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Saturday, 3 March 2012

And the next Spurs manager is...

Well it's always worth a try Mr. Levy.

Where else can you get fine dining advice and a run down of the runners and riders for the Hotspur Management Handicap? Spurs Musings of course. And Greg, our very own resident Professor of Gastronomy, who is used to the high life marks our card for us on both potential managers and where to eat out in London.
However judging by the score at West Brom. I think that at least one candidate might get nobbled by his previous owners before the vacancy arises.

 The Greg Meyer Column

Saturday 3 March 2012.
Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner ... Spurs Next Managers and Daniel Levy Dine Together ... So Which One Stays At The End?
Starched white linen, an exquisitely inviting Italian menu, and seats for Daniel Levy, already arrived, and four invited guests. 
La Famiglia SW10 OJL is renowned for the quality of its fare and indeed the quality, and celebrity status, of its diners. Indeed it is a favourite of the second arrival, Jose Mourinho, welcomed in uncharacteristically effusive fashion by mine host, Daniel Levy. Perhaps a sign of the enormous task ahead for Daniel.
Most everyone's hope and pick for the Spurs job becoming available almost certainly after Harry Redknapp's ascension to the English throne. Poisoned chalice and all.The English job that is.
A young 49 year old ( 26-01-1963) , vibrant, charismatic and "especially" successful Portuguese export ... probably their best known ... Jose is almost the impossible dream for Spurs. And yet if a 'project' looms, how our pub dislike that AVB euphemism, then the most exciting team needing just someone like Jose to go to the top might appeal.
 A free lunch at his favourite restaurant with his ego well feed helps get him there. Forget the househunting rumours. He already has a house in London and he and Matilde have not added to the family since.
So the jury is well and truly out regards Jose. Our lawyer thinks it would take someone of the persuasive skills of one John Kelsey-Fry QC and then some for Jose to take the Hotspurs chalice. Still he got Harry off. Surely ...
Mind his latest brief involving speeding tickets and their origin seems a little harder again than Harry's dog walking in Monaco.
Just before the next guest an inkling into the Levy strategy regards entertaining potential managers.
Previous Restaurants and Previous Managers.
The getting of Juande Ramos probably all took place at Barcelona Tapas Bar EC3A 7DT, London. Juande had a particular penchant for Spanish and "health" food.
Tom Huddlestone was famously ordered off his large helpings of tomato sauce upon large plates of chicken.
. Gareth Bale was quoted as to junk food being verboten (in Portuguese anyone? ...) .Juande had strong opinions on diet regiment.
Seems the diet might have worked, ergo Tom's football after that, but the economical style, particularly with points gathering did not impress mine host, Daniel.
Not sure where Daniel and Martin Jol might have consummated their managerial compact. However you can be sure lasagna was not on the menu.
Back to those other diners and their gastronomic peculiarities...
At Chez Famiglia.
Our next guest had plumped for Albannach WC2N 5DS known for its sensational Scottish fare. After 10 years near Liverpool he did not take much persuading to turn up at La Famiglia.
David Moyes, 3 months younger than Jose, has been touted as a realistic candidate regards the Harry Redknapp succession.
Fine manager, clever and resourceful, canny too say our pub. Just one big problem. Charisma, and if signed why would Luka, Rafa, Gareth, Ade and others stay. No disrespect, but Daniel, surely a lack of ambition personified. You Daniel. No bad feelings David.
Our third guest arrives. Assured but yes a little self conscious. Not been to the top table as yet. That said seems a likely prospect.
Brendan Rodgers ( 26-01-1973) from Northern Ireland and now the Liberty Stadium, Swansea.
Keen readers will have already have picked up that he shares the same birthday as Jose. Even keener ones will see other special connections.
Brendan joined Chelsea as youth team manager in 2004, graduated to the reserves in 2006, before going to Watford, Reading and Swansea City in 2010. Headhunted by Jose in 2004. Hmm.
Certainly doing a grand job with Swansea but does Daniel really want a poor man's Special One. Our pub give a resounding no. 
So hang on what about ..
The Fourth Chair.
So far has not arrived.
Our cabbie reckons those not on the invitation list include Rafa Benitez, Martin Jol, Juande and lots of other obvious ineligibles.
Shame the timing was not right regards Carlo Ancelloti says our builder. Sure to provide discussion galore ...
At A Kent Pub.
United at the Lane. A must draw at the very least. Injuries seem to be subsiding.
All our pub and you no doubt ask ...just have a bloody decent go !!
Cheers ... who do you think should be in Chair Four ... Greg Meyer.       coys.

Video Spot. 

Mr.Mourinho submits his formal application. 
If there's no action on the pitch there's sure to be plenty on the bench. You know I think we could learn to love him at Spurs. In any case he might have mellowed since 2007. But he could be here for the England job and if he gets it there won't be a vacancy in the first place.


bill said...

getting fed up with all the BS about our manager......we have a season to sort.....the media and football should give redknapp a break...tapping him up as with a player unfocuses the mind.....interesting to note half of man u including fergie have made comments this week.......why?....mind games ahead of the game.....the talk of anyone else is undermining our current campaign ....why are you joining in jimmy g2........?!....worlds gone mad

JimmyG2 said...

Why do mountaineers climb Everest?
Because it's there.
Harry is going: think about it.
Agree with your general point though but this is a private site not the daily press.

Anonymous said...

Next Spurs manager is .... Arthur Daley!
Spurs welcome a manager with a cleaner fraudulent past than previous incumbents Terry Vegetables and 'Arry Twitchy Redknapp.

Anonymous said...

Rednapp can't beat the top managers at club level,he will embarrass himself at international level "for sure" and soon after being sought after as the messiah of English football,he will be hounded out by the red tops,after the customary honeymoon period of course!!

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