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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Spurs and and England wait in hope.

It worked for Harry but I think that's pushing it Roy.
We only made the quarter finals.

 The JimmyG2 Column

And so gentle readers we bid farewell to England for a while in serious competition. We followed them with little expectations and overall were not disappointed. In Roy Hodge son they have a manager supremely qualified to make not too much of his limited options.

Unfortunately we did well enough for Roy to claim some success and to convince the FA that they had made a shrewd decision in appointing him ahead of Harry which is probably true in the first place. But it will be argued in the light of this that we are on the right track and have the basis of a decent team.

It is a cruel twist of face that the uncertainty over Harry's appointment to the England post that was one of the causes of Tottenham's slump, whatever Harry says, which gave the FA the pretext for appointing Roy ahead of him. If they ever intended Harry to have the job in the first place.

But we set ourselves back 30 yrs by winning the 1966 World Cup and remained stagnant whilst countries throughout the World were upgrading and re-thinking the game. So it is with our current situation. 442 and lump it up to a proper English striker and hope for the best. Roy has just about given himself a decent head start before the Media Hounds are let loose.

Against Italy we were ruthlessly exposed especially by Pirlo. I'm not a great one for statistics, I rely on my eyes to tell me the truth about most of what is going on before me. But I am not surprised to read that the 34 yr old Pirlo completed more passes than the whole of our midfield put together.

He did it with style, grace and with time to spare and finished his master-class with an impudent penalty that revealed the contempt in which he rightly held us. We failed to keep the ball when we won it and passed it back to them once we'd got it.

They loved the ball, we were frightened of it; they caressed the ball; we treated it with frosty unconcern bordering on indifference; they nurtured the ball, we sent it out to beg on the streets in a snowstorm. But we made the quarter finals and were unbeaten in open play throughout the tournament. So what can possibly be wrong.

Apart from the players, the tactics and the way we play that is. It is hard for Spurs supporters to love England because basically they don't play our preferred style of football and have some very poor players without grace or style. Milner and Carroll to name but two. They may be crudely effective but that is not in the THFC vocabulary and should not be in the England one either. It’s football Jim but not as we know it.

If Spain and Barcelona are now dubbed 'boring' I would like to know what Danny Blanchflower would have thought. Something along the lines of,' It's not the teams that pass a lot that are the problem; it's the teams that don't pass a lot. I certainly wish that England bored me a little more.

Let's aspire to something better, something watchable, something pleasurable, something to be proud of. Not under Roy Hodgeson I'm afraid who is capable only of making a sow's ear out of a silk purse. Apart from Rooney, Gerrard, and Hart we have no-one capable of getting into any other leading International squad and two of that trio didn't do much for their reputations

Parker and Rooney were unfit and Scott is to receive treatment for a troublesome Achilles which may well rule him out for the first month of the season. He should never have gone to the tournament as he has clearly been struggling with injury and fitnerss for some time. It will work to our advantage if it means that Sandro can establish himself in the meantime ahead of him.

Which nicely brings us back to Spurs. If we are to believe the rumour mill, Bale has signed a new contract which delights and surprises me. At last a little piece of good news and some loyalty and good sense. He will remain with the club that nursed him through injury and put him on the big stage. He will certainly earn less but may avoid over exposure before he has quite settled in his own head what he is about.

Andreas Villas Boas is shortly to be announced as our new manager which I welcome if for no other reason than it means we can settle into pre-season and get on with signing some decent players. The Vertonghen saga which has been on the very point of completion for some time has now stalled. My feeling is that this will be resolved to our advantage quite shortly.

But on the brighter side Gylfi Sigurdsson who looked as if he was hand made for a Spurs shirt last season may well have been stolen from under the noses of Liverpool. But hanging over everything is the departure of Luka Modric. Well as the Bard once remarked in the Scottish play "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well / It were done quickly'' and the £35 million odd shrewdly re-invested. A striker comes to mind.

Speaking of which, the World has gone silent on the retention of Adebayor which in the world of rumour and counter rumour could be a good thing. But then again...In the meantime me and Spurs and England wait in hope for better things and there is all to wait and hope for. Exciting innit?

Video Spot
The boy Gylfi Sigurdsson looks the part and will fit the shirt nicely. Modric he is not, but at 22 and 6ft.1''  a nice smile and a good goal scoring record (7/19 last season at Swansea) what's not to wait in hope for?


Anonymous said...

Modric will leave when Danial Levy decides, not Modric or his agent.
I would also add that he should share some blame for not getting third spot, and CL.
He is not irreplaceable. If Daniel decides he goes then, The King is dead long live the King.


Anonymous said...

I'm sick of hearing Modric wants to leave, if he is so desperate to leave then say goodbye and leave as you are not irreplaceable.

Seth Kahn said...

Modric isn't the only creative player on the roster, and I'll trade a bit of that creativity for a decent attitude, some commitment, and a bit better scoring out that position--especially if it's going to take forever to sign more striking power.

bedroom design said...

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Spurs and and England wait in hope.
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JimmyG2 said...

Sorry gents , on holiday and having wi-fi connectionj problems.

Bedroom design
Intriguing name. Thankyou you are welcome aboard the good ship Spurs Musings currently becalmed like Spurs in an ITK blizzard in the wastelands of Nowheresville.

Seth Khan
Nothing wrong with Luka's attitude for me. He owes us nothing now and should be let go.

No point in keeping a player who doesn't want
to play for us. At lesast he hasn't done a Berbatov sulk.

Difficult to replace but not irreplaceable as you say.

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