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Thursday, 2 February 2012

'You can't always get what you want'

'You can't always get what you want
.But if you try sometimes.. you get what you need.'

The JimmyG2 Column

 Harry has sought advice from Mick Jagger to soothe the ruffled feathers of Spurs fans pining for 'Marquee' signings. The words above proved prophetic when Gallas came in and more recently with the arrival of Friedel and Parker which made even this Spurs diehard eat his words.

On Tuesday a good night all round with a stroll in the park against bottom side Wigan which went more or less according to plan. Modric and Parker returned to form; Sandro put in a brief appearance; Bale ran riot and Cameron Lancaster, one of our young Academy boys, came on as substitute for the injured Adebayor towards the end. Kranjcar made a rare start and had some nice touches early on but ran out of steam after half time.

With Harry in court all day and the transfer window ending just after the match it must have been quite frenetic on the bridge of the Good Ship Hotspur. We went 2-0 up around half an hour just in time to settle the anxieties of the fans and might have been a couple up before that as Kaboul had one header well saved by Al Habsi and another kicked off the line, both from corners.

That should tell you how poor the Wigan defence was. Bale scored a beauty with a neat volley from a long diagonal pass into the six yard box by Luka who then scored himself after a fortunate rebound. The crowd was not content though as Spurs dropped off and moved the ball increasingly slowly. Benny found plenty of space but his final ball was poor and he was fortunate not to be sent off for a late challenge on Di Santo although it didn't look so bad in real time.

Kaboul and Ledley sauntered about with little to worry them and Ledley and Benny had quite a nice little passing game going between themselves throughout the game. Friedel was beaten by a shot that looped up over his head off Parker but they might easily have had another as we ran the clock down.

We didn't just take our foot off the pedal but unscrewed it and chucked it out of the window and nearly suffered the consequences. However it was clear that we could have found another gear, or even another accelerator, if we really had to. On the injury front Van Der Vaart and Walker who were substituted have both tweeted that they are fine but no news yet on Ade.

New boy Lancaster looked OK and was well received by the crowd. After the initial puzzled inquiries around the ground of  'Cameron who?' With a little more composure he might have scored as he followed up another save by Al Habsi from Bale but the angle was too narrow. At least he was on the spot to make the attempt.

Other results went our way again; Swansea almost beating Chelsea who scored a fortunate equaliser in injury time and City dropping 3 points at Everton. Anything can happen in the last 15 games and almost certainly will. We are 5 points off the leaders and 7 points ahead of Chelsea. As I write, Arsenal are failing to beat Bolton and go 12 points behind us, not that it matters of course.

The transfer window came and went with our usual hyperactivity on the last day. The big tent manufacturers were out of luck once again but we did get a flysheet and some new tent pegs as back up for our existing equipment. Let's hope it sees out the season.

Nothing exciting then, we hear you Mr Jagger, but some good housekeeping although the average age of the squad seems to be rising alarmingly. When does 'experienced' tip over into 'past it'. If we can get through to the end of the season in third we might start to attract the 'up and coming' rather than 'down and going'.

Our net spend was roughly zero which will delight the number jugglers in the back office.

Transfer stuff

Piennar has returned to Everton on loan to almost everyone's satisfaction and this might lead to more game time for Kranjcar and even Dos Santos who I believe is still with us; Saha (33) has come the other way to replace Pavlyuchenko who has returned to the land that understands him without an interpreter and Louis Lawrent Saha may or may not prove to be an upgrade. I know, ' He couldn't be worse'. We will see. Corluka virtually the last of our collection of spare right backs has gone on loan to Bayern Leverkusen.

Ryan Nelsen the 'experienced' New Zealand international (34) has come in from Blackburn for Bassong who has been loaned to Wolves. Both Saha and Nelson have had their injury problems and their best days are probably behind them. Gallas according to Harry is a long term injury so something needed to be done.

Away days in Southwark.
Harry has taken the stand and is certainly keeping them amused. Whether that will sway the jury I'm not too sure. Harry even tried the Al Pacino line from 'Taxi Driver' when he confronted a detective in court with' You lookin' at me?'
'The double act of Mandaric and Harry seem to be trying to confuse the jury with their conflicting stories and it might just work. Summing up is on Monday hopefully ending in time for Harry to get up to Anfield. Verdict possible on Tuesday.

I bet that there won't be as many laughs at John Terry's trial in July.

Cameron Lancaster (20) From the Official Site profiles.
Born in Camden and raised in Muswell Hill. His career has been affected by injury (2008) Joined Academy in 2009/10. Impressed in the development squad 2010/11. On loan at Daggenham and Redbridge 2011. And the rest, we hope, will be history.

Next up Liverpool  (Monday.)
Suarez is back if he can displace Caroll after the goal fest he's been on during his suspension. Liverpool are in good form at the moment and will want revenge for the drubbing we gave them at WHL. But if we want to finish third this is a game we mustn't and shouldn't lose. We might even win it but I'm backing a cautious 1-1

Video spot.
Some  quality goals from Saha in his younger days. If he can recapture some of this and keep fit then all that money will have been well spent.


Anonymous said...

all that money? i believe we got him on a free.

you don't get it do you - nelsen whilst past his prime is a vastly experienced leader who will provide more to the team off the pitch and in training than on the field, saha - proven goalscorer, but we wern't going to sign some 'marquee' signing - those are what the OLD spurs suppoters blab on about and whinge every january transfer window, ooh boo hoo we didn't get damaio (like he would come to us!!) are you delusional or what. 2 signings who are by all accounts proper professionals to replace the waster pavyluchenko and bassong who just didn't cut the mustard. These will be inspired signings and ith them I expect us to win a trophy, possibly the league.

Anonymous said...

interesting to note our squad list.. khumalo is there. so i believe kaboul can play rb if need be and cb covered(?) and more interestingly bentley is in the squad just in case we need a back up right sided midfielder. shame krasic loan dint go through. that had 'opportunity' written all over it.

Anonymous said...

Was surprised but am quickly warming to the new lads and totally trust Harry [money aside...] and we're not Chelsea and absolutely don't wanna be. Two good pro's in, a couple of whingers out is all good. Well done, Spurs. Jerkinmahjurgen

JimmyG2 said...


On a free. I know. It was a joke.
Nelson hasn't played since April.
'Inspired signings'? We'll see.
'Old' Spurs fans are not always wrong.
This is not a Harry Redknapp Tribute blog, though the boys done good. Very good.

2nd. Anon.
Khumalo isn't good enough by all reports.
Dawson will play and Livermore will fill in at RB. Khaboul is the main man now at CH.

A more measured view.Let's see them play first. I sincerely hope you are right.
Saha could be inspired as the video shows.

Anonymous said...

Saha ha will have the last laugh and be a good signing and so will Nelsen for our run in. The big problem is we are playing the Duracell Bunnies who when they get bad press they up the tempo. So like i say since there flat battery performance against Bolton and the King threatening to chop the heads of players who don't run a lot things have speeded upand so has bad knees Bellamy who can be seen fucking and blinding at every tackle is a sure sign he is pumped up.If we are ready and score before the 15 mins spell before they start too zoom up and down the pitch we have a small chance. Remember this we have only lost games to North West teams the Capital of induced Tempo Utd City twice Stoke lets hope and pray Ukad are there before and after our game like they was at the FA cup to test Stoke launchers twice

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