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Saturday, 5 November 2011

So long Bassong

Under the spotlight. Sebastien in happier days.
 The Greg Meyer column.

Greg's read the entrails, studied the runes and examined the charts and has come to the conclusion that we might just win on Sunday. He's not impressed with our Russian expedition but then why would he be. His forensic analysis pinpoints Sebastien Bassong as the cause of our downfall and nobody at Spurs Musings is going to disagree. So with a little History, a dash of Geography, and a smattering of Nostalgia Greg presents his usual Potpourri of entertainment.
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Saturday 5 November ...Saint Nayim Day.

Sebastien Swansong ... Martin Jol Revisited.

 An accident waiting to happen did happen. Again. Sad but true. An unfortunate football story.

 The moment his second touch turned into one fatally too many, collective hearts here at our pub sank. You knew what was coming next. A frantic recovery lunge was easily categorised as a clear foul. In very dangerous indeed fatal territory as it turned out.

Memories of that not long ago clumsy penalty give away sprang to mind. Look he's probably a lovely bloke and yes has been loyal to the cause.Yes he's there given our frugal health in the centre back department presently.

His timing earlier in the week was uncannily accurate. Shame about his efforts in Russia. In the Standard on Thursday he outlined his situation. In essence it was his Spurs days are numbered regretfully so.

So long Bassong could have been the headline then and especially soon.

Yes Russia was hardly down to Sebastien but more so to having no cutting edge in the second string locker. Still should qualify for the next European round which was no doubt noted at a small Spanish village with eternal Spurs connections.

 The Goal That Went All The Way from Paris to White Hart Lane.

 In the last minute of extra time in the UEFA Cup Final 1995 Mohammed Ali Amar better known as Nayim launched one from the half way line. Straight and true it flew over the cuckoos nest that was David Seamans head. Real Zaragoza 1 Arsenal 0.

Deep in the Aragonese in the little village of Trasmos, at number 44 'Gol de Nayim' Street lies our Spanish sister pub. Not sure if Nayim is a regular but not hard to guess who the locals venerate if they have named a street after him. Nayim and Spurs in that order. Birthday drinks today for a 45 years young Nayim.

But we should not linger as the Spurs of today would make Nayim proud with expectation.

 A Day At the Cottage.

 A great day for conspiracy theories with superstition galore.

Martin Jol to avenge his mismanaged departure. A host of ex Spurs to score. Bobby Zamora, Danny Murphy, Stephen Kelly, Simon Davies (bung knee makes it difficult).

Our pub are just disappointed that Senderos is out injured. The ex Arsenal accident will be missed. No Send in the Clowns theme music. They still seem to be doing the same musical theatre down back at Arsenal says our gardener.

The long Spurs trip to Russia theory and the full strength Fulham team mid week.Ergo they will be tired and our first team non travellers will be fresh. Bollocks says our cabbie. All will be fresh for both teams on Sunday.

Peter Walton is a non controversial choice for our pub. Always looks as though he should have retired 20 years ago but hope for some of the elders at our pub. Age is no barrier.

Surely Ade is due a goal, Lennon is on an upward spiral and hopefully Sandro gets some decent minutes. Our pub are immune to conspiracy theories but do believe in class over cottage industry.

 Cheers ... lets dedicate a hoped for win to a 45 year old legend and a 64 year old recovering manager ... Greg Meyer.     coys. 
 And for the birthday boy, Nayim, who played 114 games for us and scored 18 times here's that goal. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant and gave us all a good chuckle at the Lane.Seaman on his arse and the scoreboard says it all.

Anonymous said...

David Seaman? Wasn't he in Spandau Ballet or Ultravox or something?

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

I've been saying it to all my friends: Sebastian Bassong needs to go. How many stupid fouls has he committed, which were eventually converted to goals from set pieces by our opponents?

The young kids (majority of the squad) could have actually brought a point home had it not been for Seb's messup. Frustrating really.

Let's hope Gallas and Ledders can play together today... and avoid any injuries.

3 points please... COYS!

Jon said...

Bassong has suffered from not getting a consistent run in the side. Remember he is still young. Good player but no good if not used. We need to find a long term partner for Kaboul.

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