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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Very good news for Tottenham fans.

Relax: The Nightmare has ended

The JimmyG2 Column

Spurs fans I bring you very good news. You know that recurring Tottenham nightmare where we threaten to annihilate the opposition with breathtaking football? But as the shadows lengthen, squirrels begin to gather nuts and prepare to hibernate, the trees start to drop their leaves, and the clocks go back as we fail to score and then fail to score some more? Yes that's the one.

It sometimes comes with the twist that with ten minutes to go our opponents score with their only attack of the match. The goal is usually scored by a player that last scored when all the players had haircuts like Scott Parker.

As soon as you read in the programme notes or hear the pundits reveal that 'X' has played more than 700 consecutive matches without a goal you just know that he's the one certain to end his barren run at our expense .

Another vital part of this nightmare is that their keeper always plays a blinder and is a 'shoo in' for MOM. He makes dozens of point blank saves throwing himself all over the place like a fool. The previous week he was openly jeered by the opposing fans for his inept concession of several goals.

After this nightmare match the opposing manager is unstinting in his praise of us, whilst desperately trying to keep a straight face even as they nick it, for being the best team that they have played not just this season but for several seasons if not decades.

Well now its official, the nightmare is over. It's a load of bunkum as we proved against Bolton in the replay on Tuesday. Not even traffic problems on the High St. could keep us from our destiny. This rag-bag of historical myths is no more, deceased, as dead as a parrot and finally consigned to the dustbin of Tottenham history.

True we didn't score until the 74th minute and they did peg us back at 2-0 but the result was never in doubt for a moment. We needed fourteen Van Der Vaart corners before Nelsen, who has never scored for Spurs, planted a header past the Bolton keeper, who was named as MOM.

But here the script started to get a little confused. Bogdan, not realising that the nightmare had not just ended but reversed itself, kept one eye on Bale and one eye on Ledley and didn't bother to keep his other eye on Nelsen. And thus the nightmare ended.

We took it in turns to miss sitters; Parker from 3yds,Van Der Vaart for the second game running and we gave Bogdan a more than sporting chance on several occasions..This was no sentimental offering to Bolton for the Muamba situation, we showed them every respect by playing some our best football.

Bale was again outstanding; Livermore had another good game; Ledley strolled royally about; the full backs ran riot and Nelsen showed us at last what Harry sees in him. Modric and Van Der Vaart demonstrated some class and when Parker ran out of steam Defoe came on like a human firecracker.

Then a bizarre glimpse of the new the world of dreams as Defoe himself unselfishly set up Bale who turned on him later for failing to do it for a second time. What's that old saying about potting black kettles? Spin it how you like but it smacks of a lack of camaraderie and discipline to me rather than a commendable desire to win.

And then more nails in the coffin of the bad dream, Saha, a late substitute, banged in another to make it 3-1 just before the final whistle. So it's not as you remember it at all. We beat them hands down as the statistics reveal and all your worries came to naught.

We had 29 shots,19 of them on target with a mere 6 shots and 4 on target for Bolton. Cudicini caught up with his e-mail and twitter accounts in the first half and apart from a couple of smart interceptions of through balls had time to phone his mother and order the after match pizzas in the second. Onward to Wembley and Chelsea (can we play you every week?) once more.

The 'Blip' is vanquished; the Nightmare is dead; long live the dream.We are unbeaten in three and have a chance at the weekend at home to Swansea to catch up on Arsenal who are away to QPR. Oh well perhaps that is a hope too far.

And now for a calm night's uninterrupted sleep as the Spurs squad gambol in slow motion through fields of corn. Defoe and Bale embrace like brothers; Ledley's knee miraculously heals; and Daniel Levy scrutinises the 'strikers for sale' section of the International Footballing Press with his cheque book open on the desk in front of him.

Spurs fans I bring you very good news indeed.

Video Spot.
And here it is, full highlights of the 'Bogdan Show'. The game that finally ended the curse of the dominant team and the late winner for the opposition. (Spoiler alert:) Don't get worried it all comes right in the end. Enjoy.


Windy said...

Triffic stuff!

Anonymous said...

As per usual...a brilliant article!

Anonymous said...

Well done Jimmy2.
If only the officials would get their act together & stop robbing us - eg Stoke & M/City at home - we might actually live up to our potential & win more games.

Anonymous said...

I can hear someone playing the world's smallest violin. Oh, my mistake it's tinitus. Do you lot really believe these games don't happen to other clubs? So VDV didn't handle and Chesney didn't let in a howler when you beat Arsenal? Man up.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Heh! Good one Jimmy. Good signs vs Bolton. I'm very much enjoying Home Grown Jake blossom. He looks a very good player in the making and could also play full back.

I fancy us for third (yes I know I can, at times,oscillate wildly - it's becoming that sort of season)and a FA Cup final appearance at least.

The system with three in midfield is playing to our strengths in that position. It therefore looks like Lennon can be eased back rather than plunged back in, which might help him make a sustained impact here on in.

It's going to be interesting, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

it was as if the recent past was behind us.except for defoe and bale haveing words over not passing.isnt a striker supposed to be selfish?we had a blip.we are now back to our out those may be below us soon.we now play swansea.a pure football will be a great game.we should edge it.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 9.55.
Ah the officials, forgot about them . But who needs em.

If you want a fight mate I will gladly hold your coat, make no mistake about that.

Third? Steady there are Arsenal fans about.'Interesting' is a good word for it.

Anon 10.49
Agreed, really looking forward to the Swansea game a lot more than they are I bet.

Anonymous said...

It's a long way down off that perch. We already have done ourselves. we let a 10 point lead become a 3 point advantage for the gooners. Ol Arry just has to start thinking he can play ade and saha and we're screwed.

Such Small Portions said...

They're fooling you. This season is one long version of the 'typical' game you describe. Flashes of brilliance, dreams of victory, inevitable heartbreak. They're just finding new ways to fuck with us.

Anonymous said...

I particularly like the second paragraph which covers players that break their ducks against us. Very well pointed out, I thought it was just me :-)

Anonymous said...

Defoe couldn't shoot fish in a barrel ..even though he has been so frustrating to watch lately (due to managerial decisions),Bale has become a better more prolific finisher than Defoe. So has every natural right to complain at the 1/30 Defoe! If you need someone to break up momentum thru; losing possession, being off side, hitting shots straight at the studs of defenders , then Defoe should start every game..

at least we seem to have rediscovered some cohesion and fight,,


mikeyspurs said...

does nobody remember the game before bolton, a certain stoke city at home? where we had all the posession, shots and still went a goal down and had to save ourselves in the 92nd minute? maybe i was the only one watching!

JimmyG2 said...

Such Small Portions
Who are the evil and mysterious ´they´to whom you refer? Are they of this world or an alien life force?

Anon 15.36
A bit harsh on Defoe as the stats are not conclusive in Bale´s favor.
Goals and assists: Bale 24. Defoe 23
Minutes per goal,assist: Bale 117. Defoe 87

But that nightmare is now over after Bolton.
I watched it from behind the sofa.

mikeyspurs said...

jimmy i still feel the confidence isnt totally there eg away to cheatski, i dont think the players believed they could have won. was a good performance still just a bit peeved they didnt push a bit more!!
u are right about bolton game im still pissed at stoke one tbh!!!! coys

Anonymous said...

Well it might happen to other clubs but it seems to happen to us several times a season. What we need is a striker who can actually strike.

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