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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nobody got killed

It's not the End of the World.
We lost a football match. Nobody got killed

The Jimmy2 Column

I expect you're all looking forward to the Cup Semi-Final against Chelsea on Sunday. No? I can't imagine why not. It's what the game is all about: Silverware ,Wembley; Marching Bands; Community Singing., Jumpers for Goalposts, isn't it? And we are just a game away from glory.

The reason that you can't bear to even think about it is that you've just watched us lose to Norwich. Another dismal milestone on our way to the Europa Cup. Don't pencil in anything for Thursday nights next season lads. That's if we make it. As it happens I don't think that anyone can pip us for seventh. Unless Everton and Liverpool win all their remaining games and we lose all of ours and then we would be eighth. That obviously could never happen.

 Bill Nicholson said, ‘It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.' It doesn't quite seem like that at the moment Bill, but I get your drift. There was a brief moment when it looked as if we could win the league and the Cup again in the same season, and the Cup is still on.

 But the possibility is that we will achieve neither and that moment of opportunity seems very brief indeed.  A Cup Final and a Champions' League place are still on offer and Harry and Bill might accept that as a failure with an 'echo of glory'. If we make them then I will think again but I fear the worst.

Nobody seems to care anymore. Probably because most of the key characters won't be with us next year. Harry and the back-room boys for a start. Modric will be off to United; Bale to somewhere warm probably in Spain; Adebayor won't fancy the Europa and will be off back to City under their new manager probably Mourinho; Ledley will be doing Match Day PR. and the Merry Go Round will start all over again

I gasped when I heard the fatal words, 'It's a screamer, Friedel hasn't moved. Elliot Bennet scores his first goal for the club in nearly 30 games.' and realised that it was all my fault. I recently wrote that the nightmare had ended, that the curse of the 'first goal for the club' had been lifted but unfortunately not banished for ever. I can only apologise.

You could argue that we missed out on the Premiership title by the two inches by which Defoe missed Bale's cross against Man City. While you are at it you could say the that we missed out on Champions' League by the two inches that Bale failed to find the roof of the net against Nowich. (2'' that's just over 5cm. For our younger viewers ) But I think you would be struggling to find anyone to go along with you.

Since the City game we have played 11 times and picked up 13points out of 33. But it is the complete surrender to Arsenal that marks the real start of our decline. From this game our sequence reads LLLDDWDL. 6 points from 24. What are the chances of securing 5 wins to conclude the season? Hmm. I must check the odds on that one.

A poor first touch by Kaboul; a half-hearted tackle by Ledley; a wild clearance by Walker that hit Ledley and fell nicely for Pilkington set up the first. The whole defence backing off led to the second. After Livermore's lovely through ball for Defoe's delightful equaliser neither did anything noteworthy again in the match.

A key moment was Ekotto's failure to beat Ruddy f rom five yards and of course the Bale effort that came back off the underside of the bar. But we didn't deserve it and Norwich out-fought us and I'm afraid outplayed us for much of the game. Some of the passing was awful and we played like talented individuals in search of a team. Ledley made even Nelsen look good

But let's look on the bright side. It could soon be like old times at Spurs. I note that Jenas and Bentley are still with us, Huddlestone should be back after injury with Michael Dawson. Forget Hazard and Leandro think Carroll, Townsend Naughton and some youngsters and whatever assortment the new manager brings. If it's David Moyes, welcome the return of Piennar and probably Phil Neville.

It may not work out so badly after all. The good news is that Fulham helped us out with a late goal to draw with Chelsea: the bad news is that we play Martin Jol's team for our last game of the season.( Edit) The wistful ironies of the fixture list never cease to amaze me.

'Crises, what crises? says Ledley. But when you've travelled the odd 400.000km. to the Moon and the airlock jams just as you are about to descend to plant your flag then having to send the 'Houston, we have a problem' message certainly looks like a crises to me..

I don't go with all that 'We would have sold our Grandmothers at the start of the season to be where we are today' stuff. We were poised on the edge of real achievement 20 minutes in on the 26th of February at The Emirates,and we are poised on the edge of nowhere now. It's the promise, the hope and the expectation that kills you.

It's not a matter of life and death, it's much more important. Ah Mr. Shankley many a true word spoken in ironic mock heroic jest. Anyway I can get on with my life again. I can go shopping with Mrs JG2.a month earlier than usual. She will be so pleased.

Of course by Sunday my natural optimism may have returned, I mean it's only Wednesday there's plenty of time. We lost a football match. Nobody but hope got killed. It's not the End of the World.
 It just seems like it for a few days.

Video Spot
Harry's summing up of the match. A case of being wise after the event.



Anonymous said...

I don't think that the Fulham game is at the Cottage, unless this is a new name for WHL. We won at the Cottage earlier in the season, with Bale and Lennon starring.

Anonymous said...

You're on fire at the minute.

Loving it.


Anonymous said...

This season (and many others supporting Spurs) reminds me of the joke about the guy who is invited to his sexy secretary's place to celebrate his birthday. When he gets there she asks him in a sexy voice to make himself comfortable while she slips into something more comfortable. Left on his own he strips off, anticipating an evening of fantastic sex. When he finally gets his socks off the door bursts open and all his colleagues from the office are there shouting Happy Birthday!

There we all were crowing about our position in the League, Mind the Gap and all that and then someone opened the door and we became a laughing stock, and that's what really hurts because we cannot deny it.

Arsenal are better than us (again) and so it would seem Chelsea and Newcastle are about to achieve the same status.

Pride in the club is what all supporters strive to maintain, but the players, they could care less.

Anonymous said...

if you keep the present for you do not deserve to become 4th. our people are paying good money to see a load of s..t.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love how all the guys who played so rubbish (King, Defoe etc) are the ones commenting. And I don't think Bale will be in demand. He is much too lazy to fit into a really top team.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately recent History tells you Spurs and Man City generally snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Why are we surprised when we blow it again. Arsenals worst side for 10 years is still better than our best side for some time. Dissapointing but never the less the truth.

Anonymous said...

Our tactics (lack of) are making an average Arsenal side look good, rather than all this best/worst arguments.

This is the best squad we've had since 87. There is no disputing that. But its getting pissed away with lack of structure and leadership.


Anonymous said...

I like Harry but I do wish he would be a little more selective and thoughtful with his comments. Just a tad over a week ago he was confident of us achieving third place, now all of a sudden it's going to be tough to get fourth. All this kind of talk just heaps pressure on the players, make him look idiotic when it falls apart, and gives the lot down the Seven Sisters road plenty of ammuntion to ridicule us with. Great maagers do not spend all their time telling everyone what the team is going to do, please Harry think about what you say a bit before it leaves your mouth.

Vinny said...

"Don't you love how all the guys who played so rubbish (King, Defoe etc) are the ones commenting." - That is so true.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

They nearly all played rubbish. Someone has to say something. King is captain and Defoe is a senior player.

I am, for now, going (I am thinking I have all summer to weep openly and unashamedly)with we would have been happy as Harry to be where we are at the start of the season.

JimmyG2 said...

First anon.
Thanks I have edited it.
Nowhere near as bad as I thought then.

We all know that it's not over until the fat lady sings, but I think I heard her clearing her throat and spitting out her throat lozenge.

Go on boys prove me wrong. Reveal me for the knee-jerk miserable old sod that I am.
Go on prove me wrong.

I thank you.
Is that a 'Harry out' shout I hear.
Thing is unless Levy sacks him he is increasingly likely to be with us next season.
Along with Jenas, Bentley, Tom Cobley and all.

Harvey The Hudd said...

Thanks JimmyG2. Another great piece.
I'd be interested in your opinion on Levy and ENIC. Where do you stand on the lack of activity and/or ambition in the last transfer window? Would you like to see new owners?

JimmyG2 said...

Generally I am for stability of managers, players and ownership especially as over the past few years we have been on an upward trend.
Before that the constant change of managers and the consequent upheaval of players and back-room staff has led to whole decades of under-achievement.

Levy and ENIC have been good for the club and if they thought we are doing well why change things round then I would go along with that to an extent.
Except specifically in the matter of strikers which has been a running sore for at least three windows. But we don't know what lengths they went too.
Whatever they were they were not enough.
The trend for older 'experienced' players at the expense of building for the future is a worrying one(Friedel,Gallas,Nelsen)
Harry may be more to blame then Levy for this.

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