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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Spurs contenders: say no more.

    That Tottenham, can they do it? 
Contenders? Say no more.

 The JimmyG2 Column.

It's getting deucedly difficult to write about Spurs these days. We've had it easy for years: missed opportunities; failures to close games out; last ditch losses; individual poor performances; lack of winning mentality; Jenas. All gone, to be replaced by competence, flair, pace and excellence in every corner of the pitch.

'Always look on the bright side' was always our aim though in fact it suited our temperaments to always look gift horses in the mouth, count their teeth and wherever possible get a second opinion. If there was a downside we always took it and for several decades events bore us out. But the worms have turned.

But how often can you say that Modric was marvelous; Bale was brilliant; Walker was wonderful; Adebayor was admirable; Sandro and Parker, aka the 'Beast Brothers' were solidity personified; Ekotto excellent; Kaboul or King and Gallas, or whoever, were kompetent without subscribers chorusing, 'Boring,Boring' and switching off demanding novelty or their money back?

OK. then: last night away to Norwich our finishing and shooting was a little bit woeful and we took our time in scoring the first goal. That's it. Bored with success at Tottenham? Then look away now. Oh, and our crossing was teetering on the verge of inaccurate at times.

But after all of our rivals bar Manchester Utd dropped points we won a game we had to win and expected to win, to maintain our progress and open up some clear lily-white water between us. We played with some style from start to finish with Modric and Van the creative heart and won easily at a venue where few teams, other than Man.City have dominated.

I can't say I'm entirely comfortable yet with this 'new' Tottenham. I'm lovin' it of course but last night for instance I hardly registered that we hadn't score until the 55th minute. I smiled benignly when a serious of clear cut chances came and went. And then I realised that I hadn't even realised that the clock was ticking down so confident was I that, once again, things would turn out alright

Spurs are becoming reliable, dependable, predictable even, and I haven't felt that for a very, very long time. We haven't got any scapegoats anymore unless Benny tries one of his tricky manouevres on the edge of the area. But he's already a legend and his errors are quickly forgiven. Kyle Walker gets enough rope to hang himself with but ends up using it for skipping.

However I could get used to it. I daren't mention the statistics about unbeaten runs any more because the last time I did we lost to Stoke. I usually pick Modric as MOM, because he usually is even on his off days but for the sheer strength, pace, and delicacy of Bale's second goal I'm giving it to him.

Our formation was fluid, verging on the chrystal clear mountain stream. With Bale on the right, no sorry, the centre, don't take your eyes off him, he's back on the left; Adebayor on the left, the fullbacks overlapping as wingers and Van Der Vaart nominally on the right but in fact playing wherever he liked; ditto Modric from the left. 4411 verging on the 433 my informants tell me, with just a drizzle of 442, and a pinch of 4231 or was it 4321?

Obviously this won't work against stronger attacking teams with quick wingers and supportive full backs but where we dominate possession, 70% last night, it works and confuses the opposition even more than it confuses me and I've got Zonal Marking on my 'Recommended Reads' list.

In fact the formation last night was a variant of Harry's favoured masterplan: 'Just go on and run about a bit'. For that to work you need intelligent, instinctive and technically competent players and at the moment we have several of those: Van Der Vaart, Adebayor, Bale and Modric to name but four.

So what more is there to say. Spurs are 'triffic' Say no more.Contenders? Nudge, nudge. Know what I mean?

Answer to the Question posed last time.
When were Spurs last third at Xmas?
According to the press it was 27yrs ago in 1984.

Video spot:
Gareth Bales goals.They seek him here;they seek him there; they seek that Gareth everywhere. Some fancy footwork from Adebayor for the first and a good ball by Modric for the second.
Nope that one's been blocked after 24hrs.
Well here's the original Monty Python 'Nudge,nudge' sketch instead.
That FA eh. Spoilsports, know what I mean. Copyright. I bet they do.
Say no more.


IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Yes, a super performance from start to finish. It's tough for you Spurs bloggers these days :)

As our rivals dropped points all around us, I was more anxious than usual about Norwich away, as the opportunity to put more daylight between us suddenlu appeared to be a big one. But we are a different kettle of cockerels these days.

Swansea like to play, like Norwich no spoilers, and we are simply better so what's to worry about? I am just joking football Gods.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks, now I can put the blame on you.
That Tottenham. do they like to play?
Are they game? I bet they are, Say no more.

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