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Monday, 21 May 2012

Not enough support for Harry

One man band seeks group therapy

The JimmyG2 Column

 10.30pm; Saturday night;  Luton Airport.
 Definately not the best place to be told by the shuttle-bus driver from the main terminus to the car park that Chelsea had won the Champions League. Noticing my face in reaction to his answer to the question 'Who won the Final ?' he smiled and asked' You Tottenham?. He added 'West Ham got promoted too' and smiled again.

But I can take it. Other teams fans are avoidable and ignorable and we can console ourselves until pre-season with what might have been and the best bits of what actually was. It's the football I love. All the rest is mere decoration. We were eyeball to eyeball with success but we blinked.

We have only ourselves to blame, so looking for scapegoats outside N17 is self defeating. We are in the Europa Cup next season so let's get out there and win it. .If Athletico can do it so can we.

We are not in the Champions' league: get over it. Congratulations to Chelsea and West Ham too, back at the first attempt. We have had some bad luck to contend with and some poor managership at every level from the failure to sign players to a failure of nerve at Aston Villa. But what doesn't kill makes you stronger.

. Harry shouldn't be sacked because Chelsea won the Champions' league and stole our place. There will still be games every weekend and European football on Thursday nights. I for one am looking forward to it and going to do my best to enjoy it.

With the possible loss of Modric and perhaps Bale some rebuilding is necessary and there are enough rumours and ITK insights to keep the most fickle supporter fully engaged until pre-season.. Adebayor will almost certainly move on without the lure of CL and the loss in income which that involves.

So be it. These players are good but not so good that we have to parade up the High Road with 'We are all doomed' signs round our necks. We have enough top class players and budding young talent to mount a challenge on all fronts and money from sales to invest. If we can contrive to play some entertaining football too I will be more than happy.

Blaming Harry,and the FA or Levy or Marton Fulop, or referees is negative and ultimately soul destroying. Shit happens. Do we as a club including the supporters have the backbone to do what Chelsea have done? They went from meltdown under Villas Boas to total triumph at the highest level in a couple of months at the same time as we were going in the opposite direction.

Their triumph was not achieved the Tottenham way and had the backing of the Abramovich billions, the playing field is certainly bumpy and has an incline and a bit of a tilt but all the more stimulus to get out there and get playing. The capitulation to both Arsenal and Chelsea this season should be a spur for the next. Let's not get angry; let's get even.

We had both hands on the flask of glory but still contrived to drop it. But as the stockbrokers say ' past performance is no indication of future success'. But that works both ways. Past failures do not prevent success in the future.

The pundits would have us believe that there is something in the Tottenham DNA that leads us to fail. Collapses in the past two seasons tend to support this theory. But our DNA is the same as it was in the 60's and though the going gets tougher with more teams capable of challenging for the top honours we still have the capacity to compete. Look at Newcastle no billions there but shrewder and cleverer management of resources.

Let's keep it simple. Next season we need to: press higher; pass and move more quickly; play the key players in their best positions; use the squad more flexibly; blood the youngsters wherever possible; score early and often; make Van Der Vaart the captain next and get started on the new stadium as a symbol of our faith for the future.

We need more money for new players. We have under-invested lately. There has been too much emphasis on 'older' cut-price signings. Let’s invest the money from Modric and Bale to get in the next generation of hungry talent if we can't afford the present superstars. Then wind them up and see them go.

Crucially though we need to give Harry more back-up. He underwent severe legal and medical trauma at a crucial stage of the season. And the distraction of the England management was piled on top adding more stress. Levy needs to appoint a DOF as soon as possible. If Harry doesn't like it then he has a decision on his own future to make.

Allowing Bondy to take the odd press conference is insufficient managerial support and I think that this virtual abandonment of Harry at this time contributed to the extended blip which virtually did for our hopes this season. Perhaps he would accept the role himself though I doubt it.

Our current season has been blighted by Chelsea's success. We should have made third our own before the dismal draw at Aston Villa which will be the abiding negative memory of the season for me. Credit our opponents though, both Arsenal and Chelsea showed spirit and determination even as ours went missing.

Saha, Nelsen and Gallas would seem ripe for retirement from Premiership level. King and Friedel should be re-cycled within the club; Dos Santos, JJ, Bentley, Bassong and Piennar, should be moved on. Caulker, Smith, Kane, Naughton, Townsend and perhaps one or two others should be in the squad. No sofas should be unexplored for cash.

For pre-season Huddlestone who could be an effective Modric replacement in a different role and Dawson will be back from injury. With two or three signings up the spine of the team, in goal, at centre half and especially up front, we should be a formidable force next season. Signing Vertonghen and  keeping Adebayor would be a decisive start.

I can't wait.

Video spot. 
Jan Vertonghen, Ajax captain. Seems to know what he is doing at both ends of the pitch. Goal scoring central defender. Mmm whats not to like?

I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I am sure Mr Levy would have some say in who leaves Spurs. Not sure Bale would want to go, he needs to now show consistancy. Modric must also shoulder the blame for no CL. The start of the season did not help our cause.

TMWNN said...

Nice try, Jimmy, but Redknapp failed to finish in the top 3 in a 3 horse race. He should be shown the door asap.

A massive opportunity thrown away.

Anonymous said...

Surely you can't say in one breath, get behind Harry then later on say we need to press higher etc. if you back Harry, you back the type of footba he brings and that's fast and fluent but little tactical work.

hairyroadmap said...

Nice to see someone backing the Club & Manager, Harry has his faults but two 4th & 5th in 3 seasons is pretty good when you look at the money our competitors have spent.

Anonymous said...

Harry f'd up but still got us 4th. He's the best we have had for years and will only get better. Unity will drive us higher up the table. Nx season might be a blessing, play the kids and fringe in europa whilst going for the title....its not that far away...

Anonymous said...

had to stop reading this rubbish. It's idiots that believe this stuff that keep accepting second best. Unfortunately i was around when spurs dominated arsenal. When it was normal for spurs to be a top three club, win cups and be in europes top flight. So excuse me when I get pissed off with people like rednapp who hold the clubs nature in contempt. Spurs have always had a tradition of good football and for a time success. Harry inherited a real team and isn't doing much to enhance it. Nice try trying to negate harrys part or levys or anyone elses that culminated in spurs total failure of a season. Just to put it into perspective chelsea had a terrible season, as did arsenal. Chelsea won the FA cup and champs league and arsenal ended third ensuring their tradition of champs league continues. We blew it. chelsea never stole it and fulop didn't deny us. Harry blew a 13 point lead well before this. Why? Because he wanted the england job. This manager and he alone stood in the media every week crowing about the england job. I never saw a single press release from the FA announcing Harry would get the job but he persisted until he got the boot. that's exactly what should happen to him now. He's a maggot of the lowest quality. He has a trail of destruction behind him ask pompey. Levy should hang his head in shame. He declares we're in it to compete with the top boys and agrees to signings like pienaar, saha, parker and nelson. Hardly a hazard or vertonghen, definitly not an Eto, or any player of the kind of class we get linked to. beleive what you like, at the end of the day it's a sour end to what should have been a very fruitful season. What's the odds of chelsea and arsenal having bad starts again next season. Not to mention citeh and manu. So bale leaves along with modric as suggested? sure life goes on but we're a long way off anything exciting without these guys. Should this happen spurs will be outed for the frauds we are fast looking like. With harry feeding the media we will soon be the joke of london. A long way off the days when we were rightly the pride of london. stop accepting second best and demand spurs step up and be counted.

TMWNN said...

What's most disconcerting for me is how quickly a lot of fans have fallen for Redknapp's spiel about what we should or shouldn't expect.

The season has to be taken in context. The best team we've seen for sometime failed to finish higher than the worst scum side seen for sometime. This season had nothing to do with how much money other clubs have or how much they're paying their players, but all to do with how our team has been mismanaged.

Redknapp and his apologists will try to dress it up to be anything other than the failure it ultimately has been.

Levy, although part culpable, needs to make a statement here. That statement should be the sacking of Redknapp. Not only did he fail to secure CL football in a season where it was almost a given, but at one time or another Redknapp has belittled the chairman, the fans and the club. Unacceptable.

4th will be very difficult next season, but making excuses already is not the way to go about it. Bring in a younger manager with fresh ideas and most importantly of all, a manager who is committed and knows when to keep his mouth shut.

JimmyG2 said...

I am not a 'In Harry we trust' man.
He has serious weaknesses and limitations. Don't all managers?
But he is our most successful manager of all time, bar none.
I too remember the Glory Glory days (last poster) But there were plenty of lean years in there too, including relegation.
Harry achieved our initial target and shouldn't be sacked because of Chelsea.
I like the way we generally play under Harry but we need to do it more often and better.

I agree that we threw a golden opportunity away but don't lay it all at Harry's door.

TMWNN said...

If failure is the benchmark and considered a 'great season', where is the incentive to actually win things?

As a club, we all need to learn from this and move on as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is by removing the biggest culprit. Otherwise the stench if this calamity will linger long.

There's a stink in the room, take out the source and stick it in the bin.

Ed Moloney said...

I think that piece, Jimmy G2, would elsewhere be called whistling past the graveyard.

Ed Moloney said...

I just noticed, Jimmy G2, that you wrote of 'Arry: "But he is our most successful manager of all time, bar none."
Are you serious?
How about Arthur Rowe, first manager to take Spurs to a league title in 1951? Bill Nicholson, who won the double in 1961, the Cup the year after, the European Cup Winners Cup and semi-finalist in the CL? That's to mention just two. Even Terry Venables won more silverware than 'Arry!
I'll put it down to the culture shock that often disorientates passengers when they arrive at Luton airport. Hopefully you'll recover.

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Maloney
Yes should have qualified that by saying in terms of points/game including Sir Bill.
Our worst period in recent history was the period before Jol when I think we had 13 or so managers whilst Arsenal had 1.
Stability and progress as we have had over the past several years is what I think pays dividends.
Luton Airport/Lorraine Chase: don't get me started.
'Whistling past the Graveyard' Mmmm I'll try that.

Essexian76 said...

Bit confused here, but if Harry's so inept when it comes to tactics and a game plan, then how on earth did we put that run together which enabled us to get so far ahead in the first place?
Ossie Moses for manager perhaps?

Anonymous said...

@Bit confused, you need to pay attention pal. The competition were awful. As soon as arsenal put a run together, Tottenham bottled it. Even then they tried to give 3rd back, but Tottenham still weren't good enough.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I think we will struggle to hold on to Modric and Bale and maybe Sandro if offers come in. Maybe they won't. We'll see. We cannot keep forcing players to stay against their will in this day and age. I'd like to keep Adebayor, but not too bothered if he wants to go but not on them wages.

It was always slated as a watershed season and we have failed to realise our objective. It's a long road back from here.

Because of Saturday night's latest episode of God having a laugh, and our own fragility since Feb, we need to look at the next few seasons differently.

A younger coach and a longer term plan is required to build us back up to real contenders over the next 3-5 seasons. Harry is somewhat complacent for me.

Ed Moloney said...

There's a final couple of paragraphs at the end of today's Guardian report on Redknapp & Levy which say:

"There are a host of Tottenham players who could command upwards of £70,000 a week on the open market and the feeling is that Levy must sit down with Lewis, to discuss how to appease them and the future direction of the club.

Yet the suspicion is that he will keep everything which moves bolted down. Irresistible forces might swirl. Levy is the immovable object."

Therein lies Spurs' big problem, methinks. Nobody hates the way oligarchs have taken over English football more than myself but if we are to have oligarchs then they should behave like oligarchs. Joe Lewis is Spurs' oligarch. The man has so much money he couldn't count it, yet while he has a possible super-team in his portfolio he won't spend the necessary and Levy goes along with that approach happily - hence the emphasis on the need to build a new stadium before making the necessary outlays. Prudent and sensible in the case, say, of a grocery business but not modern European football. That is why, in this day and age, Spurs are condemned to middle of the table status with occasional excursions to or near the top four of the EPL.

Anonymous said...

I am a Gooner who is unhappy, very unhappy . You being in the CL does not bother me here's why . There is a chasm between us , we have to be very bad for you to be better than us , so you being in it does enter in to my eyeline . Disregard the morons who profess to support my team it was far more beneficial for us if Bayern had won ( the second time I've supported them in a final ). The. Answers are in front of you sell Modric and Bale and rebuild Adebarndoor is about money it should be his middle name not Mayweather . I have distant family who follow you lot and I am not in to torture I CANNOT STAND CHELSEA ESPECIALLY THE LEFT BACK .

JimmyG2 said...

Ed Maloney.
Probably all depressingly true but do Montpelier as reported in the same paper, not give us some hope?
For me it's the football that matters.
Return of Huddlestone duly welcomed.

Anon Gooner.
Welcome and thanks. I think.

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