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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What Luka Modric got for Xmas.

Greg's found an offer we definately can refuse from people who should know better. He's off to the Harrod's sale to see if there are any post Xmas bargains. He might bump into Harry and Daniel looking at the Real Madrid cast-offs section where we found Van der Vaart last year. Everone around us was full of Xmas largesse yesterday, chucking points in all directions. Let's hope that we remember that charity begins at home, even if we are away.

I wonder if £30 million was enough?
A simple 'No' would have done Daniel.

The Greg Meyer Column

 Tuesday 27 December 2011.

What Luka Modric Got For Christmas.

Apparently nestling under the tree at the Modric household amongst presents galore was a Christmas card from Sir Alex Ferguson. It fitted nicely with those other assorted “jokes” variously associated with the middle of Christmas crackers.
The return address on the back of the card was courtesy of the Daily Express. Obviously an enjoyable and inventive Christmas party at the Express. Seems the Manchester Santa look alike (red nose for purple aside) was offering 30 million for Luka. Maths is not a tabloidal strong point. Chelsea were knocked back in the summer offering 40 million.
Still set some of our number here at the pub ruminating on who got what for Christmas in North London.
Christmas Presents and Christmas Wishes.

 Just a sampling from the magical time of make-believe.

Daniel Levy.
A very big laugh after reading about the latest tabloidal science fiction regards Luka. Yes there appears some interesting manoeuverings over the signing of a new contract. Still appears Luka is keeping his options open. However his previous reported distaste for the chicken badge seems to be going down the gurgler as fast as his previous suitor’s title chances.
 The Players Christmas Tree at Chigwell Lodge.

In the season of goodwill and giving our pub have been a little overwhelmed by the largesse of Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool. All dropped points yesterday in very winnable games.
Our lawyer has the temerity to suggest submitting a late request to the older bloke with that big nose. Further north of Manchester. Arsenal at the Emirates to Wolves.  A bridge too far even for Santa.
The Hamstring Club.
This newly formed organisation is gathering members faster than Aaron Lennon before he joined the club. Our wishes include that Rafael and Younes do make it today. Perhaps both might just skip the warm up routine and particularly in Rafael’s case clock off at say the hour mark. Mind Defoe may not be there to come on yet.
On The Russian Front.
Spotted under the tree at 17 Connundrum Place were various shiny new books. A well meant tome was titled “English ... A Challenge Not A Limit.” More conspicious was a paperback headed “How To Stand Up In England.” Would have been useful against Chelsea.
Our pub are Pav supporters but he is certainly stretching the friendship. More of Sunderland please.
Trust you and yours received part of what you wished for. Our regulars certainly made full use of the break with a sumptous dinner ...
 At Our Kent Pub.
HMS Beagle set sail about 180 years ago. Today HMS Hotspur heads for Carrow road. If our normal crew’s attitude is on display then we should return with three points.
At least the curse of Howard Webb will be avoided. Michael Oliver is the referee. The Webb factor  fortunately was missing mostly against Chelsea. Adebayour stayed on the pitch but then mysteriously had a perfectly legal winner ruled out.
Not so mysterious yesterday. The game changer was at it again in awarding a “penalty” to Leon Osmond.

Still as birthday girl Marlene Dietrich famously opined ... “Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful,it’s just that I know what to do with them.” Hopefully Ade, Gareth and co are listening.
 Cheers ... fingers crossed bananas are absent at Norwich ... Greg Meyer.  coys.

Birthday girl Marlena Dietrich seen here in her last film with David Bowie. As unlikely a combination as Adebayor and Pavlyuchenko. Not bad for a 78 yr.old, Marlena, not Bowie or Luka. No legs on show but we'll take them on trust Greg. Luka's legs are no oil paintings either but he sure knows what to do with them.

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