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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Just what the doctor ordered.

                                           Anyone seen my team?
                             They were with me when I got off the bus.

The JimmyG2 Column

 I assume that there must be better feelings the day after Spurs gave Villa the run-around to slip past Chelsea and Newcastle to go third. Beating City and Man.Utd for the title for example. But this self satisfied glow will certainly do for now. You could call Monday's evening stroll in the park just what the doctor ordered for Harry and fans alike.

Tempratures are rising: unbeaten in nine; won the last four; 2nd to City in the form table;W.Brom on Saturday; confidence factor at max; opponents fear factor in overdrive; Harry back; Stadium almost viable; good chance of progressing in the Europa. It's not a bad time to be a Spurs supporter. I can remember better times, but only just. Remember that is.

Defoe did his England credentials more good sitting on the bench than Bent and Agbonlahor did by playing. This was virtually a walk-over, a no-show by Villa with whom we have some lively games in the recent past. But not on this occasion. We played all the football: they went walk about presumably inspecting the beauty spots, the riot damage, or the new stadium clearances on the Tottenham High Road.

In fact the Police have been notified of their disappearance and anyone spotting eleven bedraggled also- rans in claret and blue wandering around N17 should contact Alex McLeish immediately. Their game plan to double up on our Gareth and to put Alan Hutton in charge was the wrong diagnosis and backfired spectacularly, as we all knew it would, and quite early in the game.

For the third game running we went in at half time 2-0 up and for the fourth game running we scored an early first goal. Exactly how Tottenham fans of a nervous disposition or recovering from heart operations like it.

Defeating Villa cemented the gap opening up between the top seven and the rest and even at this early stage of the season there are clear indications where the main combatants for the honour are. Harry reckons that we are Premiership contenders ourselves. This could of course be post operation euphoria but at 2.2 points per game normally we wouldn't be far out.

The difficulty of selecting a single MOM indicates another great ensemble performance. Bale Van, Adebayor, Modric, and Kaboul were all outstanding; the rest were just excellent. Personally I always tick the Modric box unless he's clearly under par or if someone plays an absolute blinder.

Starting from deep which is where I like to see him, he carried the ball more and more incisively as the game went on and was always available to link up play and relaunch the attack. Adebeyor was more than willing, running the channels; he scored two and missed a couple more and could easily have had his first Premiership hat-trick.

We played some delightful football, controlled the ball and the pace in some style and apart from a couple of minutes at the start and five minutes at the beginning of the second half hardly broke sweat and always had the comfort of another gear if needed,

Bale was almost back to his best and supplied both assists, though the first for Ade's spectacular scissors strike, was a little fortunate. Scott Parker did his thing in midfield and in a tribute Ledley reckons he does half his work for him. All the defenders seemed to be nurturing our club captain and Kaboul was particularly strong in the air. 'Leave it us Ledders; you have a rest mate'.

The togetherness of the pre-match hug seems to spill over into the game but it's easy to be mates or contented supporters for that matter when you're winning. What we are clearly lacking at the moment is a new scape-goat now that Jermaine Jenas has gone on loan to Villa. Some unkind fan suggested that we insist on Jenas playing against us although he was technically ineligible.

Gomes, once the next in line, has kept three clean sheets in the three games that he has played. Perhaps we don't need one at the moment. But don't forget that Jenas could be back so perhaps we will keep the scapegoat's seat warm for him.

Was this our best performance of the season? Possibly, although Aston Villa were pleasingly disappointing. Their game plan was to avoid getting beaten but even when this was clearly not an option after the first Adebeyor goal on 14 minutes they didn't, or rather couldn't, change their mind set.

The most outstanding feature of the defence was without doubt Benny's hair. This style was clearly inspirational and might catch on amongst the team unless it is banned by the FA. for ungentlemanly conduct.

News Roundup:
Harry has been nominated for the England job by Steve McClaren which is like Snow White being given the poisoned apple by the wicked Queen.

Defoe scored 5 in a friendly against a Charlton X1. Just in case anyone had forgotten him. he’s the little fella that comes on when Van starts to flag. Eerily on exactly the same day as he scored his last five against Wigan (22nd November. 2009) Where will he be on Nov.22nd 2013? Not playing against us I hope.

Crocodile tears spot:
Man City lost to Napoli and are in danger of dropping down to the Europa.
Man.Utd are not certain to proceed either.
Let's hear it for Manchester.

Adebeyor's Wages.
He wants to stay now that Harry has given him his life back, but his financial commitments to his charity foundation in Africa prevent him from taking a wage cut.
Excellent stuff. So pay him what Modric is on next season (£100.000 or whatever) and pay the rest direct to his African charities. Simples, everyone happy except the tax man, which is why it probably can't happen.

Video spot
A little tribute to Spurs Musings favourite player. Oh come on! We haven't had one for ages.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Good read as ever Jimmy

Yes, it is going (mostly) swimmingly. Let's hope we don't get tangled up in the hawthorns. I don't think we will.

Interesting, your thoughts on Modric starting from deep. You are right, I think, though I felt Parker was getting forward more than Luka for spells in the game, which I wasn't so sure about.

Still, we look a very good side at times this season. Like Napoli, we need some real belief that we can compete with our presumed betters, then we can push on and on rather than be content with 4th or even 3rd.

I still want the UEFA Cup prety badly though, so I hope we keep going in that.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Great column, great video.

That John Terry's a rotter, though, isn't he?

*large intake of breath*


alwyn said...

great post, Jimmy. yeah i too feel that this is kinda like the best run Spurs have had - and i'm barely a 5-year fan (i started during Jol's second term).

one question: any idea where Krancjar is? it's like once Parker and Adebayor joined, he's been missing from even the sub-bench?

JimmyG2 said...

He's injured but I can't see him getting back into the side. Piennar's ahead of him, don't ask me why.

That's no way to talk about the England captain.

3rd is definately on.
We might be facing Chelsea, ManUtd and Man City in the wafer.

Rio said...

Nice one Jimmy. I too have an aversion to playing Modric further up the grren stuff, but if VdV is as injured as we're lead to believe, surely it must be Sandro and Parker to hold and ask Mods to 'run about a bit' and help Ade in baggieland?

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