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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Modric cautious over chickens

 Luka says that's one for definite Harry.

We like a theme over here at The Musings as you may have noticed. And while most of you are still surfing on cloud nine after Wednesday let me lay on you something which has stood the test of time: 'Don't count your chickens before they hatch'. Or to put it another way: don't cackle if you haven't laid.

Like you I'm euphoric after winning our catch-up game, with the old Everton 1985 hoodoo laid to rest too. It's better to have the three points in the hand rather than a game in hand in the bush. We are level with Manchester Utd in second place and with just the 18 games to go what can possibly go wrong? 

'Events, dear boy, events': injuries; loss of form; bad decisions; Harry in Cell Block H; stress during the run in; riots, a giant tsunami; who knows?

I'm lovin' it of course and will continue to do so with one eye focused on the 'Glory Glory' agenda but the other firmly fixed on not ending up with egg on my face, again. We are not quite Cock of the Walk yet. I'm as happy as a rooster in a hen house after the first 20 games.

But the next 10 games include Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man.City and Manchester United. Four of the five away from home. So I will be treading on eggshells until this phase has passed. If we are still third after 30 games and the gap between us and our rivals is now 8 points and counting then everything including top spot is possible.

The final flight path to the comfort and safety of the Champions' League nesting box looks entirely fox free. Eight games against the kind of beatable opponents we have actually been beating lately. Since our early setbacks at the hands of the Manchester Mafia we have ruffled quite a a few feathers ourselves.

There is no sign that we will chicken out at this stage and it appears that the pecking order of the Sky Four could be amended in some style and for some time. Harry has prioritised the Champions' League thus putting all our eggs in one basket, to the annoyance of many fans.

But the Champions' league is where the big money is and is the bait to attract the next level of player though we seem to be doing quite well without them. Fine feathers do not necessarily mean you can fly. Ask any ostrich.

Against Everton we were once again composed and controlled the game. We played in a more assured continental style, retaining the ball and playing through the midfield, waiting patiently for movement and then breaking quickly.

Dawson made an impressive return and Livermore one of very own fledglings, hand reared, and corn fed on the free range pastures of N.17. proved himself no mere understudy to the injured Parker and Sandro, providing some essential grit to the surprise of some and the delight of all.

Friedel has apparently put in a transfer request because at his age he needs to be getting more exercise. Standing about on cold winter evenings, scratching for a living, is playing havoc with his rheumatism.

Benny's assist for Lennon's opener and his blue boot screamer from 30yds were the eye catching features which made him MOM for many fans. But Van Der Vaart, who ran further then anyone else and made more passes, shaded it for me. It looks as if after a full year since arriving from Real Madrid, for chicken feed*, he has regained full match fitness.

Adebayor remains an enigma. His work rate and general contribution are excellent but both Pavlyuchenko and Defoe would have scored or at least hit the target from the Bale counter attack. If Modric could shoot, Messi would have serious rivalry for the Ballon d'Or but his contribution is quietly effective. Sorry Lionel, just a little bit of bias showing there.

Luka may not like the chicken badge and although too sensible to start counting his chickens he's glad that Mr.Levy stopped him going to Chelsea. Weather permitting the Cock sits proudly atop the White Hart Lane stands.

Kaboul was lucky not to concede a penalty in the tumble with Drenthe but continues to impress with his ability to bring the ball purposefully out of defence. And there were no signs of the Dawson 50 yd. heat seeking missiles because we now prioritise keeping the ball and Van. Modric and Livermore were available to pick up the ball from defence.

I look back with embarrassment at the long ball days of Paul Robinson, and the sort of play encouraged by the presence of Peter Crouch. So a change in style and a change in fortune. But let's not rush about like headless chickens until all the eggs are hatched. You may consider me just a little hard boiled but I have only your best interests at heart.

So although I can't shed light on the age old problem of which came first the chicken or the egg, omelettes are definately off the menu until the summer.

* Those who know their chicken rearing understand that chicken feed is quite expensive nowadays.

Foxes around the hen house were once an occasion for fear but even Wolves these days shouldn't present too much of a problem. I called it right at 2-0 last time but this time I think we will score more and concede just the one.

3-1 Spurs it is.
Remember Spurs Musings is not always wrong but that share values can go down as well as up.

Video spot:
Highlights here of the Everton game. Watch them before they get removed. if they do I'll find something appropriate for the chicken theme. And that's a promise.


disc0 said...

if this article was a bird, it would be one hot chick. good read that.

Anonymous said...

what happened in 1985 against everton? i'm not eve sure i was born yet

Anonymous said...

ah this is too much - ayone have a spare delorien - i need to fast forward to may!!!


JimmyG2 said...

'hot chick' like it.

First Anon
1985 Spurs 0 Everton 1 (3rd, April)
they went on to win the league and our hopes vanished at that point.
Not born yet? Ask your mum she was almost certainly there.

What and miss all the fun/agony?

Anonymous said...


JimmyG2 said...

Last Anon Poster
Thanks. Yes I came across that when I was 'researching' for the blog. Good matchday piece but from the opposition view.

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