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Monday, 2 January 2012

Drink up and have another.

JimmyG2?  Blimey even 'is own muvver wouldn't recognise him.
The JimmyG2 column

 Now as you regular readers know I am usually a glass half empty kind of guy in the wonderful dreamscape that is Hotspurland though not generally outside in actual real life. Over the years I have learn't to find reasons to be cheerful but have been quick to wake up in the cold light of the day after the latest Spurs setback. I've tried, I really have, to believe, to trust, to hope and keep the faith.

And it's getting easier I have to admit. But Swansea was the kind of setback that quickly drains the glass if you're in the 'Down at The Dumps' saloon. So what kind of mood am I in in after Swansea? Half empty or half full?

Normally I'd be staring dejectedly at my dwindling glass: if only we'd hung on to our one goal lead we would have kept well ahead of the chasing pack and gained two points on both of our Manchester rivals in another weekend of thrills and spills, of hairpin bends, handbreak turns and outdoor snakes and ladders.

But the fact that we played poorly in the main, that half the team looked jaded, that we were fortunate to go ahead and lucky to hang on until it was too late to get beaten doesn't depress me at all as I contemplate the rest of my exciting cocktail, a Tottenham Whizzbang of pure pleasure.

We got a fortunate deflection from which Van der Vaart swivelled and scored. Another deflection swerved the ball dangerously into our six yard box where Kaboul, who played well overall, hesitated and Brad made his first error of the season to provide Sinclair, sans Walker, with a tap in. We came away with a positive point to add to our three from Norwich at a ground where only Man.Utd have won, and few have even scored.

We were generally outplayed and Joe Allen ran the game. Why we didn't set one of our attack dogs, Parker or Sandro on him to deny him space, as they did to crowd out Modric I have no idea. Vorm, Allen,and Sinclair would all be useful additions to our squad and there are not many mid-table teams or their players that I am usually so positive about.

We looked a little jaded, especially Parker, who was carrying an injury and needn't have played with the availability of Sandro. Bale too looked in need of a rest and at home I would like to see Kranjcar given some time. Townsend might have given a useful addition of pace but he's gone on loan to Leeds.

Adebayor seemed knackered by the end and perhaps Defoe should start the next game. Gallas too seemed hesitant on the ball and was caught in possession a couple of times. Benny deserves credit for the dazzling run for the assist but this was not Tottenham at their best. But away from home against a good team we didn't play well but didn't get beaten unlike some of our rivals.

Four points from two away games at a hectic time of year is normally a satisfying haul whether your're chasing top three or desperately avoiding a relegation scrap. If you look at the last three results of the top seven it becomes even more positive.

Man City:.. 1home/2away....points.4
Man.Utd.....2home/1away... points.6
Liverpool....2 home/1away...points.5
Newcastle...1 home/2away...points.3

We lost ground on only Arsenal and Man.Utd but still have a game in hand over both and a three point lead over Arsenal and a better goal difference which to say the least is unusual. We now have a run of four games at home, one against Cheltenham in the cup, all against 'beatable' teams ( W.Brom, Everton and Wolves)

Yeah, yeah , 'no easy games' and 'scrapping down at the bottom' aside, the future looks decidedly 'Lillywhite Bright' to me and 9 points and clear in third look by no means impossible, and I am the 'fickle ' fans 'fickle' fan by my own admission.

So drink up everybody and help yourself to another, on me, if you can track me down.
'Barman, does my bar tab need topping up? Oh and have one yourself'.

JimmyG2 is available for motivational seminars and barmitzvahs at very reasonable cost. Negotiable.

Video spot.
A very generous appraisal by Harry as usual. He could have written this column himself.
A bit of team juggling needed against W.Brom. tomorrow Mr.Redknapp. Rotation even. Pour yourself a small glass of wine and ponder the squad.

Happy New Year  to everyone.


Anonymous said...

I have heard a few fans of other clubs bemoaning the fact that their managers are always rotating players. For me this would help our season greatly. Now I don't mean four or five players a game but perhaps the odd one or two here and there, perhaps resting Parker or Modric for Livermore or Kranjcar.

We have something like four games in eleven days to come, this could be a minefield for picking up injuries.

A happy new year to you and your family Jimmy, and to all your readers.


Greekos said...

First off Happy New Year Jimmy.

With regards to the season its all looking good. Rotation is clearly something is yet to master but I must say with every season Harry has learnt a lot about managing a club at the top and until we start qualifying regularly for Champions League then the intricacies of rotation will be likely to elude Redknapp for some time.

The four games in 11 days is going to be tricky but I would have thought that the second string will be put out against Cheltenham which should just about stave off injuries but I wouldnt want to speak too soon!!! I reckon as long as we are still in 3rd or higher by the end of January then chances are thats where we will be at the end of the season.

Horny Helen said...

Am I the only Spurs fan who thinks we will not make the top 4? If I was to place my life savings on who would the top 4 be at the end of the season I would go with City, Utd, Arse, Poo. I do not think we are good enough yet. Not just the Swans game but there have been far too many poor performances form us of late. We still allow teams to over run us in midfield and I don't understand this really. Our FB are not very good at being FB's and playing both Scotty and Sandro is not really working. Both great players but please only use 1 Harry unless the game dictates we need both.

Anonymous said...

Horny Helen, pls stick to being horny. This is the best start of a Spurs Team for many years we are in poll position and now down to the players if they really believe we challenge for the title or at least finish in the the top 4. Personally i would sell Pav and get another striker in just too fresh things up and see us through a difficult 2nd part of the season.

JimmyG2 said...

Yes it doesn't have to mean sweeping changes.
Livermore, Piennar or Kranjcar could give Parker a rest while he recovers.

Yup the future's bright. Harry has done brilliantly but as we say on Spurs Musings
'If it ain't perfect, it can be improved'

Well I'm usually with you but it could be different this time.
We are picking up points when occasionally not playing well a trick Man.Utd have perfected but obviously not Chelsea or Man.City.
Top three is within our grasp.
We should be aiming high as a Mr.Nicholson once said.

Anon 12:53
You leave her alone.She's mine I tell you. I think she's probably in a minority at the moment but she might not be wrong. We will see.
Not a good time of the year to replace players.

Anonymous said...

Spurs must now take advantage of playing 4 home games in 11 days this will show us if we are in the mix or will the boys choke? So many games coming quick & fast where Harry will have to rotate the squad give Nico & Pienarr a chance if players are looking tired and give Defoe more playing time we may have to change our formation but why not give the opposition something to think about we do have flexibility within the squad.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

HNY Jimmy.

We've done well in picking up points away from home when finding the going very heavy for longish periods: Blackburn, Fulham, West Brom and Swansea off the top of my head. It's a welcome and I think crucial ability we have picked up.

Psychologically WBA is a huge one (I say this every weekk I think), esp with Arsenal losing (we'd have gotten a draw in their place today, maybe?). One more big effort and a few days rest with the UEFA Cup kids ready to slay/faff about vs Cheltenham...

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 14:23
It´s all in our hands.
With Van,Modric,Adebayor,Friedel,Parker and other experienced players I don´t think we are ´chokers´any more.
It´s all ours to lose at the moment.

Excuse the familiarity and HNY to you and yours.
Yes you do,but as Mrs.JimmyG2 always asks with one eyebrow raised,
'Another big one today Jimmy is it?
I always reply ' No this one really is this time`.
Aren´t they all?

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Heh! Yes they really are, simply huge games every last one of them. I'll be getting nervous about Cheltenham at home in the sacred FA Cup in about 24 hrs.

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