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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

We could have danced all night

('Dances with Wolves' dances with Wolves)
We could have danced all night
and still not scored the winner against Wolves

 The JimmyG2 Column

In this Bumper Edition a legend resurfaces; Wolves recaptured; Man City fail to impress; transfer window ignored  and all, like the National Health Service, free at the point of delivery and we're still six points clear in third. You lucky people.

Oh come on! You didn't really think we were going to win all our remaining 18 matches and coast to the Premiership title did you? Nor did you really believe that we were going to do it the easy way and give you restful nights and cure that nasty nail biting habit. No, I thought not.

This was clearly a set up. Just win this game and for a brief period we would go top. Promises, promises. At home to a team that we beat twice last season and once away already this season, what could possibly go wrong. Although only the season before last they did the double over us.

What could possibly go wrong is quite a long list as I indicated last time. Add another to it under the heading, 'poor finishing'. Hennessey played well but we didn't test him as often as we should have. Bale and Modric were the main culprits although Luka did at least get the equaliser and was frequently in good positions.

The other factor, and this one was on the list was, 'bad decisions'. The corner that never was which led to their first, though Freidel and Dawson were culpable here; and the third wrongly disallowed goal for Adebayor in three consecutive matches sealed our fate.

I mustn't say that it all evens itself out over the course season because some people get very irate at this assertion. But what the hell. It all evens itself out over the course of a season. Anger Management classes available half price for Totternham fans at your nearest JimmyG2 clinic. See Yellow pages.

Usual stuff otherwise. We dominated everything: possession,; shots on target; shots off target; corners; blah blah blah, but couldn't penetrate the packed defence of a team 'scrapping for their lives' as Harry so elegantly puts it. But we didn't lose and all we have to do is beat City away next Sunday and no harm done.

The Tottenham way in other words and I wouldn't put it past us to do exactly that though I've done with predictions for the moment. Except to say that we should have won 3-1 as I forecast and that I got it half right. Explain it all to your bookmaker when you go to collect your winnings. Mention my name if you think it will help.

I would settle for a point right now against City as I argued before the Chelsea game but the thought of Aguerro against Dawson and Kaboul is more than slightly worrying. And David Silva who is the only player who comes close to Luka Modric needs a Parker in better form than against Wolves to close him out of the game.

Kaboul will have to sit tight and his forward runs which I have praised were overdone and ultimately the football equivalent of a car with a dodgy GPS stuck up a country lane that eventually peters out in a field full of sheep. He and Parker suffer the same fault; arriving at their destination and then forgetting why they set off in the first place.

Dawson too, now that he has got some confidence, has re-started his personal missile project instead of laying it off to Modric or someone that can pass or carry the ball. One accurate pass to Bale did not offset the other three or four inaccurate ones which had Air Force fighter plans scrambling all along the South Coast.

However we have been doing it the traditional Manchester Utd. way up till now by beating the beatable teams. Eleven games in third place; unbeaten in seven; beaten only once in nineteen; still six points ahead of Chelsea who look like being our rivals for automatic Champions' League qualification.

But there I go ignoring my own wise advice from last time concerning premature chick estimation from incubating eggs. There are several 6 pointers ahead starting on Sunday and as long as we don't lose too many of them we are in with more than a chance of third.

So remember: crash helmets buckled; safety belts fastened: don't stand up or  lean out of the car. It's going to be a long and winding road and a bumpy ride. But we wouldn't want it any other way, would we?

Many people's favourite player dispels some of the myths which have sprung up over the past 40 yrs. My stepfather, now 91, converted me to Spurs when I was just 8yrs.old from..... well another London team, and still maintains that Gilzean could 'head a ball as well as most people could kick it'. The Berbatov of his day in grace and style and ability to control the ball.
This is a very good read indeed.

Transfer window.
Plenty of rumours: Remy; Samba; Hoilett; Defoe to Liverpool; Luka swap for Torres; Dos Santos to Bolton; £60 million war chest for Harry, possibly dependent on us qualifying and/or Harry staying; all denied in various ways.
Some  are more laughable than others of course. But nothing definite to report except that the window cleaner has been and at least we can see that nothings happening a lot more clearly. Not that I ever comment anyway. 

City have been beating bottom of the table Wigan as I write in a manner which certainly gives me hope for Sunday. They may be top of the table and have backers with money to burn but they are certainly not the most exciting team to watch. But they ground this one out. Uninspiring stuff.

Video Spot. (Not quite a 'video' but don't write in, we don't do refunds.)
And now to complete your enjoyment Julie Andrews sings 'I could have danced all night' from 'My Fair Lady' in a voice that could cut through the tightest packed defence. You saw that coming? Predictable, moi? Give the people what they want, I say.


HeavyRiffs said...

City, not the most exciting team to watch, yet have scored 18 goals more than Spuds and conceeded 5 less, guess goals doesn't equate to excitement in London.

Kallumdillon said...

David Silva Surpasses the likes of Luka never mind coming close, you only have to look at the fact he has 11 assists so far this season, 4 more than any other player in the Premier League, the EA sports index puts him at #1 and your modicum at #7? If your evident nativity still will not accept that David dwarfs the likes of Luka in not only my eyes but the eyes of the EA then here is a link to the page in which he is placed 7th in the 'top midfielders' category

Anonymous said...

Actually, I did think we would beat Wolves although the banana skin potential was also foreseeable. Yes, Adebayor's goal was wrongly dis allowed but I think he should be getting far more shots in and goals.
Quite a few players didn't look at their best - 2 matches in a week? Bale needs a few shooting lessons and Parker looked as though he'd been rushed back prematurely. I think Harry should have mixed it up a bit more using some players who aren't too happy at sitting on the bench...Some players were visibly tiring towards the end so why didn't he make use of the third sub for the last 20 minutes e.g. Krancar or Pav both of whom have it in them to come with the vital goal...

JimmyG2 said...

Welcome City fans.
You are top of the league and favourites to win it.Don't be so prickly.

You can score goals in a boring mundane fashion and you certainly looked very ordinary against Wigan.
I'm talking about style of play and the anticipation of football played with flair and grace.

Silva is the only player I would consider swapping for Modric and I rate David highly.
But he plays a different role. I wouldn't mind him as well as Luka, to back him up as it were.

Anon 20:24
Can't say I disagree with any of that.

Heavyriffs said...

Sorry Jimmy, but a few edited snippets on MOTD, hardly gives you a true reflection of Man City, their players, or their levels of flair and grace. Ordinary against Wigan, but still created chances and ground out a win, winning ugly as Barry said pre-match.
However, if you watched for the full 90mins in all their games, there's been plenty of flair, grace and quality goals. At times we have been sublime...

Greekos said...

Thats true Heavyriffs but I watched the full 90 of the Wigan game and it certainly wasnt there. Not to say you lot wont turn it on against us but if you lot play anywhere near as poorly as you did against Wigan you may as well give us the three points!

HeavyRiffs said...

Granted Greekos, I'd also assume that Spuds have equally not been sublime in every game they've contested so far? All I'll say is, the vast majority of City fans are extremely happy...

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks Greekos I watched the whole tedious 90 minutes of the City/Wigan game too and that was my point.
You have more rugby players than footballers in your squad, Richards,De Jong(!),Kompany, Barry, Milner and without Ya Ya Toure lack some,shall we say,elegance.
I'd take your keeper and Aguerra though.

Well if buying the title keeps you happy fine.

We always try to play the 'Tottenham way' but I agree it doesn't always happen.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I'm happy to put it down to one of those days (a phrase that I dislike and is too often misleading but there you go) rather than a portent of hard days to come. Only the first game we have failed to win against sides coming to park the bus. I agree we could and should have won anyhow.

Anyhow, Julie Andrews, we are huge fans in our house. She is so talented and so wonderful. Thanks for the clip.

JimmyG2 said...

Julie Andrews? Your pulling my leg.
Sarcasm, lowest form of wit they say.
Apologies if you actually like her.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Apology warranted and accepted!!!She's a marvel.

KallumDillon said...

Silva did all the proving for me

JimmyG2 said...

Game set and match to you friend.
Next column will explore the details.
Silva and Aguerro were brilliant as I feared.
And ex Arsenal Nasri played well too.

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