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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bye,bye Mr.Modric.

Whatever you do boys,don't look down!

The JimmyG2 Column

 I sometimes think of Spurs as one of those cartoon characters who, during a hot pursuit , run straight over the edge of the precipice and keep on running. They're fine as long as they don't look down. Then of course they suddenly realise how high up they are with nothing beneath them and though the legs keep whirring down they plunge.

Our plunge moment was the recent blip but we seem to have landed in a tree, as you do, just a few metres down and have now hauled ourselves back up level with Arsenal who have been climbing steadily for some time. At one point they clambered over us and stood on our heads to gain a foothold.

But all is fair in love, war and the Premiership. He who gloats last, gloats longest Mr Szczensy. You need to get them consonants sorted out too. We are back on course and all to play for and just the seven games to go. Is it just me or has it been an abnormally long season?

Every game from now on is the proverbial 'big one' and we began our final assault on the Champions' League with a fine performance against Swansea. In the previous Swansea game I noticed several of their players who might grace our ranks, particularly Joe Allen.

They didn't catch the eye on Sunday though as we over-came them with power football. Even when they canceled out Van Der Vaart's classy opener we maintained our momentum and ran out easy(ish) winners. Sigurdsson, a fine young player with a good shot scored a fortunate equaliser but in truth Swansea were closed down all over the pitch and were just not allowed to play.

We should try this speed dating approach more often as long drawn out courtships don't seem to suit our style. The over-exaggerated slow playing of the ball across the back four which Swansea do to excess in their attempt to probe an opening can at times allow the opposition to close down and maintain their shape. It has it's purposes but can sometimes be counter productive.

This was a game like Little Jack Horner's pie that was full of good things to savor. We scored another goal from a Van Der Vaart corner, two in quick succession, somewhat like the proverbial London buses. A back to form performance by Captain Scott who spearheaded the closing down but who seemed knackered on the hour and Livermore might have come on sooner.

Another fine performance from the Boy Bale who had the beating of his full back from the off and who stayed out on the left for most of the game to prove it. Adebayor scored two with headers, one from the Van corner and another in a cameo return by Lennon who stood one up for him on the far post. Everything going to plan again.

With the midfield cutting out most of the thrust from Swansea the defence coped easily with the lone forward and the wingers were well marshaled by Walker and Ekotto. Kaboul was particularly resolute and made a couple of good blocks in the closing minutes. A good game for the 'neutrals', whoever they are, and not a card in sight from the two most card-shy teams in the league.

It would seem that everyone's thoughts are turning to what might happen at the end of the season.
Harry, Mancini and Bilic all weighing in with thoughts on Modric. Finishing in the top four is obviously crucial and little can be resolved until the 'Harry for England' situation is sorted out.

Most people said a year ago that if Modric stayed for another season and helped us back into the Champion' League then his obligations to Spurs would be fulfilled and he could leave with honour on all sides. The Harry situation might be unsettling him but the position at City is no less unstable.
So Manchester United it is then.

He would be more assured of a starting role there with vacancies in an ageing midfield and, with Sir Alex apparently taking daily infusions of the Methuselah Elixir, continuity is more certain. But can they afford him and would his wages be significantly more than we are currently prepared to offer him?

I understand that in the modern game wages are the only evaluation of status that counts and that Modric is no different to anybody else. But why leave a club that will be in the Champions' League; based in London, that is a project which you have been a crucial part of; where you are first on the team-sheet, and loved by the fans?

We will have to wait a few more weeks to find out but if he goes for no reason other than money it will re-affirm my conviction that we live in a depressing and superficial world in which sport in general and football in particular is increasingly the touchstone.

So it looks like 'Bye Bye Mr. Modric'. And remember on 'Musings' we are not always wrong.

Video Spot.
What we had was a blip. If you want to see a disaster have a look at this. Skip the first four minutes if you have people to see and places to go.


hoopspur said...

I'm sure that if we crash landed anyway it would have only been into soft sticky marshmallow. I'm not sure the chasing pack are quite good enough to cause concern for 4th.

Anyway, Sunderland is a vitally important game - well at least until the next important game. I guess they all are now.

Modders - a genuine question. Is he actually worth more or in fact less now than this time last season?

Good to chat again.

Anonymous said...

Modric has done well for us, but has been here for 4 years. That is a long time in foreign footballer terms.... He is good enough to move to a club that does not have to fight for CL. Let him go. It is not ALL about money. But even if it is, is there anything wrong in wanting your kids to grow up in complete financial security? Modders is not flash and a family man, and a non-offensive guy. He has shown that he plays for the team, and it was Chelsea's fault why it went a bit sour in August.

Anonymous said...

Unless Levy will buy sneider,we must keep him

Anonymous said...

If Modders wants to go to Manure, let him. We have Tom Huddlestone waiting in the wings.

Anonymous said...

Modric Does not want to got to Manchester! That's was why only Chelsea bid last year! He got married and wife want's to live in London!

Anonymous said...

Agree, let him go. Hudd can tackle as well as set up attacks. Modric is the most woeful first grade football defender I have ever seen. If you check the lead up on 50% of the goals we have conceded this season, you will find that he failed to tackle or be involved in trying to spoil the attack when in position to do so. We cannot afford to carry 3 or 4 players who won't chase and tackle - it leaves too much work for the Parkers, Livermores and the Sandros who can't be everywhere.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:10

I think you'll find the Modric is in the team because he has GREAT attacking awareness, vision and passing ability. He is not in the team to break up attacks we would be NOWHERE without him!

dixta said...

we are "carrying" modric? er,right..

Anonymous said...

Rooney, Gerrard, Kuyt, Cahill (Tim), Toure (Yaya) and many more also have these qualities, but never shirk an opportunity to stop opponents from attacking their goal. Sorry, I don't agree. He has been indirectly responsible for too many goals this year with his poor covering. There is no point in just shaddowing someone and then allowing them to cross the ball, or create a dangerous attack.

Anonymous said...

I will bet any Money i haven't got when and if Huddlestone comes back 100 percent fixed we will be a better team even without Modric. Three is no d of the doubt Modric has superb skill in certain areas of the pitch. When he gets into the area his skill levels drop dramatically its like having a skillful Boxer with no punch. Some of his misses latly have been shocking two spring to mind against Bolton when the commentator said its not a repeat its another shot fired across the gaping goal. The ball Bale gave him had shoot written all over it yet he went sideways and it got blocked. Ever since Harry was announced has the favourite for the England Job he has looked and is on is way out of Spurs. The latest links are Utd and City and if the special one leaves Madrid and takes over City ADY will also head back to City. The other thing Hudds offers id height at corners and free kicks for us and aginst he also has a thunderous shot and can now tackle and when he is cornered he has quite a bit of Skill and a world class array of different passes what i call golf ball passes back spin 50 yards with speed cross-field passes chips low runners all with subtle backspin by the way he strokes the ball at the bottom of its circumference. I would have loved to see him play with Parker and Ady Defoe and Saha Bale and Lennon just imagine the array of passes having that lot to aim for i cant wait. Sell Modric thanks for the memory's keep these players Bale Lennon Hudds Walker Caulker Townsend Smith Carrol they are the future lets hope we keep them all they are British. If we sell Modric we na use the money to buy Ady he has made two killers passes one against Norwich and Swansea and the lad Bale done the rest is assists and goals should be a lot more but the last two seasons he has another clubs shirt under ours and that has not helped we have to hope he helps us get in the top four i doubted Bale and Ady Modric in the fall from 3rd to fourth two of them have answered me for now Ady showed me he does care with his celebrations but it will be in here interest if we finish 5th if these Modric Bale Ady are all leaving in the summer City Utd Chelsea Barca are waiting like us fans for the answer ( D.S)

IoanX said...

Is Modric an AM or a DM? An AM obviously.
Here we have words against numbers and numbers never lie.
This season Modric long ball accuracy: 15% which means that 8 out of his10 long passes have ended to the opponents!!!
But he is king of the short pass!
Converting clear chances ratio: 12.5%.
Scoring from free kicks: just add your number!!!
Assists per game ratio: 1 every 7.5 games!!!
How about having an AM with a 30% long ball accuracy? Or having someone who has a 30-40% scoring ratio from free kicks? Or converting 25% of his clear chances?

JimmyG2 said...

hallo again. Good question about Modric's value.
Probably less than at the height of the hype with Chelsea last year.
I still rate him as one of the link players in the Prem.

First anon 11:05
Good points and I don't entirely disagree.

Tom Huddlestone is an entirely different type of player and his tackling is not all that as with Modders (Anon 11:06)
No-one is irreplaceable but we will miss his particular ability to run with ball from midfield and find players in good positions.
His ball to Bale in the build up to Van's goal against Swansea was a gem.

The idea that we are'carrying' Luka seems ridiculous to me. You might just as well say sell Parker because he can't shoot or pass.

Numbers can mean whatever you like.
It partly depends which ones you select
As my accountant once said in answer to the question what do 2+2 make.
'What do you want them to make?'

TMWNM said...

How anyone could rate Huddlestone above Modric is bizarre. His overall play far outways his lack of goals. The boy has magic in his boots, and is playing on a higher level than most of his team mates. When he goes, it will be down to the club's lack of ambition.

Harvey The Hudd said...

If we get champions league, I can't see how Levy's position towards Modric will change. He's still on a long-term contract and will be offered a minimum of 100k a week plus a healthy lump sum.
We must keep our front line players and add to them if we are to really challenge for the title next season.

Anonymous said...

interesting debate on Modric, one i was having with a fellow yid this morning no question the boy is class, great running with the ball but his poor goalscoring ratio is a major weakness if we were to get eden hazard then I honestly think Modders is as much at risk as VdV (well almost) compared to the likes of Silva or Nasri, Modric lacks pace and goals So, agreed that he is a class act and a key player in our current team but I don't think his departure would be as disastrous as maybe thought a year ago. PROVIDED WE GET A TOP QUALITY REPLACEMENT

Anonymous said...

I can hear Sergeant Wilson saying to Modric, "do you think that's wise" over moving to Manure. Reason Utd like to play at pace, and have always been more successful doing so. Modric, like Berba, likes to slow things down then quicken up the tempo. Result for Berba- a couple of years of bench warming.

The very same Sergeant Wilson would have uttered his catchphrase regarding Cheatski last year. The reason was always obvious, namely a couple of years of turmoil whist AVB or A.N.Other removed an ageing political elite in the dressing room. Supposedly Modric now appreciates he was better staying

JimmyG2 said...

Nobody is the all round complete player with ability in every department. Modric is the best in the league at what he does, run with the ball and link the play from the midfield.

I can see why he might want to join Man.Utd but Chelsea makes no sense whatsoever and Man.City are too unstable in every sense.

Anonymous said...

why do city need him with silva and nasri already in their squad?
that's just being greedy......unless they want to bung us aguero in exchange...

Anonymous said...


Modric plays with a superior intelligence level, to that of 99% of the rest of our team. VDV aside- Ajax trained and equally graded in the brains dept , is the only exception imo.

When he was out at the beginning of the season, we were like a dog without teeth, a bird without wings ( u get my point ).

If he is allowed to go, it must, like stated above, be for a player with similarly -equal abilities. He is called Moddle for a reason. Lacks the shot and hair of the afore mentioned, but is the heart beat of our side.

Lets hope we sell defoe and get a an to keep ade on his toes,,as it seems mr bayour is very good on his day, just that u don't know when they day will be..


Anonymous said...

Modric kssps the midfield going with short passing and changes of directrion, according to Bilic only Kaka is better. Do you think that with the money we could get selling him that on our wage structure we could get a player of the same quality? I think not. We would have to scout for another quality midfieder that no-one else will take a chance on because or their size. Remember Wenger's comment about Modric being too small!!!

JimmyG2 said...

General points
I wouldn't mind Ya Ya Toure in exchange for Modric, but there is no straight swap available.
Silva is one of the best players in the Premiership but does not play the Modders role.
Man City might buy him just because they can.
For how long can you hold an unwilling player to his contract before he does a Berbatov?
Third and a new wage deal SHOULD be enough.
We will see.

Anonymous said...

Pure and simple if we ever want to challenge for a title WE MUST NOT SELL TO A COMPETITOR! If Modders leaves it must be abroad - for a lot of money!!!

Anonymous said...

Modric is a very good player, very intelligent, and makes some wonderful passing, and is very good at possession play-- but he is no "genius" nor "master" as he is made out to be in the press. If he could score goals, maybe, but as an attacking midfielder he needs to be scoring goals regularly, like Lampard has done year in and out, to be at that level. And god knows I don't like Lampard. Modric can't shoot to save his life, nor can he take a decent corner. He's one of our best players, but I wouldn't loose any sleep over him leaving. We have other flair players, and always have attracted good flair players. Much more concerned if players like Bale, VdV, Parker, or Sandro were to go. As for Thudd, decent player, but will never get in the team with Parker and Sandro who are quite a bit better than him.

JimmyG2 said...

last anon poster.
Your comments don't make sense.
A whole string of very complimentary accolades
and although he is 'one of our best players ' you wouldn't lose any sleep over losing him.
He is a far superior player to both Parker and Sandro who do a different job and Sandro may develop when he is free from in jury.

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