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Monday, 30 April 2012

Will Harry stay after England snub?

Harry left at the altar as Roy 'pips' him
 for the England job.
Oh please yourselves.

The JimmyG2 Column

Harry has been left at the altar in a modern version of Charles Dickens 'Great Expectations'. He might have a case to sue the FA for breach of promise a popular Victorian scenario when dastardly low-life’s found themselves in court for leading a lady on.

' Harry come down for your tea love, I know its the anniversary of Roy's appointment but you can't spend the rest of your life up in the attic with your interview suit on. Look you're all covered in cobwebs'.

Roy Hodgson, who only needs a moustache and a three piece suit for the role of Victorian villain has usurped our 'Arry at the last moment for the England job. Apparently he is the only one to be approached and the job is his for the asking. 

The people's choice has been overlooked and we can only guess at the behind the scenes machinations which have led to this personal disaster for Harry. Or it might just turn out to be all for the best for Harry at least if not for Spurs. His reaction suggests that he didn't turn it down before they offered it to Roy.

But the media, the pundits and the fans, do not select the England Manager and the FA have gone for the sound, reliable sensible candidate much to the disgust of the press who were anticipating a few more years of Harry's unique brand of fun, quips, quotes and assorted nonsense but on the national stage.

Hodgson ticks every box except 'interesting' but the FA might not be wrong. The honeymoon may well be a lot shorter too, barely a weekend if the early results go astray but at least Roy will be under control and not rolling about on the quarter deck fully loaded.harry is a Brian Clough for the modern age, another people's choice that didn't quite make it. But look what happened to the people's princess.

It is difficult to believe that Harry was not approached if only unofficially at least to confirm that he would accept the job if offered. Perhaps the stumbling block was Levy and the reported £10 million release fee for Harry's services. Hodgson will come cheaper as he is out of contract at WBA. But selecting a new England manager can't be about the money surely.

Perhaps it was our recent poor run of results which is ironic because the news broke on the very day that we pulled out of our tail spin and beat Blackburn. Well I say 'Blackburn' they seemed to have turned up with a signed letter of surrender and a set of cardboard cut-outs for the match at WHL.

Rumour has it that a cunningly placed set of cones gave the lads a more difficult game in training during the week than our visitors managed on Sunday. The cones apparently scored to level the session thanks to a deflection. Blackburn didn't manage a single shot on goal and Friedel has donated his match fee to an unemployment charity.

So Harry is set to stay which will dismay an increasing proportion of Tottenham fans who had just begun to get used to the idea that Harry was to be kicked upstairs. A lot of people from N17 were backing the 'Harry for England' groundswell as well as those from abroad.

So what was our season disrupted for? Absolutely nothing apparently. Those conspiracy theorists who saw a link between Harry's acquittal and Capello's resignation on the same day in February have to revise their mind-set. A clear case of coincidence pure and simple.

Perhaps we will have to revise our attitude to Harry if he pulls it round and we make fourth. If we do and even if Chelsea grab Champions' League by winning the final I expect Levy to do the Honourable thing and let Harry see out the final year of his contract.

If we don't make fourth then all bets are off and I wouldn't be surprised to see Harry sacked and the rebuilding begin. He might in this eventuality retire to spend more time with his bulldogs and Sandra of course haranguing taxi drivers until his dying day that he could have been a contender if the phone had only rung.

At least the lads turned up to wave Harry goodbye unaware of the drama about to unfold. Sandro cemented his position as heir apparent to Parker who was missing through injury. He made driving runs, was unlucky not to score and was energy and energy drinks all over the pitch. Lennon was sharp and set up the first goal which eventually found its way via Bale, the crossbar and Van Der Vaart into the net.

The second, a free kick which curled and dipped from 30yds, earned Young Player of The Year Walker the MOM from fellow right back Gary Neville. Van der Vaart only let him take it when Kyle bet him a tenner he could score from that far out..

But there were a few candidates, clearlywe are really good when the opposition doesn't bother to turn up. Gallas and Sandro hit the woodwork. Rose subbing for BAE out for the rest of the season was lively going forward. We never got to find out if he was any good defensively. Modric and Van prompted and probed and Bale wandered all over the place as usual but to little effect. So that's one down three to win.

Another coincidence to note is that they are interviewing Roy on the very day of the Match of the Season/ Century/Millennium in Manchester. Don't think it has slipped our attention.
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Video Spot..
Harry on Roy. We never get to find out which player it was that was hooting Harry.
What a lovely man and I genuinely mean that.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how you can have anything complimentary to say about Danny Rose's performance. He didn't look as if he had much of a clue going forward to me and his use of the ball was poor. Smith must be very poor or very one-footed to not get into the team ahead of Danny. Dread to think of Kevin Davies isolating Danny at the back post, as he usually manages when faced with A&E. Presumably, we will have something in place to deal with this eventuality on Wednesday night. Sorry, I forgot, we don't do tactics, do we?

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I'd like it to be that the uncertainty around Harry and England has done for us, but I fear it isn't that. I am one of a growing number of Spurs fans who very much hoped harry would be off in the summer. I don't see Levy sacking Harry even if we come fifth or sixth.

We were good (first half at least) they were pitiful. We'll see tonight and at Villa whether we are back on track. We struggle to score, esp away.

Also, I am a little annoyed how Harry can get away with saying we've only had one performance in the recent dip. Norwich at home was poor, but so was away to Arsenal, QPR and Everton (bar last 15 mins) off the top of my head.

JimmyG2 said...

I thought he gave us width and alloweds Bale to come inside.
He is not an upgrade on BAE who is quite wasteful himself.So is Walker for that matter.BAE is well liked and has improved but is not a 'top,top' playe.

Agree that our play over the past 10 or so games has not been brilliant. At least everyone looked interested on Sunday, which is a pleasant change.
I'm not sure how well a team can be said to have played if they dominate but don't score.
Scoring is not an optional add on.

TMWNN said...

Clough had a big mouth and so does Redknapp, but at least Clough had something to back his up with.

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