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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Modric Wins Coveted Award.

 Greg suggests that Nostrodamus predicts a win
against Sunderland

And now for the long awaited annual prize-giving at A Kent Pub. Some quite surprising prize categories but some not so surprising winners if I may say so. Mind you the title is a bit of a giveaway: ' Such larks Pip' as they say down in Kent. Natasha missed a right royal blow out. Is that all they do down there? Anyway we are privileged to share in the festivities. I hope they all recover in time for Christmas.

                                          The Greg Meyer Column

Wednesday 14 December ... Only 7 Sleeps To Chelsea.

The Annual Kent Pub Christmas Awards ....
Another Big Run Starts ... Tweets Of The Week.

It took some days for the dust, anger and sheer frustration to subside after the most inept refereeing display of this century and last.

The manager may have got the first half wrong against Stoke. He was ably assisted by the players. In fact not assisted by the said eleven. A shame the second half was not properly rewarded with at least a point ( both our title race brothers from Manchester scored a point at the dimension challenged venue). Still Harry seems to have got the third half right as well with a frank commentary on the officials incompetence quietly and cutely put at the post match press conference.The anger laced with vitriol boiled over ever so subtly.

A sign of our emerging status perhaps. No FA charge but a quiet nudge, nudge, wink, wink style response. Read by many here at our pub as , yes you are right but we cannot publically agree.

Enough of an untimely end to our unbeaten run. Before we begin our next big run just time to share a brief report of who and what came out of the envelopes at ...

The Kent Pub Christmas Awards.

Our invited Mistress of Cermonies this year was the very lovely Natasha Kaplinsky. A big improvement on Mine Host from last year. Unfortunately despite the offer of fine English ale and a free ride home with our resident cabbie, Ms. Kaplanski politely declined. Apparently she was double booked. A gig tonight at the BT Christmas Concert took precedence. Nothing to do with the venue surely. The Royal Albert Hall. Well that explains our offer of free beer. Plenty at the Albert.

And so without any further ado but with plenty of ale join us as envelopes are opened here at our pub.

Best New Boy.

Well best olde boy actually. The nominations included a 40 year old keeper,a 31 year old midfielder and a 27 year old spring chicken striker from Togo.

And the winner is Emmanuel Adebayour. Our pub thinking is yes great to stop them going in but you do have to put at least one on the board. Compared to last season the always happy Ade is a breath of fresh air plus goals.

Most Improved Player.

A short list here was whittled down to about eight. Such has been the surge in belief and steel this year. Kaboum , yes, Defoe, yes, our Mr Serene yes. Ledley features for being out there. A giant leap forward from last year. He didn't attend the awards for obvious reasons. Yep doing laps in the Chairman's pool.

Speaking of which as the envelope opens, the name Daniel Levy appears. A player in the biggest poker game of the summer. He kept Modric. Say no more.

Most Tonsorially Challenged.

Those most obviously not in the envelope included the 40 year old American, and a number of other number one haircuts. The little sports car was near the short list given his penchant for challenging eyebrow fashion. But no only two real candidates. Little Scotty Retro or the very popular winner, Disco Benny. Benoit was prepared to change follicle formation from week to week. As well he smiles a lot more than Mr. Parker.

And so to the big gong of the night. Sponsors product flowed freely, debated raged even more so ... the very coveted ...

Kent Pub Christmas Player Award.

A hotly contested field with some strong voting from the new old boys. The Van man polled well. However a clue to the winner. Neither of the two front runners is English.

In the end it was a sudden death play off by the assembled patrons. Spin the bottle , a quaint old Kent pub game was used.

Come on down, the envelope opens and it is ...  Gareth Modric. Told you we had trouble splitting them.

On a casting vote our lawyer plumped for little Luka. Both were outstanding second half against Stoke and before this year. Unlike the Stoke result this was win win. Both deserved it.

Before we go there was another consolation award...

The Kent Pub Booby Prize.

Unlike the main award this had but one unanimous winner. Yes one Christopher Foy. May he never darken our lives again. He certainly will not get in the door ...

At A Kent Pub.

Before we go our banker did enjoy Luka's tweet to Rio Ferdinand.

                                                                               No need to miss Eastenders on Thursdays. Have Mrs Ferdinand tape it like Mrs Luka used to. No problem for Luka now. I no play in Europa much and certainly not after Irish game.

No interest whatsoever here either in the Shamrock Rovers game.

Sunderland is where we vent our anger at the Lane this Sunday. Another run begins.

Cheers ... that world famous seer and football pundit Nostradamus turns 508 today ... tipping Spurs on Sunday ...  Greg Meyer.         coys.

And now one of our prizewinners at this gala evening proves that he is more than just a haircut. It's been a long time Benoit. Any chance of something for the the weekend?


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