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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Scott Parker and PoppyCock

'No pasaran':  'They shall not pass'

The JimmyG2 Column

 Let the record show that England beat the World and European champions 1-0. It was more Dunkirk than the charge of the Light Brigade but the score will remain in the record books when the performance is long forgotten, fortunately.

The Spanish performance was one that Spurs fans will identify with: dominate the play and lose to a set piece goal. We were at home true; they didn't seem to be too bothered, that's the fourth friendly they've lost recently; we parked a fleet of buses and broke out on commando raids occasionally, especially in the first half. But the score remains for ever at 1-0.

The fact that they started with their second eleven barely registered such is the quality of their squad. But, but, but we were without Rooney, Ferdinand, Terry and Gerrard, stalwarts in the recent past of the England squad. Actually this turned out to be an advantage.

We rode our luck at both ends of the pitch: Darren Bent hit the post with a header with Reina flapping and the ball span across the goal for, captain for the day, Lampard to score. David Villa hit the post with Hart beaten at the other end but it spun away to safety. 'Narrow Margins' as my primary school teacher used to say.

But if the objective of the game is to score more than your opponents rather than to delight, impress and entertain then we more than fulfilled our objectives. We expect Spurs to entertain, nay demand it, on our way to Glory. Glory, but England ? That's not a demand that England fans put high on their list of priorities. An efficient or even fortuitous victory is the limit of our ambitions at the moment.

An additional pleasure for us was that Scotty was named MOM. His tackling and work rate were certainly better than most and his passing no worse than anybody elses. Icing? You want icing? You're lucky to get cake in these recessionary times. Kyle Walker got his first cap though I'm not sure he touched the ball in his 15 minutes of fame. Will that do?

The build up to the game was more PoppyCock than PoppyGate but it clearly stiffened the sinews and summoned up the blood of this young English side and spurred them on. The sight of the Prime Minister and the next in line but one to the Throne and probably David Beckham somewhere in the background was a clear call to arms.

With nine players taking the field at some stage on Saturday under 25, and Jones, Walker, Rodwell and Welbeck 20, or under, the barometer may be set fair for several years to come. Even Rooney, Young and Cahill are only 26. I could even get to look forward to watching the England team without Terry and Cole  and the other old stagers on the pitch

The intervention of a Tory backbencher who is also a qualified referee, a rare and probably dying breed, lends weight to the conspiracy theorists' view that this was an attempt to emasculate our boys. He proposed the now famous 'Armband Compromise' and I was amazed not to see him knighted on the pitch by Prince William himself at half time. 'Arise Sir Christopher Heaton Harris'

The alternative view that the original culprit was Health and Safety on the grounds that those little pins are very sharp and would present a clear and present danger in a close contact situation seemed more likely. Except that it was pretty accurately forecast that we would have difficulty locating the Spanish players let alone get to close quarters with them, except for our Scotty that is.

Fresh from the triumphs of PoppyGate it was a weekend to remember. The award of the World Athletics Championship in 2017 seals the Olympic Stadium 'legacy' fate and I'm not sure that even W.Ham will want it now. I'm pretty sure that we didn't really want it from the start and it's a high calibre bullet dodged in my view. Let the NPD begin.

The announcement that the Harry and Mandaric trial is set for January 20th or thereabouts just before the Man. City game, unless Harry can get a doctor's note throws further uncertainty into our Champions' League attempt along with the probable renewal of the Modric saga; the injury to Van Der Vaart; and ITK's rising from their crypts to clean the January window.

In the meantime we have several winnable games starting with Villa at home on Monday week before we face Chelsea just before Xmas, then newcomers Swansea and Norwich and the rescheduled Everton game before the whole Merry-Go-Round starts again. 2 points per game is Premiership winning form I'm told but I haven't bothered to work it out yet. As if.

But in truth when I look at the fixture list there seem to be far fewer games that give me cause for trepidation than there used to be. Are our opponents getting worse; are we getting better; or am I getting overconfident? Answers on an armband please.

Historical footnote: 'No Pasaran' and 'They shall not pass'. The words of the Spanish Republicans during the Spanish Civil War and by coincidence the words associated with the Battle of Verdun in WW1 in 1916. Scotty knows his history.

 And now our 'video spot'.
Kyle and Scotty talk on the eve of the Spain game.
Scott has come straight from auditioning for 'Casualty' and Kyle's forearm is available for renting as advertising space, but you need to act quickly before it all gets filled up.
Down to earth stuff and how right they were. Out of the mouths of babes and veterans.


Anonymous said...

If you're a real Tottenham fan we should all contact the prosecuting QC in Harry's case and generally make his working life a misery and make them have to change their contact phone numbers and email details for all the spam and marketing calls we shall send them for trying to mess with Tottenham’s best manager since El Tel.

Everyone should contact

James Coussey

Tel: 0203 357 0272
Fax: 0203 357 0236

you can also block up this email address with spam:

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
I admire your devotion to 'Arry mate but if he's not guilty what's the problem?
Or do you think he is?
Best manager ever I think you m,eant.

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