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Monday, 28 November 2011

Hardly anything about Modric.

They seek him here, they seek him there.
      They luka everywhere for him.
Relax he's ill. I'm sure it's nothing serious

You know those Army training thingies where they do a 30 mile run; at night; in full kit; bags of cement in every pocket; live rounds zinging just above their heads; with both legs tied together; in their bare feet; blindfold? Now I don't have any personal experience of it, obviously, but it seems to me that it sounds like the Spurs approach to winning the league over the years.

Take the current season. You start by having your first home game cancelled because the surrounding area has been wrecked by riots, not a hazard that many teams face. Then you play the two teams tipped to be fighting it out for the title at the end of the season. Two games: nil points. 'Fixture computer and World Events target Spurs' scandal.

Then just as you get into your stride your Manager goes in for heart surgery. He's likely to be leaving soon anyway, either banged up in January for tax evasion or because he gets the England job. Please tick the box to indicate which option you prefer. Are we worried? Apparently not. The queue for the new manager's job will stretch half way to Highbury or whatever it's called these days.

Things pick up and we go on a winning streak the likes of which haven't been seen since half way through the last century. 'Glory, Glory' doesn't even come close. We cruise from bottom to third, two points behind Man.Utd with a game in hand, technically second in fact. We score two or more goals in every game and take 28 points from 30. O Ye Callous Gods of Football eat your hearts out.

But this isn't enough: we demand sterner tests. We go away from home to W.Brom without either of our iconic creatives in the squad. Van is hamstrung and Luka poorly. We then reprise our 'going behind and salvaging the points' shtick from last season. And, as we did at Fulham, we not only win it but grab the third goal to make it look easy when it wasn't.

At the Hawthorns candidates for MOM queued up again. Adebayor scored two, scrappy admittedly but it was his skill on the right that sent Lennon scurrying away from Storey who stopped him illegally at the second attempt for the penalty. Similarly it was his skill on the left that sent Defoe on his way for his brilliant solo goal. 'Adebayor the Ubiquitous' has a ring to it reminiscent of 'Conan the Destroyer'.

In the meantime he spurned several chances but he does have a tendency to be in the right place and his work rate is exceptional. His weak penalty was not held by Foster and the ball returned obligingly to him for a tap-in. The second was mis-hit but it confused the keeper sufficiently for the ball to end up into the net. Game set and match to Spurs.

Lennon was back up to speed, sorry, on either wing and seems to me to be approaching his best once again. He was MOM on some fan sites. Defoe picked up the ball in our half and ran like a bull entering the ring in search of a matador. The W.Brom defence backed off and when Jermaine saw the whites of Foster's eyes he whacked the ball into the net. 'Coup de grace' duly delivered: both ears unhesitatingly awarded.

This creates a selection dilemma for Harry if Van Der Vaart is fit for the weekend. A headache that managers always pretend they really like. My personal favourite on the day was Ekotto consistently reliable lately and especially so on a day when Walker was flaky and Kaboul and Ledley stared accusingly at each other for the goal and on several other occasions in the first half hour as W. Brom pressed. Benny stayed in position and prompted the left side throughout the game.

Parker and Sandro fighting for the same ground early in the game needed Harry to sort the midfield out at half time and after that we slowed the pace, controlled the ball, designated the parameters and dominated the half. Kaboul's volleyed clearance on the stretch which landed at Bale's feet brought him partial redemption for a wayward performance. From tiger to pussy-cat in 6 days. Bale waited for Adebayor to arrive and slipped him the ball for the third. Job done, no need to phone the building suppliers.

Every one of our top seven rivals except Chelsea dropped points and Bolton at home on Saturday is another winnable game. The difference with Spurs these days is that we are winning the winnable despite the heavy back-packs, live rounds and blindfolds, boldly going to parts of the Universe we haven't visited for some time. 'Beam us up Scotty'.

PAOK at home in the Europa on Wednesday offers us a chance to wrap up qualification early and I wonder if Harry might slip in a couple of veterans into the mix or at least have them on the bench for insurance. Two home games in a week, Mr. Ambassador, you are really spoiling us.

Luka Modric:
I can't find anything about Luka's illness or length of absence so the title of this piece is more than justified. Greg and I have discovered that if you can slip 'Modric' into the headline it increases your hits at least tenfold, so expect more of the same. Quite what it says about his popularity or our paranoia about his possible departure I'm not quite sure.

Other bloggers please note: we have patented this discovery. Don't even think about it.

In our video spot this week we highlight some amateur footage of our first goal which for some reason that escapes me You Tube hasn't blocked.
We admire your enthusiasm boys but don't give up the day job just yet.


totnam said...

At the game too, and Ekotto for me as well! Come on you SPURS.

Anonymous said...

Quality video that

Anonymous said...

We are not technically second, assuming 3 points is stupidity.

JimmyG2 said...

Benny is really consistent these days.

Anon 17:51
Nothing but the best for Spurs Musings friend.

Anon 18:31
That's what passes as a risque joke on here.
We may possibly be stupid as well but that's a different matter.

Anonymous said...

¨'Now I don't have any personal experience of it,'...........

I have and the way Ade runs around the pitch leading the line is a 'Spurs approach to winning the league over the years.' Blood, Sweat and Tears are in order to reach our dreams. Fortune favors the brave and this team has a destiny. I love it that the Goons are now the whipping boys of VDV. Where it goes nobody knows but I am just enjoying the days at the lane long since I got thrown out for shouting 'Tina' at Peter Shilton.

Over and Out!

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 20:01
'Roger that'

Anonymous said...

The problem is we need big Tom fit because Sandro and Parker are the same animal with different languages. Also Friedel need to dominate his area because King struggles to jump on his bad Knee and Kaboul has the odd game where he get caught ball watching and lets players get a run on him. We have the worse defence for conceding headers and we are playing Bolton who have elbows Davies who alway scores headers against us. Gomes has never made a mistake while King plays something or fans and Harry have not noticed the last time King played regular we finished 4th. So my argument is this we need too make a decision keep Gomes out or Hope we defend our goal against teams with players who score using there head. Teams like Bolton Chelsea just a slight worry but a great run of form . Coys

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