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Monday, 16 April 2012

Humpty Dumpty: Did he fall or was he pushed?

  You're too high up Humpty.
You'll get a nosebleed and fall off.

The JimmyG2 Column

A strange feeling of calm has overcome me since the fifth goal went in on Sunday. Even Mrs.JimmyG2 remarked how well I was taking it. But that's because I have given it up. The season that is not Spurs. THFC go on forever even after the current manager has beeen promoted or sacked, the current team has been dispersed to the four corners of the world, and the current ownership have built a new stadium and cashed in their chips

Champions' League will be a bonus now after one of the best and one of the worst seasons that I can remember. Of course we can lay it all at Martin Atkinson's door for the phantom goal and console ourselves that but for that we would have won it. It certainly robbed us of confidence and momentum at a crucial time.

But in our heart of hearts we know it isn't true. We got back to 2-1 and still conceded another three. Blame Harry or Cudocini or Gallas or the Ref, blame whoever was supposed to be marking Mata. But Humpty Dumpty was sitting comfortably on the wall but inexplicably fell off, pushed by an Arsenal fan no doubt and all the King's horses and all the King's men cannot put him back together again.

I'm quite looking forward to next season now. New manager, replacements for Modric, Adebayor, Gallas, King, probably Bale and possibly Walker. The Spurs are dead long live the Spurs. It was quite a shock to hear that Chelsea's team on average were younger than ours even with Drogba, Terry and Lampard in the starting eleven.

Rebuilding starts again with younger, less experienced but hungrier players. We blew it in style. I know fat ladies and all that and there's another five games to go against the proverbially 'beatable' teams in 'winnable' matches. But I fear it has gone and we all know it.

Whether the new manager is young and progressive or experienced he will need time. At least three seasons and possibly five whatever happens, and I include relegation, while we re-build and reinvest. Perhaps if we had done a little bit of both earlier it wouldn't have been necessary.

At least the debate over whether we would prefer Champions' League or a cup has been deferred for another season. Harry is tainted in terms of attracting the next generation of talented youngsters. Too old and tired looking, too old school and set in his ways. Arms round shoulders seems to have its limitations.

Don't get me wrong he has done a good job since the days of 2 points in 8 games. We've had some exciting times and played some good football but it's all been quick fix, short term stuff with poor tactics and substitutions at times and a failure to use the squad to its full capacity. England are welcome if you're foolish enough to take the job.

So I speak in sadness rather than in anger at the waste of such a golden opportunity to finally nail the 'psychological and mental strength issue and by once again failing at the last hurdle we re-inforced the myth. New manager, new squad, new attitude. I live in permanent hope.

Chelsea weren't that good and until the last 15 minutes we weren't that bad. We should have gone in 1-0 up but thanks to a goal of strength and beauty by Drogba we went in 1-0 down. Lennon, who was lively, set up a header forVan Der Vaart but it was saved on the line by Terry. I make that the third chance that Van has failed to nail from close range recently. If Lennon could shoot he'd be worth nearly as much as Bale.

The 'goal that never was' gave them a 2-0 advantage but we fought back well. Bale scored a tap in after Adebayor sent through by a rare incisive ball from Parker had been brought down by Cech.
The referee saved himself another difficult decision by allowing the advantage rather than give the penalty and a red card to the keeper.

The rest is just too awful to think about. It was both embarrassing and surprising and though I did not have high hopes before the game I didn't envisage such a collapse in the final quarter of an hour.
Mata seemed to have been given the freedom of the Borough of Brent and used it well, setting up first Ramires and then Malouda with clever passes. In between Lampard beat Cudocini with a free kick from a long, long way out.

It remains to be seen if Harry can get the boys heads up for the final run in but I doubt it. If we thrash QPR by four or five at the weekend I may have to have a rethink but even if we do then there's still another four games in which to dash all our hopes. And you know what they say about hope.

So never mind Humpty see if you can persuade Jill of 'up the hill' fame to give you some TLC and the vinegar and brown paper treatment  by pre-season you'll be as right as rain and I shall be over the Moon with the cow.

Video Spot:
Here it is 'the goal that never was' 
Nope they've pulled that one. Conspiracy or cock up? It wasn't replayed on the Wembley Big Screen either.

So here's a Japanese garden with calm, relaxing meditation music to get you in the right frame of mind for the rest of the season. 7 minutes so stick with it. Peace my fellow fans.


aaaargh said...

"Looking forward to next manager..."

You know what really scares me? That the FA don't appoint Redknapp (I mean, would you? Me neither). Much as I would hope that Levy would sack him in that scenario, I have a horrible feeling that he wouldn't. So next season, same manager...

I can't finish this post. I'm too busy trying not to cry/stab myself in the face/start watching competitive knitting instead of football.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't tempt fate by saying it but, the ghost of renap may yet haunt us in less obvious ways, though your inclusion of the deterrent tht is now the rednap factor is a dead cert.... the young players wont and havent got a look in, because is incapabl of developing players at this or any dsignificant level - all the young players that made it were already gifted.. the season has plumbed a new depth and like u i am now de sensitised to its apparent kamakazi ending...its a new dawn , its a new day , its a new life for me and im feeling good ...

Anonymous said...

Spurs problem has been one that has been with us for 15 years or more - it is something that afflicts everyone involved with the club - from the Board down to the fans in the seats -it is the persistence of buying artistes for midfield whilst completely ignoring the need for all great teams to have a core centre that has steel too, both physical and mental . One of the reasons that Spurs have , season after season , an almost permenant Central Defender injury crisis is that our midfield players offer them no cover or protection - constant last gasp tackles and no let up in a game is their lot. Spurs need to get tough to compete - need to learn in training , day after day , week after week , that closing down opposition and winning the ball back is as important as the creative stuff . Glory glory stuff doesnt work any more - hard work is needed too - ask Barcelona -

Anonymous said...

like the article and your right in what you say, unfotunatly we need to face the possibiity that redknapp wont be going anywhere as the fa wont want him and we will be stuck with his inept player decisions, poor ability to rotate our young players in to get experience and we now suffer for it after all our dads army central defence pairing are done we need to face it and replace them as a priority this transfer window before we start talking strikers lets stop conceeding goals and while i am it a replacement for friedel who has been outstanding this season but for how much longer can he maintain this level of performance

ceegee said...

spot on this article! Tottenham have a disease its in our DNA...LACK OF MENTAL TOUGHNESSITIS!

TMWNN said...

Exactly right Jimmy.

Anonymous said...

Great article. Agree 100%. This year we really could have progressed, a couple of January purchases, but you know what, Redkanpp is scared of the big time, and I'm starting to think so is Levy. What a shameful waste.

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon.
Competative knitting sounds good.
But even if Spours had a teamthey'd drop stitches and get disqualified.

Anon 19:08/ ceegee
But we fixed all that with Parker, Sandro, Livermore, Friedel,Gallas,Nelsen and we still can't hack it.
See my blog last week on bugs in the water supply for a more rational explanation.

Take heart mnen: Wigan 2 Arsenal 1 last night.. But we still have to get some points.

alwyn said...

just 1 win. just one win over QPR - and we're back 'in it'.

c'mon we need more optimism.

on Sunday the team played well and lost it in the last 15. whilst the final score was disastrous, i can still recall the pre-harry days watching guys like Bentley try to even **touch** the ball, and it was awful.

this season is filled w anguish - but then again Man U also suffered a 6-1 thrashing at City and look where the former is now (sans big purchases, sans any serious changes i can think of).

my point? this is a phase. just like how Chelsea sunk so low that even RIGHT NOW they're behind Newcaslte! just like how despite Arsenal winning, what, 9 out of the preivous 10, they are still only 5 ahead of us and potentially just 2 if we beat QPR. just like how Liverpool aren't even in contention for Champs' league.

bottom line: WE STILL 4TH!!!!!!!!!! that has got to put a (reluctant) grin on our faces, no?!!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I'm with Alwyn, I just have to be for now, it is too painful otherwise, though he/she makes many good points. Chin up Jimmy!

The margins were very slight, whatever the final bloated score. I made Spurs the better team first half. Drogba's brilliance (instructive perhaps) changing the course of the game, grotesquely exaggerated by Atkinson and voila 2-0 down. Bbale had to knock it in as it is quite likely that ref would have allowed Cech would have escaped with a yellow and we'd have missed the pen!

Then Harry's tactical tinkering abandoned midfield to them and fair's fair they were brutal and we folded a little.

We still have impt shortcomings, many still in place from the back end of last season unfortunately, which is instructive. But as against Pompey in 2010 we kinda blew it, if a little unluckily.

We are still on for fourth, though to make that leap to consistent CL qualifiers and bauble winners, we need Ancelotti or someone of that ilk.

Anonymous said...

Harry has to take the blame for this. Both during the summer and in January, when apparently having money to spend, he kept saying we didnt really need to strengthen and didnt sign the players we needed (I admit Parker and Friedel were great acquisions mind).

Ade was always going to be a temporary fix and the signing of Saha is bemusing (wasn't Pav better?).

What saddnes me is the likes of Remy and all the others we were linked to, who 'may' have signed if we had offered a large enough fee, will not be interested now. We needed to strike while the iron was hot....

JimmyG2 said...


I hear you two and my chin is a little bit more up the further away from Sunday we get.
But I just don't feel that we can turn it round now after such a dismal run so close to the end of the season.
We have the necessary footballing ability but not the depths of passion or spirit that we require.
I hope you are right though.

galvin was god said...

This is all a bit morose. sunday was a shock but we can't throw in the towel with so much still to play for. for two decades or more we were dumped out of the cup only to find ourselves playing out futile games in mid table for that last month or so of the season. we've come a long way - lets just go that extra yard - starting in shephards bush this saturday. 3rd or 4th, and this will all be forgotten. we can do it

alex smith said...

I'm the new owner of Spurs and plan 2 things.

First, appoint David Moyes as the new manager and let him do the job his way - develop a winning mentality, even if it's a bit boring.

Two, fund the new 60,000 seat stadium myself with no debt, so the increased match day revenue is fully available to support the team - all within the new financial fair play regime.

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