

Dear Roman ... Condolences . Cheerfully Luka.

Exactly  a month to go until you know 'Ho'.  Greg is in receipt of  another missive from Luka. It's not 'what you know' as they say. He brings us up to date on things Chelsea who have hit a little stormy weather which may or may not turn into a tsunami but we live in hope. We are hoping not to get entangled at the Hawthorns on Saturday and a new manager may be Hiddink in the undergrowth at Stamford Bridge. But enough of the pathetic puns and on with the motley Mr. Meyer.
Shaping up: Ivan Modric hopes to be a bigger player
than his dad when he grows up.

                                     The Greg Meyer Column
 Linda Laflamme's Birthday .. Friday 25 November 2011.. Rock On.

Dear Roman .. Condolences .. Cheerfully Yours Luka.

In the warm Mediterranean July sunshine aboard Eclipse, the world's largest private yacht, (at 164 metres long it would overhang our beloved Lane pitch by a minimum 64 metres), it was all Croatian and Russian bonhomie. Captain Abramovich had his eyes on charting Chelsea upwards.A new crew member in midfield.The simple matter of 24 million pounds and Tottenham Hotspur's most prized asset moved to a London rival. Fait accompli ! As Arsene would say.

Enter Daniel Levy and the rest is not merely history but fast entering Spurs folklore. Much to our present unabated joy the ship Luka never left the port. So it was not surprising when our Luka Modric Appreciation Society ( Official Kent Pub Branch) received the following copy missive this week. 

 Another Letter From Luka.

 Dear Roman,

                 Hvala again or as you say in Russia, please pass the Vodka bottle. Yes understand why you need it at present.Shame that nice young Mr. Boas is not off to bestest start.

Luka, Mrs Luka and littlest Luka thank you for wonderful holiday on your very big yacht. Little Luka still talks about the fun playing coits and deck football. Well he helped watch from his stroller whilst mummy and daddy played a Croatian version of the same game in our very very big bedroom cabin.

Luka's agent says to say very sorry Mr. Levy lost key to Tottenham dressing room window. Seems by the time the key was located it was a little late. You know what its like. Holiday lag perhaps.

No like to cock-a doodle-do but chicken badge doing very well so far.

Seems us Croatians can jump to silly early conclusions.Chicken badge with little Scotty Parker, retro all round ,doing rather well.He is still talking about those early McDonalds ads in dressing room and whats worse in huddle on pitch. Benny doesn't listen or understand even when he gets to huddle. Not sure which is worse haircut Benny or Scotty.

As to room sharing with Mr. Terry.

Again seems Mrs Luka was right about Luka sharing room with Mr. John. Mind no one in Zagreb believes a word about him and Anton. Then again not sure if they know who Anton is.

My new found close personal friend Daniel is still threatening me.

Now its about signing a contract of 100,000 pounds per week. Mrs Luka still talking to mother in Zagreb about that. Might drag on a little.

What can Luka say?

All normal agent public relations spin going on. All normal tabloid fodder stuff. But me and Niko( remember him .. very good and handsome midfield attacker), and Vedran( also very movie star looks) had great trip to Turkey and home recently. No laugh but Vedran scored a goal. So out of that in your times of trouble wise old Croatian saying comes to mind.

A Croation Proverb To Help Chelsea.

A couple in fact.

For poor old Andre V-B ..


                                   Bez muke nema nauke

                                                                        Without suffering there is no learning.

Vedran says Chelsea fans hope learning comes quicker and start winning.

For Daniel Levy and probably Roman Abramovich too.

                                  Bolje vrabacu ruci, nego golaub grani

                                                                                        A sparrow in your hand is better than a pidgeon in the bush.

Daniel is the one laughing.He keeps going on about someone called Edith Piaf. Apparently genius midfielder in Paris team.

Am closing with fondest regards Roman but

 Mrs Luka is very happy at afternoon tea parties with Sandra, ( Harry is never there), Sylvie and Damien, ( Rafa usually working on troublesome hamstring),and Ledley brings his son along so that he has someone to kick the football with. Dad only plays on weekend.

Hope things work out, but not too much. I am sure that nice young Mr, Villas will try hard. Oh I see Mr. Guus has his mobile turned on . But then again you already knew that.

                                Cheers and Condolences,

                                                                         Luka, Mrs Luka and littlest Luka.

Meanwhile At A kent Pub.

Still basking in the glory( thanks Daniel Blanchflower) of a very classy display against Villa. No judge of what's ahead though.

West Brom will press, harry , kick and shove. So if our credentials to altitude sickness bear any merit then Spurs must win at the prickly Hawthorn venue.

Our pub think yes. The team ethic and spirit dictates that the real, new Spurs should be there. If so then alls well.

Pretty good here at our Pub. Hope alls well with you.

Cheers ... Kent Pub proverb ...

                                            "Turn up, play the Spurs way and the result takes care of itself."

Great time to be a Spur ...     Greg Meyer.   coys.
 Linda La-who? I hear you cry. Well here in Greg and Jimmy's undying committment to lifelong musical education is late 60's early 70's Rock, Jazz, Folk icons 'It's a beautiful Day' featuring Linda and husband Dave on violin with 'White Bird'. It's a classic. trust me I was there. The 60's that is not Los Angeles. Many people's favourite song of all time. Oh yes it is.

Recorded live in 2008


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Brilliant, love it!

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Excellent stuff, and also congratulations on good choice and accuracy in writting those sayings in Croatian.

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