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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Scott Parker's Mum to blame for Stoke defeat

   Despite temporary setbacks
Cinderella always triumphs in the end.

The JimmyG2 Column

  The Pantomime season started on Sunday this year with Cinderella at the Britannia Palace with your very own Mr. Christopher Foy playing  Baron Hardup. There are several candidates for the Ugly Sisters, Petunia and Nasturtium. (Petty and Nasty) Shawcross and Whitehead will do for me.

We were  Cinderella who you will remember triumphs in the end but has to undergo several trials and tribulations before the glass slipper fits. I'm not sure whether to cast Harry as Buttons, Cinderella's unfailing help, or the Fairy Godmother who makes it all come right in the end.

Our wonderful record breaking run is behind us, Oh yes it is! And we must regroup and build another. Is it the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning? Is it a major catastrophe or just a blip? Which of these scenarios it turns out to be won't be clear until we can look back over the next few fixtures and results.

If we can win against Sunderland, pumped by a win against Blackburn after the arrival of Martin O'Neill and get at least a draw against Chelsea we will be able to shake our heads wisely and put it all down to an ugly experience. Those people that were talking about going 'unbeaten into the New Year' don't fully appreciate the application of the laws of probability.

But we were curiously unprepared mentally for the trip to Stoke. The referee was awful, on both little things like corners and throw-ins: and on the big things like penalties and off-sides. Crouch handled before the first goal and Whitehead handled on the line to prevent an equaliser later on.

Kaboul foolishly got himself sent off but was hauled down in the box which was ignored. We got the Modric penalty which was not 100% nailed on to me. On another day Luka might have got a yellow card for diving. But I am a firm believer in the cock-up theory and doubt that Mr. Foy means us any harm. He was just incompetent. Even Harry said so afterwards which is unusual

Now we are not going to get everything but there were enough official errors here to make a difference to the result. Adebayor was clearly onside when he scored the disallowed equaliser and so it goes on. Things probably even themselves out over the season but to have so many errors in one game is clearly critical.

On our second half display we deserved a draw; but on our first half showing we deserved absolutely nothing. Van Der Vaart should have been replaced at half time rather than Lennon and Parker had his first really average game. He looked bemused and puzzled for the first half hour.

It's not as if Stoke are an unknown quantity. It may not be sexy football but it's more or less within the rules and it's the way they play. Stronger refereeing would help and greater protection from the officials for the genuine footballers would have assisted our cause.

We dropped off Crouch and allowed him a free run run at the ball but we couldn't predict the outcome of the second ball. After all Crouchy doesn't have a clue where it's going so why should we? Kaboul should have been a threatening presence from every long throw, that's how Crouchy was rendered ineffective when he played for us. It's not that long ago and you would have thought we would have remembered.

Friedel doesn't come for the ball in the six yard box which is an obvious tactic against the long throw, but he made three or four excellent saves to keep us in the game at times. We were in a mess every time the long throw came in. Shotton, a Delap clone, has obviously been groomed for the role: where do they find them?

If we were relieved by the absence of Delap then our joy was short lived. Stoke are apparently to face an FA probe because Shotton was wearing a red towelling top under his shirt to wipe the ball on. The 'Crimes against Underwear' file thickens. His Mum has insisted that he's had a bit of a chill and that it was just a precaution on a chilly day.

Credit to Harry, he got the boys up mentally and tactically for the second half and on another day we would have got at least a draw. Adebayor scored from the penalty although he missed last time; Modric scored the last one and was on the pitch so I thought that he would have taken it. But what do I know?

In the second half we had nearly 70% possession but possession is not goals as we have proved on a number of occasions.and the damage was done long before that. In the first half the team were sluggish and looked as if the boys had all been to their Mum's for a blow-out for Sunday dinner.

'Just have another couple of roast potatoes and some more Yorkshire pudding Scott to build up your strength for the game'. By the time he'd digested it, it was half time. Stoke had clearly toyed with a raw carrot and beetroot mousse and were allowed to dominate and build up a head of steam.

Chelsea's win last night tightens up the top four but we are still nicely placed with our game in hand. It makes the Chelsea fixture a proverbial six pointer. On Thursday I hope Harry let's all the boys out against Shamrock as they seem to do as well as their elders and he's not that bothered about remaining in the Europa.

Silly Transfer Rumour.
Kaka from Real Madrid to Spurs. Not good enough for Real Madrid, not good enough for Spurs.
No I mean it. Top, top player once but hasn't done anything through injury for a while.

Video spot
Here's how they cope with referees they don't like abroad. Not that I'm advocating it, but it puts Harry's comments in perspective.


Joelyid said...

Kaka not good enough for Tottenham? you are absolutely off your spurs mate. Firstly, he has played in a number of games this season and has provided goals and assists. Secondly how about that man we all worship Rafael Van Der Vaart? he was deemed not good enough for Madrid and has been nothing short of brilliant in his Tottenham career so far. People are getting a little ahead of themselves. Kaka would be a ridiculous signing for us, although there is no chance it will happen unfortunately. COYS

JimmyG2 said...

He's not the player he was but he's better this season.I saw him a couple of times when he first returned from injury and he was overweight and sluggish.
Van Der Vaart has still not recovered from the injuries he was carrying at Real Madrid but you have a point.
Probably a bit overstated but it ain't gonna happen, as you say.

mikeyido said...

what i dont get is how come the 4th offical can grass up kaboom for making the specsavers sign at the ref, subsequently giving him the first booking of the 2, but he couldnt get involved with any of the million penalty shouts we had or the equaliser we "scored".
talk about blatent one sided officiating!!! if that was manure, or cheatski foy would be demoted faster than one of lennons wing runs!!!! soooooo annoyed here!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No, bad calls do not "probably even out over the course of a season." Bad call when a team is a couple goals up don't hurt; and if they even out, so what? But when they happen, as they did on Sunday, in a tight game we could have won and certainly have drawn obviously only rarely even out.

Anonymous said...

Whenever King is not around, it is as though the defence takes about 20 minutes to wake-up. Same thing happened to PAOK. In hindsight, maybe we needed to start with Sandro who could have helped Parker. Going with the 3 defenders helped too. We were a bit lucky against Fulham, so let's accept this one - and move on. Sunderland will be a big game.

TMWNN said...

Kaboul watcher might as well have just paid for SKY and stayed at home.

Piss poor start compounded by piss poor officialdom.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

The ref and lino had shockers it is pointless to say otherwise. Still, 2-0 down and rolled over at HT is perhaps the main issue.

I agree that Sunderland is a huge game now, as we need to bounce back quickly, given that Arsenal and Chelsea have woken up somewhat.

It was like the panto at every set piece, which includes throw ins for Stoke.

Spurs fan (me) "They're Behind You!!!"
Harry and the lads "Oh No they're Not"
Spurs fan (me, only more agitated) "OH YES THEY ARE!!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy you know me and i wont go into a boring rant but please do me a favour don't question the speed of Stokes first half.The reason this is a blue print for every desperate team and we are getting mugged for this reason Walker fast Lennon Fast Bale fast Ady no slouch Modric mustered with a bit of room Defoe not slow. So the order of the day is make sure we have plenty of energy and in Stokes case muscles. I forecast how Stoke would play before a ball was kicked so if i can do that then there is something wrong with Football. I found that something too be false tempo fuelled by energy drugs this allows some teams too defend in greter numbers and block attacks any way they can including elbows and hands. Look at the opta states Norwich and Arsenal Newcastle are the hardest workers and we need to wise up or suffer more shocks. We have bean beating this by skill in attack but Foy stopped us from escaping this top up tempo at every junction and it was only a matter of time before a ref turned on us after the Bolton game and all the winging about Cahill. Also Harry upsetting the FA about Rooney was another foolish thing too do . When Pulis complained about his team getting drug tested before the FA cup and after yet City never got tested it made me think what was he suggesting his team lost because they where slow or because City where taking energy drugs.This statement shocked me because i no its rife in my area and is now spreading all over Europe. So Jimmy G2 this is one mans explanation why Stoke where so brutal in there pursuit of Spurs three points we should have won. You can ignore this because there is more shocks ahead and i for one will be ready too highlight this blatant form of cheating Kolo Toure and Paddy Kenny got banned for using. Energy done us and the whistle finished us off and the bad thing is Sunderland know how too stop us from playing and the fault is the ignorant FA seconded by bad refereeing

Chris said...

How the hell does Teflon Arry get away from any criticism for that 1st half, wrong team selection, then gets credit for the changes?

JimmyG2 said...

IKnow Alan Gilzean
Infamy,Infamy, they've all got in for me!
Our performance is the only thing we can put right and we did that in the second half.
Harry's half time team talk needs to be delivered before the game.

Generally I think we need to take this on the chin and move on.
Once you're in contention every game is huge but after such a defeat the next game is bigger than huge especialy before an even huger(?) game against Chelsea.

Never change a winning team, which has basically got us to third, and was Sandro fit to start?
If he'd changed it round and we had lost even morewould have been on his back.

I can't help you mate. If you have evidence, present it where it counts.

Painfully concise and accurate.

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