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Friday, 4 May 2012

Harry might not be staying long.

If you can't be with the one you love
Love the one you're with.

The JimmyG2 Column

So it's official: we are going to do it the Spurs way after all. It would have been mucheasier to have maintained our third place in the Premiership in style as we threatened to do. We could have joined the ranks of the mentally strong vying with Manchester United on equal terms for the run-in. We could have watched the Champions' League final in comfort smiling with detached amusement as Arsenal sweated on the result.

But we so obviously didn't. Capello resigns, Harry is crowned England manager unfortunately not by the FA and our season threatens to crumble to dust. But wait, Roy Hodgson gets the England job, Harry congratulates him and we win two consecutive games for the first time since January and it's all back on again.

Modric returns to form and scores a goal; Bale and Lennon stick to their respective wings and set up goals for others; Van Der Vaart scores a couple; Adebayor likewise; We score direct from a free kick and from a well worked corner; Sandro comes in for the injured Parker yet the world seems to have kept on spinning regardless. What a difference a couple of games make.

1 win in 9 before Blackburn becomes 3 wins in 11 after Bolton and a return to the champagne football we had almost forgotten. We win for the first time for years at the Reebok; Kevin Davies doesn't score and we go back to fourth a point off Arsenal. Sandra is running up some new curtains for Harry’s office and just as Spurs fans got used to the idea that Harry is leaving the taxi has been cancelled.

This is the Tottenham way and why we thought it would be any different I'm not at all sure. The uncertainty surrounding Harry must be part of the cause. Perhaps he was so pre-occupied with Team England that he didn't notice that Parker was totally shagged or that Ledley was having trouble standing up let alone running, or that Bale, kept wandering off the left wing to the detriment of our performances. Gareth is Welsh anyway so why would Harry be bothered.

But Harry's back and so are we. The games against lower half teams are not easy ones but at this end of the season teams 'battling for their lives' have to come out and play in the fresh air. They can't skulk in the back of the bus on their Play -Stations, WII's and PSP's. (Technical info. supplied by grandchildren ). However contrary to what my Mum used to say the fresh air and wide open spaces did their health no good at all.

This suits our high speed counter attacking style. There's more space for Modric and Van Der Vaart to exploit; more space for Bale and Lennon to run into; bigger gaps for Adebayor and we love it, love it. Suddenly the attack has tracked down where the opposition had hidden the goals.

The more open the game the more we have the players to exploit it. Sandro gives us a greater attacking edge than Parker as his runs are more positive and he can shoot as well as tackle. Lennon gives us more balance and spreads the focus of our attack.

If the squad can stay fit for another couple of weeks it could be a whole new chapter in the 'Harry Redknapp, Spurs manager' story for at least another year. Plans for the appointment of a DOF when Harry left have been put on hold. If Levy were to appoint one Harry might put up with it or resign, which might suit Levy either way. But if Harry is not top of your list of favourites remember the old 1970's Stephen Stills hit. 'Love the one you're with'

Where are we in the Redknapp saga?

Of course there's always been at least three camps on the Harry question. The first lot never liked him from the start. They regard him as a lucky, mouthy chancer who inherited a good squad and didn't quite manage to do anything substantial with it. We scraped into the Champions' League last year and imploded when it really mattered and ran out of steam and ideas when the going got tough in the Premiership this season.

The second group in which I place myself understood where the first group were coming from but suspended judgement, crossed our fingers, held our noses, enjoyed the surprisingly successful ride, gave credit where it was due and ended up more disillusioned than the first lot who never liked him in the first place and knew it would end in tears.

The third group carefully compile their statistics and charts that showed that Harry is our most successful manager since Sir Bill. They put the extended blip down bad luck, poor decisions by officials, injuries, the drought or whatever and still secretly think we might still make it to third. Some of them probably still believe we might win the cup.

Many fans though increasingly agreed that Harry thoroughly deserved the England job or the sack if he didn't get it and were looking forward to next season with the enthusiasm of vampires anticipating younger, fresher blood. They could see past a pre-season of rumour, gossip, ITK and frustration to the smell of cut grass and fresh paint. Mmmm.

The more enthusiastic you were about Harry the more betrayed you began to feel. So I was never that shattered. His strengths and weaknesses were evident from the start. His ability as a man manager and his commitment to entertaining football suited the club, the supporters and me.

His ease amongst the media which led to his popular acclamation as the next 'English' Manager of the England team, gained increasing strength as Spurs prospered. But the media, the fans, the pundits don't appoint the England manager. Once the wheels started to fall off and the plates went spinning out of control the FA got cold feet and looked for a safer pair of hands.

So the show is back on the road with nothing to distract us. Walker has signed a new 5yr. contract;
goal flood warnings are in force for the Birmingham area on Sunday; Tom Huddlestone will be back next season; the new training ground is almost complete; the new stadium capacity is being upped to 63.000, the world in short is on the verge of being our lobster once again.

So welcome back Harry, all is forgiven, as long as we make it to fourth. Failing that, Harry could be sacked, or retire but financial considerations might see him with us at least until the end of his current contract at the end of next season. Success next season will see it extended.

Aston Villa 0: Tottenham Hotspur 3  and on to Fulham where we might need to make it four in a row.
But don't be surprised if we don't. It's the Tottenham way.

Video Spot.
Plenty of versions of this,  the upbeat Isley Brothers version is good but  here is Crosby, Stills and Nash, live. Authentic 70's sounds and 'Woodstock' sentiments which we can apply to Harry who is sometimes difficult to love but he's the one we're with at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Where does the increased capacity come from?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy; A great defination of our different views on Harry. I was nervous of him from day one. When he drew 4-4 with the Gooners and started wracking up the results, I thought that maybe I was a bit sore on him and should put more faith in him. When he started going against Levy and saying Modric should probably be allowed to go at the start of this season, I went beserk and called him everything under the sun. Afraid he has dirtied his bib too often with me and I will always see him as a self indulgent hooker.

JimmyG2 said...

First Anon
Increased capacity is included as part of a revised planning application, so I'm told.
Probably unreliable ITK but.....

Keiran Pedley said...

With respect not sure I agree with your three groups on Harry. You are basically saying anyone that backs him now is selective in their analysis and deluded. To be fair you could say the same of those that want rid, highest points total ever in premier league history, regulars at Wembley and last 8 of champions league. I support him because overall he has been good and there is no one else out there. We sacked Jol because we were supposed to do better than he did - then it turned out it wasnt so easy after all. Whats happens when Martinez finishes 8th? Sack him because he has never done anything?

Anonymous said...


cloudstrife said...

Harry has plenty of flaws and much has been laid out for all (even the blind) to see during this saga. He obviously couldn't count on diplomacy, loyalty or lying as his strengths, what with his media pals fueling the rent-a-quotes to the detriment of THFC all the while. The lack of rotation/cover in the playing squad (CB comes to mind) is rightly attributed to his mismanagement of our 1st team.
However, as much as we are told or believe that fans are everything that defines a FC, are we overstating our (the fans') importance? Because like or loathe him to the guts, the most important entity here, imho, remains our beloved Spurs so long as the club do well, in prestige/style of play/results. I've seen the answer on the field recently, and no coincidence that there has much more coherence in our general play once he was forced to drop the NT idea. Even if we do drop into Europa next season, it's clear our players are willingly to fight and perform under his guard. Results are foremost proof to that. Success on the field builds prestige. All this, however, doesn't ring all true for his predecesors, even Big MJ included. Belief wasn't there, or not enough of that. Thus, if Spurs are better with Harry around, I'm more than happy to give him my unequivocal support in this moment, not just bcos that's what I think supporters ought to do but rather I respect and am very grateful for his custodianship of my Spurs-in relative. COYS

Anonymous said...

Harry's back in the media again today saying we cannot sell Modric and giving the FA a hard time for the length of time it took them to name a manager. His mouth is uncontrollable. That's a big, big failing he has and its dangerous, as I absolutely think he has a vested interest in saying things like he said last week (I think Modric wants to leave). To say that, taking into account what Levy held out for last season is betrayal. He should say his usual line 'the chairman is looking after that'.

Anonymous said...

I like hearing Redknapp in the media as it lets me know what is going on at my club and he is always interesting. Seems that most people agree as he is a popular pundit. It wasn't Harry's interviews that had us selling Carrick and Berbatov or scraping along the bottom of the table a few years ago was it.
He is our manager and we know what we got and kept him for 4 years because of the success he has brought. He is not going to change and it is naive to think he will. So I hope he continues with the good work he has done and continues to give his views too.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I doubt I could watch Chelsea in a European Cup final with amused detachment even if we'd just won the league! I doubt I'll watch it at all.

When we were up we were up and when we were down we were down... it's bewildering and no little exhausting.

Good point about teams fighting for their lives having to come out a bit more, unless they score the first goal and unless they are managed by Alex Mcleish maybe :))

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Anyone else nervous about facing Big Martin Jol's very decent Fulham side at a nervy WHL on the last day?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy G2 Harry is not perfect Sandra will vouch for that but love him or hate him we have raised our profile in the media. Just look at Wenger flapping his wings and directing traffic copied by the hilarious Stoke fans. Woy who cant say Raspery ruffles was seen banging the back of his head in the dug out and rubbing his face when Everton scored a late winner. Mancini squaring up too a 70 year old Coyle likwise Oniel jumping Jack Flash. No Jimmy Harrys not perfect but he could be a lot worse Harry the mouth Bondy the silent assassin and Joe the Rottweiler had Spurs playing the best Football in the premiership. Then the worse governing body in the world barring Fifa fucked our season up by tapping us from the top and left us with no one steering the ship and listing badly. With valuable cargo the pirates where lurking Bale Modric Sandro Ady where all in danger of being snatched Barca Utd City Milan guns ready. Then just in Spurs tradition the Captain returned pumped the water out and steadied the ship and docked with all the precious cargo intact. We are now back to being the fastest liner on the ocean for now but out at sea the pirates are waiting if we slip up. So for now in Harry we Trust and our daily tapped players .Coys 3rd Davspurs

JimmyG2 said...

Like it,liners and pirates,,silent assassins,
Rottweilers and an analysis I can't much argue with.

Nervous, moi. If we beat Villa we go third. If we beat Fulham we stay third .If Newcastle win both Arsenal end up 5th. What's to be nervous about?

Live by the media; die by the media.
Our most successful manager since Sir Bill.
He's a media whore but he's OUR media whore.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I still measure success heavily weighted to include trophies. Harry's also behind Burkinshaw (cups home and abroad and top 4 finishes)and Venables (an FA Cup and a third one year)and argubaly Pleat, even though he has the best team we've had since 87.

Harry thinks we've never had it so good, but you don't have to be that old to know that's just plain wrong. He's never had it so good, though. 4th or not, we need a better manager to make the most of this squad, imo. Given Arsenal and Chelsea's travails this year we should have third wrapped up.

What's to be nervous about?
It's the ifs Jimmy, the ifs...

Anonymous said...

I like some of this but nah no thanks and welcome back from me, I'm the first group. What's this myth about success? Ramos won a cup at least and I reckon keith burkinshaw might be a pissed off with that comment to, maybe even pleaty. Take a look at the squad. Corluka (a better CB than nelson) loaned out. We have Kyle Naughton and young caulker on loan both doing well enough in the prem. But HArry has a dislike for young talant. He's got a bit of a nazi thing going. It ya not 6 foot six and built like an outhouse ya won't get picked. If he stays I can see the squad getting weaker. Saha, Nelson and pienaar hardly bode well or instill confidence. So on my list he's short of nouse both tactically and player wise. A bit gobby..nah massively so and unable to take critism. Just how spurs will win anything with a leadr who says. Title lads, no forth, bloody ell we might get second oh no maybe third. no lets finish above arsenal nope it's definitely fourth and since the norwich game we could go third. lets not forget how quickly he started picking the england team from the dock or how he complains he could sign tevez on 200k a week. makes you wonder how long it'll be before he goes joggin with abramovic coz the Chelsea job is open to offers. under previous management we bought and brought on some good young players, not to mention great signings like modric. he didn't know who snadro was and said he nearly fell over when levy rang him to say he'd signed VDV. Thank god for levy then! Harry's like went chimbonda, crouch, defoe, saha, nelson, pienaar and parker. I'm not sure on the adebyore thing whether it was levy of ol twitch or whether I think he can cut it long term. He's just one headbut away from being a calamity. I wonder how martin jol would have done with this team, which makes me wonder what we'd do with a manager fully committed to Tottenham Hotspur and not himself. I'm still trying to work out this success thing? We always played good football it's a spurs tradition. And we were not some bottom of the table scrappers every year. Love the one ya way. It makes the topsy turvey world of a spurs supporter even worse. each win is bitter sweet. Love watching Spurs win, nothing better. but I absolutely hate seing this bloke anywhere near Spurs. That was before his negative shot at the spurs fans..probaly ones like me I admit. How can anyone write.."in Harry we trust" you must be bloody jokin mate. Third spot would be nailed on if rednapp hadn't lost it or if he'd just be honest with the players..oh dear what am i saying honesty and rednapp in the one sentance..Biff! one self inflicted uppercut delivered.

white football socks said...

I wish he would make substitutions earlier when its not working. I also wish his stock change wasnt to bring on Jake Livermore for a more attacking player when we are winning. If he makes a positive substitution like Defoe or Gio it seems like it is nearly always in the 83rd or 84th minute giving them little chance to effect the game.

Anonymous said...

looking at the signs it looks like arrys days are numberd.think david pleat will be the next manager.arrys up with the best.but hes not the best.pleat has tremendous know how.he left spurs for alleged outside club allegations.not for his football failings.he didnt fail at of the few that didnt.arrys great at man management ,but short on tactics.

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