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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

You lucky people!

'The more I practice the luckier I get '

The JimmyG2 column

For over 20 yrs from the mid fifties Fulham's Chairman was the comedian Tommy Trinder. He was President of the club until his death at 80yrs old in 1989. His catchphrase, 'You lucky people', could no doubt be heard resounding around the great Stadium in the Sky on Sunday night after his beloved team, though themselves no mugs on this performance were nevertheless mugged in the great Fulham High Road smash and grab raid.

Which raises the question 'How lucky were Spurs?' Practically every report of the game contains the word 'luck'. But the words 'good luck' bear  closer examination. It's not lucky to have a player on the post at corners. It's not luck to have an experienced keeper whose positioning meant that every shot seemed to go straight at him.

Nor was there anything lucky about any of our goals.. Once again Lennon set up Bale and Bale set up Lennon to put us two up at half time. These were the result of rapid counter attacking and clever inter-passing.

Walker did brilliantly to get onto Adebayor's wide layoff the find Lennon with the cut- back. His incisive ball across the goal evaded Adebayor but found Bale whose fierce goal bound shot was diverted into the goal by Baird.

For the second a delightful return ball by Bale found Lennon in enough space to intimidate Fulham with his pace and his swerving run enabled him to score inside the far post reminiscent of Bale against Milan.

The third goal was the reult of clever hold up play by Adebayor as we ran the clock down and an instinctive strike by Defoe in full view of Capello. Not that it did him any good as he is not in the England squad for the upcoming friendlies.

We even had to score their goal for them when Ledley's header cannoned of Kaboul for their only goal. Of course when your keeper is MOM that tells at least part of the story. But many people will tell you that there is 'no such thing as luck'; that you make your own luck; that good luck is the result of hard work, good planning, and circumstances.

Gary Player was once accused of being a lucky golfer. He replied that the more he practised the luckier he seemed to get. There are plenty of proverbs around the world to support this view. As the Hungarians say, 'The brave have all the luck', or as the Scottish put it, 'Diligence is the mother of good luck'. 'Fortune favours the brave' as we have it in everyday terms. Our attacking style personified by Walker is nothing if not brave; not to say foolhardy at times.

There is no doubt that Fulham played well, the Craven Cottagers, which is not as sexy as it sounds, moved the ball quickly in midfield and rendered Parker less able to put tackles in and therefore less effective. The blow to the head from Sidwell might have affected him more than was at first apparent and could be the subject of review.

But bear  in mind that over aseason these episodes of apparent luck even themselves up. Carl Walker not only handled the ball he adopted it and put its name down for Eton. But Scott Parker was pushed to the ground by Sidwell on the edge of the area and the ref. missed that too.

Ironically the phrase, “Overpaid, overfed, oversexed, and over here.” said of American serviceman in Britain during WW2 is attributed to Tommy Trinder and might well have echoed round Craven Cottage after Brad Friedel's display.

He was Chairman of Fulham when the maximum wage was abolished and made Johnny Haynes the first £100 p.w. player in line with a promise he had made earlier before the wage limit had been raised.

 Trivial pursuit Question 
When was the last time in England that opposing professional football teams fielded two American goalkeepers with a combined age of 79?

We limited Modric's impact by playing the ball carelessly out of defence and cutting out the middle man. He was so miffed that at one point that he went and stood against the left hand post in a sulk and inadvertently saved a certain goal.

Zamora again impressed with his hold up play and Dembele was good on the ball. Both of these might be useful additions to the squad, though neither are prolific scorers. Danny Murphy was as industrious and clever as always but he like Bobby Zamora. made little impact when he was at Tottenham.

But the table doesn't lie and we are where we are. The police are still looking for the International gang that carried out this daring raid in broad daylight. Locals described them as a 'disorganised ragbag who got lucky', but we know differently.

Conspiracy theorists' corner
Harry undergoing a heart operation just as his court case is due to begin? Out for a couple of days, then a couple of weeks and possibly until Xmas.

Note: the Gary Player quote is sometimes attributed to Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino and Musings favourite Sam Goldwyn.

New in the Spurs shop:
Miniature cast of Ledley's knee on a key ring to act as a 'good luck' charm.
You might need it but Spurs certainly don't.
Six appearances six wins. Lucky? I don't think so.

And here's another glimpse of how lucky we are: lucky to have such a mercurial player as Aaron Lennon rapidly returning to form. 2 minutes of exhilerating skill and no lack of end product.

I was going to include one of our ever popular clips from the past of Tommy Trinder on stage. But it was so awful not even a connoisseur of such archive stuff as myself could watch it.
So enjoy Aaron instead.

'You lucky people!'


Anonymous said...

I don't think it has ever happened. Mark Schwarzer is Australian.

JimmyG2 said...

Bugger! So he is. Thanks.
I won't edit it just to prove I'm human after all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. Spent all lunch hour watching away trip vids. Le testicles de chien my friend. COYS

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Enjoyable post as ever Jimmy.

I have long been championing buying back Zamora. He is a completely different animal to the one we had at the Lane, a long time ago now, and has developed into one of the very best leaders of the line in the premier league.

They outmanned and out passed and moved us in central midfield and were good.

Still, we are going well. Though we are making it harder work than it needs to be, for me.

Anonymous said...

Bales shot wasn't going in and neither was Defoes.Both went in with the help of huge deflections.You even had the cheek to say Spurs scored Fulhams goal for them.Well, for your information,we scored two for you.

JimmyG2 said...

Fulham fan.
Welcome. I take your point but disagree. I think that both were goalbound.
Nicely put though.
Always liked Fulham as a club right back to the Johnny Haynes days.A real class act and a gentleman.
You've got a good manager too, now.
I hope you prosper.

I think we are pretty much in line here on all points.

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