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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Adebayor and Agent in misunderstanding.

Hertfordshire Fire Service Museum
Adabeyor was disappointed to find we were going to play
a football match and not to visit this must see Watford feature.

The JimmyG2 Column

I know the Watford Civic and Preservation Society will disagree but Watford was more than just horrible and disgraceful, it was horribly disgraceful.. Picking a Spurs Man of the Match shouldn't take too long as there is a very short short list.

My vote would go to Van Der Vaart for at least trying to make use of his inate ability to impose some superior footballing quality on the proceedings. Just turning up gets him half way there in comparison with other senior players: Adabeyor and Modric to name but two. (Rumours are that Modders was ill. In which case the question arises; why was he playing?)

Some will single out Livermore for his sheer spirit and effort. Others might nominate Cudocini for a fingertip save but it was Watford's lack of composure in front of goal which in the end defeated their superior ability to create chances. Lennon, on for Modric at half time added some width and pace up front.

Defoe was what might be termed, an unused participant such was the lack of service he received. His strike partner clearly had better things to do on a Friday night. His agent had wrongly informed him that he was guest of honour at Hertfordshire's Fire Museum Open Evening and by the end of the game most of us wished he had been.

Harry, fresh from Southwark, picked a strong squad and risked mostly seniors to establish our credentials as FA cup contenders and the fact is that we won. So what's the problem? A win is a win and nobody will remember the details of the fourth round when Dawson, or Modric, or King, or Parker, or Kaboul or AN. Other holds the cup aloft at Wembley.

Well I may be a the aforesaid 'nobody' but I will certainly remember it. If this is winning ugly, a quality, if you can call poor football and lack of effort a quality, that we have lacked for several years then I can do without it. How many times do you have to win ugly before you cease to be Tottenham Hotspur at all.

I am in the 'I'd rather play well and lose' camp, not because I lack ambition for Spurs but because it is my firm belief that over a season playing well leads to success. It's in the Tottenham DNA to play good football and it's an aberation when we don't whether we win or lose.

'Winning ugly' is not something to celebrate. I accept that in some way it balances those times when we play well and lose. But increasingly fans are focused more on results than performance. Clean sheet, away from home, difficult fixture, game we might have lost once upon a recent time. This is a celebration of ends rather than means. I don't agree that the ends justify the means in whatever context.

We are third in the league and it is generally agreed that we got there by playing some of the best football seen in the Premiership for some time. The 'means' here are the 'end' and that's how it should be.You can't defend Democracy by undemocratic means. 'The plays's the thing' as Hamlet once observed long before Sir Bill.

If you play like Stoke, or Wolves or W.Brom eventually you become Stoke and Wolves and W.Brom. This is not the first time that our first teamers have performed below par in cup games, although I accept that Rose wins the accolade for 'most wasteful passer' although he had a number of team-mates vying for the prize.

I can't imagine that the inclusion of say Kranjcar, Piennar, Pavlyuchenko or Bassong would have materially affected the result. They couldn't have played much worse or shown less interest than their alleged betters.

Remember: "It's no use just winning, we've got to win well."

And Mr. Nicholson is undoubtedly right. He laid down the standards, the template by which Tottenham are to be judged. And his judgement on the Watford game would have been just this. We won but we didn't win well. It doesn't pay for Tottenham fans to step too far out of line with William Edward Nicholson.

Now Watford know how we feel when we play better than the opposition but come off the pitch without the victory that should have been ours. In the Cup that's the end of the road and the effect is more dramatic than in the league. There's always 'next year' rather than there's always 'next week' to make amends.

It was a terrible performance lacking in effort, co-ordination, and skill. Take it and move on because there is no delete option available. I might 'forgive' eventually but I am not inclined to 'forget'.

This is not what Spurs are about and even if the players lose their way one of the functions of fans is to hold their feet to the flame of quality because we will be here long after Harry and the current crop of players have departed. Starting to accept too much 'A win is a win' mentality is a rapid descent to nowheresville.

Next up Wigan a better team than Watford on paper but more likely to allow us to play if we are in the mood.
Should be a return to routine.
Spurs 2-0

Video Spot.
Once again I'll spare you the actual game. But just for Ade here's some footage of the appliances arriving at the new Watford Fire Station to compensate him for his disappointment on Friday night.
And ours.


Anonymous said...

Spot on. We were shocking and Adebayor has clearly been taking lessons from the Pav School of Not Being That Arsed. Modric gave the ball away more than anyone (Rose included) and I'd criticise Defoe if I thought he'd played? What? He was playing? Didnt realise. One excuse is the pitch - its used for rugby every week and it shows. Watford played the ball long and in the air - we tried short passing and the ball bobbled everywhere. But we are Prem players FFS and should have either learned or coped. The only plus point of playing on a rugby pitch was that VdV's shot beat Loach because of it. Now lets get back to business and hope we get Crawley at home in the 5th Round.

Anonymous said...

We played well at Man City and lost. On Friday we won. I know what I prefer.

Anonymous said...

Haven't struck a team or player that is good all the time.When so many had an off day at the same time a win should be grabbed with both hands.

Anonymous said...

A really hopeless team selection didn't help. There is no point in picking Modric and VDV and then ensuring that they will have little impact by taking them out of the main action areas. And don't blame Defoe's poor performance on lack of service. He should try harder to get involved. Playing with Defoe is always like playing a man short. Finally, Watford's best chance came from an horrendous piece of control from Livermore, so don't even consider him for man of the match.

yo_daniel said...

I think games like Watford show that our strength in depth is only really a couple of players wide.

We have a set first 11, plus Defoe and Sandro. We have 4 quality centre halves, and usually at least 2 of them are fit.

Outside of that, we can carry 1 non-regular fairly comfortably. Livermore in for Parker/Sandro is fine.
At a push, we could carry 2; Pienaar or Kranjcar for one of the wingers. But at this point we lack our preferred shape, and lose fluidity.

On Friday...
Rose < BAE
Anyone at left wing < Bale
VdV+Defoe < Either+Lennon
Cudicini < Friedel
Livermore < our regular centre-midfield, when Modric isn't nominally playing left.

Add in...
Crap Modric < Good Modric
Crap Ade < Good Ade

And that's why we let Watford stay in the game.
Personally I was never worried that we wouldn't win, but that's mostly because Watford were terrible and lacked quality.

Rose for Benoit was the biggest deficit; you really realise what a blessing BAE is when he's not playing.

Anonymous said...

Gotta laugh at Spurs fans, forever cursed to be living in the past. Any chance some of you might consider watching the game again, this time without your heads stuck up your backsides before commenting. :)

Anonymous said...

As a Watford supporter I was looking forward to seeing a top premiership club playing fluent football which usually causes us to rise to the occassion.Well we rose but where were you.Our goalie as gone from top of the tree to a liabiliry which could ultimately lead to relagation.And as for our owner-the less said the better!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy G2 Once again you wax lyrical in your scathing comments about our teams poor showing in the Cup. I will tell you once more so you think about the other team before you call ours. Firstly Watford had 12 shots on target yet they had not won for three games. So we have too look at it like this Watford have raised there game and we have been caught by surprise and also have one eye on Wigan. This would be my way of looking at this game if i had not discovered Footballs hidden and sometimes on show energy tampering. This energy factor has become the new way for some teams too compete against better sides and its gaining in popularity by the desperate week. How can you spot this and in what way can having loads of extra energy improve your chances, well one way it means you can get numbers back defending and all move up in attack together knowing tired legs in the second half wont be a problem. The only way to stop this advantage is by having players with speed to make defenders and midfielder's think twice about committing too many players in attack. We have these players but when they don't play we are vulnerable too this induced energy and our attack gets stifled by high work rate and snappy tackles that if you dwell on the ball for a few seconds your legs are broke or ligaments damaged. This means players will rush there passes and lose the ball and when they attack there will be more than six players in defence and the same players in attack. This is like a wave splashing back and forward and the same thing happened in Rugby league when the ten yards rule came in play. The players had too move in a unit and blanket defending and attacking arrived till players where failing drug tests for Ephedrine and the shock results got less and less now its back again with drinks thrown on the pitch at every chance they can get and there is a man designated for the job in Football and Rugby. I would start by banning these drinks during games and only water should be given in clear bottles during play. This is not based on our performance against Watford because i can forecast when we are going to face these teams and in the next 16 games it will be a lot of games where time on the ball will be seconds and we need a fully fit Huddlestos passing to beat this closing down and squeezing the ball. The best one at this is Liverpool at Home who play way above there normal energy levels and if we get a draw we will have done very well. But if we stay in the top four we will have done our fans proud and i no we deserve it more than the three behind us. This is because i no in a league full of overenthusiastic energized players eager to win the ball we have played football the right way .

Anonymous said...

Total ungrateful rubbish. We have off days. It wasn't a lack of effort but tactical and selection changes leading to a disjointed performance during which, if commitment and determination are not displayed, ie throwing you way infront of shots, etc, you'll get nothing, nevermind an away win. More fool any miserable gits who cannot be excitedly enjoying the season and appreciating the efforts of those at the club. Well done lads. F'kn play well and lose... Win ugly if needed, we're still playing some of the best football in Europe this season. The fact our corners are still shaight is enough of the ole Tottenham way for me to hang on to. Jerkinmahbigfatone

TMWNN said...

Anon 11:41 is on the money with Defoe. The bloke needs a perfect pass to have any chance of scoring, otherwise he is completely anonymous in most games.

He'll always score goals playing for Spurs (usually against shit sides), but if the rest of your game is as ineffective as his, you'd better be converting a damn site more chances than he does.

Every season you hear the same old nonsense with Defoe,'He looks sharper/stronger'..'His hold up play is better'..'No back lift'..'Best finisher at the club'..'Will get 20 goals' etc. etc.

It's pure bollocks!

Anon 12:51 is also right. The Bill Nick/Danny Blanchflower quotes have become a kind of mantra for the hopeless.

Let's never forget that glorious era, but let's not flog it to death.

JimmyG2 said...

I am grateful to the point of excitement by this season but that doesn't mean I ignore a bad performance when I see it.Whatever the reason.
Winning ugly is inevitable occasionally of course but should not become an acceptable style of performance.

Anon.12:58 Davspurs is that you?
Thanks for the effort but you are talking to the wrong person again.

Watford supporters:
I have paid tribute enough and acknowledged that you should have won. Far from being up my own arse I am usually criticised for being over critical of Spurs and any lapse from our traditional high standards and 'shaight' corners as one poster puts it.

I have more confidence in our second string and would have thougt this an ideal occasion for Pav. and Kranjcar.
We don't use it enough. But Rose seems to have regressed since last season.

JimmyG2 said...

Yesa Defoe is always talked up but it never quite comes to pass. His recent scoring record is good though but he does so little else,at the moment the oppsite is true of Adebayor.

The quotes from Bill N. and Danny B. are by no means a mantra for the 'hopeless'.
Exactly the opposite.
It may be incvonvenient to be held to a standard from the success of the past but
'keeping it alive' is more on the mark than 'flogging it to death'.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy G2. I made the effort too tell the truth if i got the wrong person then iam a bad detectiveh. But trust me my message has more truth than i can tell you on a blog and even Stevenage fans and players are backing themselves too win. We will have too pray iam wrong and Toure and Pady are one offs. Because the alternative is Liverpool Arsenal and Chelsea could go on a fast fast run in the last sixteen you would not believe after there Bolton defeat. Playing with no wingers and 442 is like swimming against the tide and you cant score if you have no supply and your under the siege from Duracell Bunnies

Anonymous said...

Jimmy G2 if you knew me and where i live you would no i tell the truth about 6th gear this is like a shite boxer putting a horse shoe in both gloves. If you mean should i tell the Fa and Ukad they are the ones who told me they no its there but they cant catch them or they are shit scared at the scale of the problem. The horse has bolted its just a mater of time before another poor Fletcher happens or a sudden death to wake the FA Up who do Fuck All too stop the abuse. And trust me you will see it with Wigan relegation dodgers just like we did against Wolves and next up the kings Liverpool Dirk and co are the team who showed me the 6th gear and the funny thing is King Kenny has not got a clue why they blow hot and cold because its not him who makes them run a lot.

Anonymous said...

All I can say to this apology of an article - what an utter waste of time - we won yes we didn't play well - let's count our lucky starts that Watford rasing their game didn't impact that much..... Are you a Spurs man ? Do you ever go to games ? Hmmmm. It was sheer heart breaking times on Sunday so it was good just to win .... we'll be back on Tuesday - I am sure you'll be listening in the warmth of your home.... GET REAL !!!!

JimmyG2 said...

I will be at the Wigan game tomorrow.
I was going to White Hart Lane possibly before you were born.
'we won, yes,but we didn't play well'
I think we agree because that's exactly what I said but in a more entertaining way.

Anonymous said...

We did not play well. Watford played far better than the last time we played them in the Premier League. We won. If we win our next game convincingly watch all the haters above change their tune! We won people! Move on!

Anonymous said...

Your missing the point 10-39 Watford raising there game is more serious than you could ever imagine. If we are not ready for this explosion of energised 6h gear teams we are in for many shocks. This is not bullshit or scaremongering but a fear i have had since discovering a team lets say upping there work rate and the latest hall offenders using slimming aids are a Goalkeeper at Shacktar Doneskt and its'this hidden scandal that i fear the most especially tonight and next Monday

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