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Monday, 13 February 2012

Tottenham put pressure on Harry.

  Goal train? Sorry Jimmy I thought you said
'Newcastle coal train'

Editorial by JimmyG2

What fools I have to work with. ( Memo: advertise for a new picture editor.) Welcome to this Celebratory Edition designed for you to cut out and keep. What a week. I'm almost speechless after Saturday's performance which is not the best condition in which to write a blog. But it's never stopped me before.

Who writes Harry's scripts? They should be up for at least a B.A.F.T.A. if not an OSCAR. This potentially difficult week culminating in an allegedly tricky game fizzled out with an acquittal; a five goal win, and Harry acclaimed as England manager by everyman and his bulldog. In the papers this morning he's even picking his team: recalling Scholes, appointing Gerrard as captain and no doubt much more to come.

No doubt the FA will go through the charade of drawing up a short list and interviewing candidates but if they don't at least ask Harry to take the job David Bernstein will be hanged in public at Wembley and his body parts displayed at the four corners of the stadium.

Special Report by our Football Correspondent, (Jimmy)
If Newcastle had won this game they would have gone fourth just 5 points behind us. That would probably have made the title race beyond our reach and with Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle poised the pressure could see us wilting. Pressure? What pressure? We pulverised them though they contributed mightily to their own downfall.

Without key midfielders, Tiote and Canbaye, they took us on with a bold 442 featuring the hitherto impressive Demba Ba and his Senegale teammate 'wonder goal' Cisse. Ah the Romance of it. Clearly too much for Pardew to resist. He revealed his buccaneering side and to an extent his naivety.

Spurs fans will appreciate his boldness, it is after all the way in which most of us would encourage our own manager to go, even if it doesn't come off. 'Audere est Facere' after all.

But Spurs were so up for this their feet hardly seemed to touch the ground. Those who thought the possibility of Harry leaving might depress the team or the fans were proved to be mistaken on both counts. Everything that seemed a gamble on Harry's part over the past three windows: Friedel, Gallas, Parker, Saha, Nelsen, Van Der Vaart and Adebayor, have not just been shrewd, they have had the touch of genius.

And I questioned every one of them except Van the Man on grounds of age or temperament or both. Playing Saha and Adabeyor and leaving Defoe on the bench worked like a charm. Adabeyor was galvanised into providing four goal assists in half an hour in his best performance for Spurs by far. He then added one for himself for the first time in eight games.

Saha scored as many in 20 minutes as he has in 20 games this season. Defoe came on and looked fresh and lively. Striker problem duly solved. Adebayor's smiling face provoked potentially positive thoughts for next season. There was not a poor performance in the whole team.

Adebayor will get the plaudits but Modric was magnificent, dancing, probing and prompting throughout the game. Pardew was magnanimous in defeat. 'The best team we have played this season....We were thumped'. He could hardly have said anything else after the way we blew them away. Goals: Ekotto 4 mins. Saha 6; 20. Kranjcar 34: Adebayor 64.

I am resigned to losing Harry and the wires hum with suggestions about Modric too. Neither owe us anything and our only fair response is ' Goodbye and thank you very much'. Why Modric would want to leave at this moment, apart from money, is a mystery to me. Mmm money! He won't find such love any where else.

Medical and Psychology Correspondent (Jimmy)
Harry is a different case and I can see that the lure of becoming England manager for someone from his background and upbringing might well overcome the entirely rational case of staying and taking Spurs to new heights. Boy from the other side of the tracks buys railway. He won't find such love after the honeymoon period either.The performance against Newcastle will certainly put some pressure on Harry to stay.

But should Harry be making this decision after five years of stress resulting from the false charges of tax evasion? Should he be placed in such an invidious situation in the very week that he might well be suffering from a double dose of PTS. Not just Post Traumatic Stress in Harry's case but Pleasing Tottenham Supporters syndrome too..He was certainly unusually animated on Saturday.

Cultural Affairs Correspondent (Jimmy)
On 'Match of the Day' Hanson and Shearer said that Harry was not just the man for the England job but the 'only' man for the job. There is an unstoppable tide of sentiment pulling Harry towards the pinnacle of his trade and it would take a far less emotional man that Harry to resist it.

Astrology Correspondent (Jimmy)
In the meantime there are honours to be won and we face an apparently robust Stevenage team away in the FA. Cup next Sunday. I expect to see Defoe, Van Der Vaart and Lennon start and Kranjcar to retain his place. Dawson and Nelsen could play in the centre of the back four. Perhaps Sandro will be available to give Parker a rest. The youngsters will be given a day off for this kind of stern test away from home.

There is also the little matter of completing Champions' League qualification. We have been in third place for 15 games and are ten points ahead of our nearest rivals, Arsenal and Chelsea and no signs of us blinking yet, with 13 games to go. 

Given our lead over our rivals I wouldn't take third if offered right now because although I think we will actually finish in third, we still have a chance do better. I don't believe that Arsenal or Chelsea will catch us.. And in the next few weeks we have it in our own hands to make sure as we play them both .

The Double is still on. I must check the odds. The chant 'Pardew for England' at 5-0 had a happy ironic note and the fans let Harry know as they had throughout the game precisely what their wishes were. WHL was a 'cauldron of noise' according to sources and Harry more excited from the start than I have ever seen him.(See Medical Corespondent's note)

JimmyG2 Question of the week. When did we last have a + 24 Goal Difference?

Staffing notice. You may have noticed that all our members of staff are called Jimmy. This has been forced on us, dependent as we are on charitable contributions, by the astronomical cost of hiring our Legal Affairs Correspondent Mr. Greg Meyer. His champagne bill alone would buy us a half decent striker. But Jim is doing his best and is not always wrong.

Video Spot:  From our Media Correspondent (Jimmy)
Welcome back Nico Kranjcar with this compilation of great goals at Portsmouth, Spurs and for Croatia. No wonder Luka loves him. Make hay Nico while you have the chance. Van Der Vaart and Sandro will be returning to fitness shortly.

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IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Heh! More appearances than Alec Guinness in Kind Hearts and Coronets there Jimmy.

Yes, Harry is of an age and footballing culture where the England job is the pinnacle of one's career. While club football has far exceeded international football at the top level there is something comforting in that for me. I've just been watching a documentary on trams in Britain so I am feeling a little nostalgic.

It was what I brought up on(England as the pinnacle of a player's or manager's career rather than trams, sadly) even though I'm mid 40s rather than mid 60s like Harry. Mind, always Spurs first England second for me and I'd stay with Spurs, but then I'm unlikely to be asked.

I can live with him going either way assuming we are smart in replacing him. Big if. I don't mean that to sound as ungrateful as it likely sounds.

Superb performance vs newcastle who I hope get 4th and a salutary lesson to teams coming to WHL at present. Don't go try to go toe to toe with us, it might get messy! Which isn't meant to sound as lairy as it likely does.

It's going to be a cracking end to the season.

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