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Monday, 12 March 2012

Moyes passes practical exam for Tottenham job.

Specsavers now favourites for Naming Rights.
It will help us retain our focus.

The JimmyG2 Column

And it was written that 'Spurs always let you down in the end'. And lo it came to pass and we were mightily let down even unto missing out on the Champions' League and doomed to wander in the
dark undergrowths of the Europa League for ever.

Can the uncertainty of the Harry for England situation really explain our loss of winning form? Are footballers so fragile that the departure of a manager, even if it is signposted in advance and an unnecessarily prolonged process turn the 'best team' in the league into a set of 'not quite at the races has beens? Apparently so, though Harry vehemently denies it.

David Moyes repeated the mantra that we are the best team to have rolled up at Goodison this season whilst quietly enjoying his team's narrow victory. If you big up your opponents it only makes your victory more remarkable I suppose. We didn't start playing until 6.30p.m.. Unfortunately Everton kicked off at 5.30. If this was Moyes' practical exam for the Tottenham job he passed it with honours .

Defoe who has scored more than any other Premiership player coming on as a substitute started the game and failed to score. Bale the most frightening and effective player on the left in the history of football played mainly on the right.

Modric the most creative central midfielder in Northern Europe played mainly out on the left hand side.
Van Der Vaart our most enterprising player didn't come on until 70 minutes had elapsed. Modric picked up immediately as he thrives on the presence of good footballers. He might have to look somewhere else to find them if this continues.

Harry says 'We battered them' and we certainly played better in the second half. But they were content to defend their lead and, until Saha came on, we didn't look like scoring. Defoe had the ball in the net but was adjudged ,correctly, offside. Would you Adam and Eve it?  But that's only half the story, the second half of the story.

Kaboul played well apart from missing his tackle on Osman and though we had five players in the area none were within 5yards of Jelavic who scored in style. Friedel had been drawn to the right hand side of his goal to narrow the angle for Osman failed to get back across and left too much of the goal vacant for the Croatian.

This was the first time that we have lost three consecutive games under Harry and it coincided with what was anticipated as a difficult period before our 'easy' run in. We still have Chelsea away to cope with, a Chelsea side that have won their last two under probably temporary caretaker Di Matteo.

The last time we lost three consecutive games it was new velour drapes for the manager and heralded the two points in eight games episode. Then cometh 'Arry and it was 'Buena Noche Senor Ramos'. At least our 8 points in the last 8 games is four times better than that.

It might be four defeats in a row after Stoke the way our good fortune cookie is crumbling. Our 18 match run in third might be coming to an end. In fact we could be down to fifth shortly behind a resurgent Arsenal and Chelsea. If Arsenal win at home against Newcastle we would have a single point lead. Come on the Toon.

People say that at the start of the season we would have sold our souls to be where we are at this moment. But that was then. Look where we were after 20 minutes of the Arsenal game. It's all been downhill since then. We can't be in freefall but we are standing still whist all below us make progress. How many consecutive blips make a disaster?

We even had difficulty getting through the Cup game at home to Stevenage. We ran out 3-1 winners thanks in part to super-sub Defoe but it was touch and go for a time. Nelsen is too old to make a schoolboy error but he certaiunly made a naive challenge when he didn't need to. We are at home to Bolton next week for a place in the semi's but need to check the kick off time if we are to be sure of progress.

So what's the winning formula? Bale on the left; Modric and Parker in the centre; Van Der Vaart to start if humanly possible; and on Saturday's performance, Saha before Defoe and Adebayor and Livermore ahead of Sandro. My MOM was Parker who was controlled and purposeful in midfield and made more runs than Modric until Van Der Vaart came on.

As Corporal Jones in Dads' Army used to say, 'Don't panic'. But I like to get my panic in early while it counts. Otherwise you miss out on a valuable opportunity to cleanse your soul of frustration anger and bewilderment. There's no point in panicking afterwards.

 Harry and the team seem to have lost their focus. There's the germ of an idea in there somewhere for a Specsavers ad.  'To stare is taboo'

Embarrassing Moment of the season so far.
Brad Friedel going up for a corner kick in the closing minutes of the game at Everton.
Rank amatuerism to which even our local youth club team wouldn't resort.

Managership prospects
Mourinho. Evens for Chelsea.Outsider for England
Harry ........Not quite the favourite for England he was. Three wins a row Hodgeson coming up fast on the rails.
Moyes.......Shortening for Spurs job.Safe pair of hands and all that.
Villas-Boas. Now favourite for Spurs...If Harry goes. Young, talented, available, something to prove, hand picked and sacked by Abramovic (always a plus on your CV)

Video Spot.
 Just for balance here is Harry's post match Everton interview. He's almost speechless and clearly not a happy man. His lawyer seems to be standing out of camera shot in case Harry boils over.If you can't take the heat Harry stay out of the England kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Nah, you'd be trampled under the stampede of all out best players heading for the door, the minute Moyes (and his zzzzz football) walked through the gates. It would set us back 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Why would Moyes go to Spurs? Sideways move at best due to Spurs increased finances, but a smaller club than Everton. Less illustrious title winning history - Everton 9 titles to Spurs 2? Bigger stadium capacity? Moyes likes to be the sole boss of his club - not such Levy would like that. As for the comment about zzzz football.... please. That'll be you falling for the London media hype. Everton more than matched you in the first half on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

The only job that Moyes will leave Everton for is Manchester United. And it's hardly a given he will be offered that job. Moyes has been at Everton 10 years - he's part of the fabric of the club. You don't spend 10 years somewhere and just suddenly up sticks and leave to a big rival. There's far too little made in the media about Moyes and his loyalty and how he is a massive supporter of Everton Football Club and its history. The London-centric media don't report on Moyes telling the local press that he can realise all his ambitions at Everton, that he will practice what he preached to his players - that the grass isn't always greener elsewhere. Coupled with that is the fact certain things are happening behind the scenes at the moment (unreported thus far because Everton fly under the radar, but happening none the less) of investment into the club supposedly behind closer than ever... Moyes most likely won't be leaving Everton in the summer and will be signing a new contract at the end of the season. Don't fall for the media hype.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah everton fans. still living in the 80's like your bigger brother liverpool. whats more titles got to do with now? i dont want moyes but if levy wants him we will get him. FACT. moyes would have money to spend, a team playing in in a 60,000 seater stadium within 3/4 years, 1 of the best training facilities in europe etc, competing in europe year in year out or stick with a side who always have to sell to spend and play in a ramshackled ground. leave u with this...your so called best player pienaar couldnt make the grade at spurs. enough said

Anonymous said...

Noticed our so called best player didnt play.What does that say. Our inferior players are better than your so called superstars. Suggest you check out Evertons training ground already one of the best in europe. Ground may be old, we may have to sell but we always compete. Suggest you check league places over last 8 years not a great deal of difference

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how far everton have fallen back,when a club like spurs are looking to poach their manager.

JimmyG2 said...

I didn't say I wanted Moyes, though we could do worse, or that I thought he might come. Just that if this was his job application he had passed his interview on a practical level.

I admire any club that makes the most of their resources and gives their manager time.Something that Spurs have failed to do over the years.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

"We didn't start playing until 6.30p.m.. Unfortunately Everton kicked off at 5.30."

That made me laugh. There's been precious little chuckling in our house this week I can tell you. The old'uns are always the best, well bar Nelson and Friedal.

We only really "battered" them as Harry would have it for the last 15 mins. It was a disjointed,unbalanced, mess of a performance otherwise. Harry likes the praise but on Saturday the set up of the side was the main tho' not only issue.Harry reminded me of David Lloyd in Zimbabwe a few years ago in his funk, for the cricket fans, like me, out there.

Must do better to arrest the slide, with a very tough game vs Stoke next up in the league. Momentum is a key factor in football and we have wrapped it up and presented it to our rivals. It'll take some getting back.

Nonetheless, if we get back to round pegs in round holes in the make up of the side (and I'd be more than happy with VDV-Saha tbh)we should still get 3rd or at the least 4th.

Audere est facere

JimmyG2 said...

Our part time backroom manager, Mo Mentum, seems to have been loaned to Arsenal. Hopefully on just a short term contract.
If you don't laugh you might cry.
You have to admire Arsenal's recent run of performances.

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